Optima Tax Relief Review

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Optima Tax Relief

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Optima Tax Relief provides a plethora of tax help services, tools and resources. If you've got tax debt, then can most likely help. Optima has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We've found them to be a very capable service provider and we highly recommend them, if you need tax help. You can learn more about them, and other tax resolution and relief companies, at the link in the slides or by visiting BestDebtCompanys.com.

Transcript of Optima Tax Relief Review

  • Optima Tax Relief!
  • Who Are They?! Optima Tax Relief began 12 years ago after the founders realized just how many Americans struggle with overwhelming tax debt and the pressure and stress it causes in their day to day lives. ! ! Their staff is made of up of several tax attorneys, CPAs and various experienced agents who work as a team on each clients individual tax situation to resolve possible garnishments, collections or property seizures. !
  • What Services Do They Offer?! They oer the following services and more: Tax Consulta:on Tax Prepara:on Tax Resolu:on Tax Se?lement IRS Audit
  • Additional Services! Among their many addi:onal services include: Free Tax Consulta:ons Tax Liability Inves:ga:on Tax Prepara:on & Compliances Tax Se?lement & Nego:a:ons Tax Lien Withdrawals Tax Lien Discharge Penalty Abatement Innocent Spouse Relief Wage Garnishment Release
  • Do They Offer Debt Education?! Tax debt educa:on is not specically oered as part of their services. They do, however, work closely with each client and inform them of every step and procedure and their website oers a myriad of resources in the way of blog posts, ar:cles and FAQs.
  • How Do They Rate With The BBB?! This company has an A ra:ng with the Be?er Business Bureau due to their length and history as a business, their lack of complaints from customers for a business of their size and their eorts to respond to and resolve all of the complaints that have been led against them in a :mely manner.
  • What Do Their Services Cost?! The cost for working with them will vary a lot depending on each clients individual circumstances and debt amounts. Total cost of services are a percentage of the amount of debt combined with how far behind the client is on their payments. As an example: $35,000 of tax debt over a 5 year period will cost an individual between $2,000-5,000 to resolve.
  • Website Resources! Nearly every page on their website is full of helpful informa:on including explana:ons of what each service entails and when that service is appropriate, a blog full of informa:ve ar:cles wri?en from experience and by those who are educated in tax law, links to many addi:onal resources and pictures and proles of each of their tax a?orneys, CPAs, agents and Founders.
  • Why Type of Debt Do They Service?! They handle any and every tax related debt, both business related and for personal income tax issues. If you need tax help, theres a very good chance Op:ma Tax Relief has you covered.
  • What Makes This Company Stand Out?! They seem to be very upfront with the clients, and their website goes into great detail on procedures, possible issues, the background of each of their employees and founders and how each of their services can benet clients in dierent circumstances.
  • Do They Maintain A Social Media Presence?! They have a strong social media presence with over 5,000 followers on Facebook, the proles of all their top management sta, CPAs an tax a?orneys on LinkedIn posted to their website, an ac:ve Twi?er account and a presence on Google+.
  • What Does the BDC Think of This Company?! We rate this company among some of the best giving them a 9.5 out of 10 as of June 2014. Their website is easy to navigate and full of relevant informa:on and resources, their sta is well educated and experienced, and theyre very clear about what a client struggling with tax debts can expect from their services.
  • Potential Negatives! The website has no clear lis:ngs of their prices per service. A call in to their oces is required to get a general es:mate on what a new client can expect to pay. This is fairly normal in the industry and we dont see it as a reason not to do business with them.
  • Learn More! On BestDebtCompanys.com we have a lot more to say about the good, the bad and the bo?om line in regards to Op:ma Tax Relief. Just follow the link below: h?p://bestdebtcompanys.com/taxrelief/ tax-defense-partners-review/
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