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  • 1. Who are Mary Kay UK? Mary Kay Inc. was founded 50 years ago by Mary Kay Ash who had a dream where she envisaged women would be offered unprecedented opportunities for financial independence, advancement and personal fulfillment. Why is Mary Kay Unique? The companys values were instilled by our founder and are still true today with our Go-Give spirit that when you help others help will come back to you. Our Golden Rule is simple, treat others as you wish to be treated and make everyone you meet feel important because they are. We believe in praising our people to success and empowering women with a business that is rewarding, inspiring and fun. Mary Kay Today The 6th largest direct selling company in the world Over 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide Latest sales were in excess of $3 billion globally In more than 35 countries around the world Is a top 10 best-selling skin care brand in the world* Is a top 15 best-selling colour cosmetics brand in the world* Contributes to charitable efforts supporting women and children around the world The Mary Kay opportunity encourages women to build a successful, independent business whilst keeping lifes priorities in order 2 *Euromonitor
  • 2. Discover what you love about Mary Kay Beauty is our passion. Mary Kay believes that beauty comes from the inside, and is reflected on the outside. What makes 3 Mary Kay so irresistible? Products Skin care products for every need including age-fighting, sensitive skin and acne Categories Over 200 products in three key categories; skin care, colour and fragrance. Partnerships Partnerships with top makeup artists, scientists and researchers to develop our product portfolio Guarantee All products are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, thats how confident we are that people love our products! Loyalty Brand loyalty Mary Kay consumers are among the most loyal in the world because Mary Kay products are safe, effective and deliver benefits Customers want
  • 3. 4 While the desire to provide opportunities is Mary Kay Ash Winning admirable, its not enough by itself to start a business. A product that fills the need of consumers is critical. Award Products Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues Mary Kay Foundation Primer TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion Mary Kay True DimensionsTM Lipstick Fragrance-Free Satin Hands Hand Cream
  • 4. 5 Best- Sellers TimeWise Miracle Set** Clinically shown to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity and tone. Set includes TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser, TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer, TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 30* and TimeWise Night Solution. TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set Fight fine lines. Refine pores. Achieve beautifully smooth skin immediately. Satin Lips Set Buffs away dry skin, then moisturises to help keep lips soft. Includes: Satin Lips Lip Balm & Satin Lips Lip Mask Mary Kay Foundation Primer Foundation primer acts as an invisible buffer that fills in imperfections so any Mary Kay foundation you choose glides on smoothly and flawlessly. It also acts as a magnet to give foundation real staying power. Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover Gently removes eye makeup even waterproof mascara. Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara Defines, defends and delivers four times the volume without looking overdone.
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  • 6. 7 How can Mary Kay help you & your lifestyle? Imagine Having a flexible work life meaning more time for family and friends Waking up everyday excited and passionate about what you do Making women feel beautiful and special everyday Knowing there is nothing stopping you being as successful as you want to be Having immediate accessible support so you can achieve your desired success Being rewarded with fantastic prizes and incentives as well as an income Mary Kay is achieving all these things and more for women all across the globe. With a Mary Kay business you decide what motivates you, set your goal and go for it! You design the business around your life and needs.
  • 7. TheMary KayFact File The UK is in the top 3 beauty markets in Europe UK skin care market is worth 2.4 billion a year UK colour market is worth 1.6 billion UK fragrance market is worth 1.1 billion Even through challenging times women always want to look their best 8
  • 8. 9 How toEarn with Mary Kay 1 Sell products women love. You buy products from Mary Kay UK at wholesale prices and sell to Customers at suggested retail prices. Earning up to 40% on everything you sell. 2 Share the opportunity. Support a new team member to earn with Mary Kay and create an additional income for you. As your team grows so does your earning potential! 3 Become a leader. Want to grow your business fast and earn more? Continue to share the Mary Kay opportunity to reach your potential as a leader and be rewarded with financial incentives and bonuses. Ways you can Work On the go with samples and Look Books. A simple and easy way to offer products that Customers love Facials its like bringing the beauty straight to your Customers with a proven recipe for sales. Provide a pampering session combined with personalised Customer service. Invite Friends to share the best of Mary Kay whilst having fun, let them try before they buy! Online with a Mary Kay personal website 24/7 convenience. Customers love the easy access to great products. Mary Kay InTouch is our website for Independent Beauty Consultants. Each Beauty Consultant can manage her Mary Kay business in the way that best suits her lifestyle. From reaching Customers using technology and social media to having one-on-one focused time with Customers.
  • 9. Your earning opportunity with Mary Kay You buy products from Mary Kay at wholesale prices and sell to your Customers at suggested retail prices. If you purchase products between 185.99-349.99, you receive a 30% discount, if you order over 350 you receive a 40% discount. That means you earn between 30%40% on everything you sell. Part-time Full-time? Want some regular extra cash and a fun part-time way to earn? Then why not aim to hold 2 parties a week. Or if you prefer, be the Consultant that provides a personal touch with up to four facials a week and build loyal Customers. Want to start earning a full-time income? Then start sharing the opportunity with others and begin moving up the Mary Kay Career Path. Its simple, the more time and effort you put in to Mary Kay the more you can earn. How much time you invest is completely up to you! 10
  • 10. How sharing the Mary Kay opportunity will build your income When you introduce the Mary Kay opportunity to other women and support them to success you add to your earnings. As your team grows and you move up the Career path you can earn a percentage of your teams sales of between 4% - 12%! Thats on top of your personal sales. When you help others to fulfill their potential you reach your full potential and rewards follow both financially and with incentive based prizes. Independent Beauty Consultant Independent Senior Consultant Independent Star Team Builder Recruiter Independent Team Leader Independent Future Sales Director* * * * * * The 40 percent gross profit calculation is based on suggested retail prices. * An Independent Beauty Consultant is considered active in the month a minimum 185 retail Section 1 order is received and accepted by the Company and in the following two calendar months. ** Achieving Independent Future to become an Independent set forth by the Company. 11 EU_Advanced Brochure 5-31-13.indd 10-11 10 Career Career or or Recognition Recognition Level Level Requirements Requirements Compensation Compensation Potential Potential Independent Beauty Consultant Maintain active status Up to40% on everything you sell! Independent Senior Consultant Maintain active status 1-2 active personal team members Maintain active status on everything you sell! Up to40% on everything you sell! Independent Star Team Builder active personal team members Maintain active status 3-4 active personal team members Maintain active status on everything you sell! Up to40% on on everything everything you you sell! sell! + 4% personal team commission* personal team commission* Independent Team Leader active personal team members Maintain active status 5-7 active personal team members Maintain active status Up to40% on on everything everything you you sell! sell! + 8% or 12% personal