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Power- and ECO Tuning delivered by

A small procedure that will increase the HP/NM of the car and decrease the fuel consumption. All this done only by software and control of the ecu unit in the car

What is ECO Tuning?

With a new software in the car controller (ECU), do we optimize the settings in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This is being done by changing the settings in the software, in order to increase the torque in the engine. By increasing the torque, the engine will work easier and smoother than before. This, together with other changes in the software, will end up in reduced fuel consumption. Because of this, will also the emissions be reduced.

Why ECO Tuning?With ECO Tuning will the emissions be reduced with up to 25% - the environment will gain on this! Only by applying an ECO Tuning file to your car, will your fuel cost be reduced between 10 to 20%, depending on what kind of engine you have in your car. This alone gives you a reason to get ECO Tuning.

What is Power tuning increases of up to 55%

This is a state-of-the art method, which does the chip tuning : Very efficient, simple and secure Quick to do, and not visible Can be set back to original setting at any time Cost-efficient for the customers and our dealers

What is unique ?Instead of changing setting up new electronic (EPROMs, Black Box etc.) in the cars engine compartment, we reprogram the original EPROM in the car via the standard OBD port We rewrite the chip in the ecu unit with an optimized file either Power Tuning or ECO Tuning/OptiEco

Advantages with OBD Tuning

No new electronic devices No need for opening the ecu unit Simple program for com port (OBD2) No installation costs

Few risks for destroying the ecu unit No EPROM replacement Not visible Pure and Clean power Easy to put back the original settings Quick and easy

........even more advantages

OBD Tunings optimized program, will not go over the limitations of the engine Reduction of fuel consumption could be up to 1020% with a ECO Tuning/OptiEco OptiCan Flasher has these communication norms: BDM , CAN V1.2 , CAN V2.0 , Dual CAN V2.0 JATG IEEE 1149.1 , K-Bus , L-Line , PWM , RS232 VPM

What is OBD2 ?Since 1996, has OBD2 been the standard port for contact with the cars electronic diagnose unit The OBD2 port is usually localized in the engine compartment The OBD2 port gives access to the cars electronic ecu unit

What do you need? You need our OptiCan Flasher a programming

unit, cables for different cars, and our special software Flasher software Debugger software BDM software ScanCan diagnostic software TV Free Software Flash Counter software

Futher more:A normal computer or a Laptop Windows XP/Windows Vista Internet connection, fixed or mobile Basic computer knowledge

How does it work?You buy the OptiCan Flasher from us Every dealer that buys a OptiCan Flasher will receive a user and password for use on our secure admin site for the database in Germany In this database, you will find standard optimized files for over 3000 cars over 1800 of them may be used with our OptiCan Flasher

What is being changed?A balanced increase in the horsepower and Nm in all RPM areas An increase in the Nm leads to lower use of fuel special ECO Tuning/OptiEco is available There are no changes in the original settings for the car-ID, engine number and gear versions

Way to do it step 1Connect OptiCan Flasher to the USB port at the computer Choose the correct diagnostic cable for the car Connect the cable to the serial port on the OptiCan Flasher

Way to do it step 2Copy/Read the original program from the cars EPROM to your computer This secures the option of putting the original settings back later

Way to do it step 3The file from the car is to be uploaded to our database in Germany The system chooses the correct and most optimized file for the car If the file is not represented in the database, our engineers at OBD Tuning will adjust a new file and upload it manually to the database this way the database is expanded every day

Way to do it step 4New file is being downloaded from the database The file is being saved locally at your computer Push the write button, and the file is being sent from the computer to the ecu in the car The EPROM in the car is now overwritten with the new optimized file

HP increases

Normal engine: Turbo/Compressor: Turbo diesel: OptiEco:

up to 15% more power up to 55% more power up to 50% more power up to 25% more power

Use of time:If the system finds a standard optimized file in the database, will it take about 5 min. before you will receive the new file from us If we have to manually optimize the file, will it take up to 120 min. Total use of time should normally be about 120 min. Setting back the original settings will take about 10 min.

Customized programIf the car that are to be tuned, is not in our database, do we need the original file from the car uploaded in order to optimize it It will take from 2 hours up to 24 hours to do this especially for a car The customer may of course ask for a special designed file

Which cars do we tune over the OBD2 port ?

This overview is being changed every day : Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Lancia, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugot, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Suzuki, VW, Volvo The coverage of ecus are now many, included the latest edc/med17 ecus for VAG/BMW/VOLVO, MB soon to come

Speed limitation:The tuning of the EPROM in the car, does not influence the original settings of the car fabricants speed limitation of 250km/h if it is there On the other side, we are able to break this limitation if the country has no legislation on this area We may also turn off the TV limitations in several cars

TV CertificateWe are very proud to announce that OBD Tuning has TV Certification on its services and development department OBD Tuning also makes chip files that is within TV recommendation for a car This means that the quality is guaranteed

Warranty and Insurances:

We now have as the first (and by now the only) tuning company in the world, a warranty/insurance that covers New car Warranty. This applies for the time being only for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but will be available in rest of the world within some few months.

What does the insurance cover?Engine: Engine block, top, all oil systems, oil pan and oil pressure system, oil filter, starter, rotor Fuel system: injection system, pumps and turbo, electronic in the fuel system, starter electronic Gear: Shafts, gear housing both manual and automatic gearboxes

What does the Warranty cover?

The New car Warranty covers the same as the car manufacturer Warranty!

DistributorsAs up today, we have signed a complete distributor agreements with several companies around the world. We have discussions for several countries In Europe do we have distributors in almost every country check with us which country we want distributors.

Example 1 tuned car:

Example 2 tuned car:

Example 3 tuned car:

Example 4 tuned car:

Other software and functions:

The OptiCan is ready for use with this software: OptiCan Flasher - OBDII port flash tuning IN USE OptiCan Debugger - Direct ecu flashing IN USE OptiCan TV Free - Set the TV free in the car IN USE OptiCan BDM Direct processor flash IN USE OptiCan Counter Reset of ecu flash counter IN USE OptiCan Console Console for all OptiCan software IN USE OptiCan ScanCan - Diagnostic scanner software IN USE

OptiCan Flasher:

OptiCan flasher is for programming new software into the ecu over the OBDII port in the car. OptiCan Flasher read and write software. OptiCan Flasher have these communication norms inside: BDM, CAN V1.2, CAN V2.0, Dual CAN V2.0, JATG IEEE 1149.1, KBus, L-Line, PWM, RS232, VPM OptiCan Flasher cover today about 1500 cars over the OBDII port. See more information in this presentation.

OptiCan Debugger:

OptiCan Debugger is for serial programming directly on the ecu connectors. Debugger read and write deeper than Flasher, and with Debugger are you able to recover dead ecus, and also able to read and write ecus that are not ready for use with Flasher. There is separate ecu connector cables, and complete information inside for each ecu for connector numbers with graphics and pictures of the ecu. Debugger is often used when customers sends their ecu to a tuner with normal post.

OptiCan TV Free:

OptiCan TV Free is a diagnostic system that can set free the TV function in cars. Original installed TV in a car have a limitation for use over s certain speed, and this is what we release. TV Free works also for the DVD function in the car. TV Free is ready for MB, BMW, Mini and Rover. TV Free works only with OptiCan flasher (old and new generation).

OptiCan Counter:

With OptiCan Counter will the user be able to reset the so called Flash Counter in the ECU. This works per today on several different EDC16 for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda. Since no other flash tool has this feature, is OptiCan alone in the world with this feature. Of course are all checksums kept in the original flash. The software works on normal computer with XP/Vista. New ecu types are rapidly developed.


With BDM-JTAG is it possible to read and write over the BDM port on the ecu processor. This is being done without soldering the chip. OptiCan BDM covers the standard functions for Motorola PowerPC Series 555/556/561/562/563/564 Our OptiCan team is working rapidly with new processors to implement in the system. If the e