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see many slides of optical illusions and boggle ur mind

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2. Which square is darker, A or B? 3. 4. The brown square in the centre top, and the orange squarein the centre front are exactly the same shade of brown. Don't believe it? 5. Are the two circles the same colour? 6. Which part of the picture is darker left or right side? 7. 8. What do you see? 9. Do you seea floating triangle? 10. Are the lines parallel? 11. Totally straight lines? 12. 13. Which is larger the left or right hand card? 14. The SCINTILLATING GRID black dots appear at random intersections Focus on a single intersection, the dot does not appear.The dots disappear if you are too close or too far from the image. 15. Move your head back and forward. What happens to thecircles? 16. Focus on just the centre circle while moving your head 17. How manycirclescan you see? Did you see the 16 circles? 18. 19. If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot,the dots will remain only one color, pink.However if you stare at the black " +" in the center, the moving dots turns to green. Now, concentrate on the black " + " in the center of the picture. After a short period, all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see only a single green dot rotating. 20. What do you see? Duck or rabbit or both? 21. How many legs does the elephant have? 22. One face?Or two profiles facing each other? 23. 24. Look at the wildlife painting of a Bengal tiger. Can you find the hidden tiger in the picture? 25. the hidden tiger is written in the tiger 26. Whose face do you see?At normal screen viewing distance you should see the face of the scientistAlbert Einstein .Take a few steps back from the image andMarylin Monroe appears 27. Dr Angry and Mr Calm!! 28. The "illusion" is that this is just a picture of coffee beans; but it is not. Can you find a man's face among the beans?If you find the face in 3 seconds or less, the right half of your brain may be more well developed than most. 29. What do you see? In black you can read the word GOOD;but the word EVIL also appears in white letters inside each black letter. 30. What word can you see? 31. What do you see? You may not see it at first, but the white spaces create the word OPTICAL, while the blue landscape spells out ILLUSION 32. What do you see? You probably read the word ME in brown, but.......when you look through ME you will see YOU! 33. What do you see? You should see a face . but also a word. Tilt your head to the right the word begins with L. 34. Read what the sign says 35. Read what the sign says 36. 37. Look at the chart and say the colourblack blue green orange purple yellow 38. Look at the chart and say the colour and NOT the word! black blue green orange purple yellow 39. Count the people in the picture below. After they shift, count them again! 40. 41. The sections of the triangle have been moved around but where does the empty box come from? 42. How many deer can you see in the picture? Just the one? 43. How many horses can you see in the picture? Some people see 5, some 6 and some even see 7! 44. What do you see in this picture? Can you see the baby? 45. What do you see? Try blinking quickly! 46. This is called an "impossible object," which means that it's impossible to build.But drawing it is not impossible, as you see in the image. 47. Perpetually ascending staircase... how can the man go up all the timeand come back to the same place over and over? 48. IMPOSSIBLE STAIRS 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. DIGITALBUMPS 61. MOVING HEART 62. 1 length of rope ..or 2? 63. Look at the next slide. Focus on the 4 small dots in the centre of the picture and look at the picture for 30-40 seconds. Now turn to following slide which is completely blank. Blink a couple of times. Concentrate for 20 seconds. What do you see? 64. 65. 66. Use the next two slides. Slide 1Stare at the black spot in the centre of the four coloured squares for about 30 seconds.Slide 2 Look at the next slide and stare at the black spot in the uniform white area.Note the colors of the afterimages relative to the colors of the original stimuli.Did they appear different? 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. Two elderly faces, or a larger scene? 73. 74. Julian Beever creates pavement art.Many of his creations are optical illusions, such as this one, where he appears to be perched on a ledge, waiting for Batman and Robin to climb the building and rescue him. In reality, there is just pavement in front of him the rest is a 'trick the eye'. 75. Can you see the Shark in the picture above.The trick is not to focus directly on the image buttry to focus on a point through the image.With a bit of patience and relaxation you CAN do it. 76. What can you see in the picture above? Remember the trick is not to focus directly on the image buttry to focus on a point through the image.With a bit of patience and relaxation you CAN do it. 77. What can you see in the picture above? And one final MAGIC EYE STEREOGRAM 78. TEST FOR COLOUR BLINDNESS You should be able to see the number 10 in the image above. What number do you see in the image to the left. 79. TEST FOR COLOUR BLINDNESS If you did not see the number you have some degree of colour blindness! 1 in 10 boys probably wont be able to see the number.8 80. TEST FOR COLOUR BLINDNESS Did you see the number 26? Just the number 2? Just the number 6? No number at all?