OpenSG Closing Plenary Oct 22 nd, 2009. Agenda SG Conformity SG Communications SG Systems SG...

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OpenSG Closing Plenary Oct 22 nd , 2009

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Transcript of OpenSG Closing Plenary Oct 22 nd, 2009. Agenda SG Conformity SG Communications SG Systems SG...

  • OpenSG Closing PlenaryOct 22nd, 2009

  • AgendaSG ConformitySG CommunicationsSG SystemsSG SecurityFeedbackNext Meeting

  • SG ConformityKey accomplishmentsDefined scope and charter with unanimous agreement Established guiding principles Agreed on formation and prioritization of 3 TFs:Edge Conformity (ADE/ADR/HAN) SG Security Conformity AMI ENT Conformity (Not currently prioritized)Next stepskick off task forces and establish weekly calls and Next encounter data/time (tele./webinar/f2f)To be announced via the general listserve

  • SG CommunicationsKey accomplishmentsOpenSG PAP #1 and #2 requirementsIdentified 21 top level SG applications and 15 potential actors for eachWorked through 4 of the applications end to end and created over 100 high level functional requirementsOrganizationScope/Charter discussion

  • SG CommunicationsNext stepsOpenSG PAP #1 and #2Complete walkthrough of top level actionsAlign requirements by actor interfacesDistill communications requirements Face to face at Grid-Interop in Denver (mid November)OrganizationTask Groups per Knoxville session discussionWeekly conference calls

    Next encounter data/time (tele./webinar/f2f)

  • SG CommunicationsNext encounter data/time (tele./webinar/f2f)Plan for next week to continue PAP #1 and #2 requirements generation

  • SG SystemsKey accomplishmentsUpdated SharePointElectronic Balloting Process Task Forces (next slides)Next steps(Next Slides)

  • SG-Systems Task Forces & Service TeamsPlanningUnderwayUnderwayUnderwayUnderway With NAESBCollaborationWith SE 2.0CollaborationWith SE 2.0& OASISPlanningPlanningUnderway With NAESBUnderwayCollaborationWith SE 2.0& OASISCollaborationWith SE 2.0& OASISCollaborationWith SE 2.0CollaborationWith SE 2.0

  • SG Systems AMI-EnterpriseKey accomplishmentsIndustry Best Practice Approved:Use CasesSystem Requirements Specification (SRS)MethodologyServicesReady to submit to SDO (IEC TC57 WG14)Next stepsParticipate in IEC61968-9 interoperability testingAnalyze and incorporate security requirementsUpdate and ballot next release

  • Service Definition TeamKey accomplishmentsApproval of the Service Definition ArtifactsNext steps Build the roadmapOpen a model for access/collaborationBaseline the artifactsPlan new work, e.g. OpenADE, sharing with WG14Next encounter data/time (tele./webinar/f2f)Service Definition con call: 10/28 2PM

  • SG Systems - OpenADEKey accomplishmentsAgreement on 1.0 version of Use Case documentNext stepsWork on SRS, service definitionsReference / prototype implementationsNext encounter data/time (tele./webinar/f2f)Weekly meetings, every Thursday @noon Mtn.

  • SG-Systems - OpenHANLeadershipChair and co-chair lead teleconferencesChair Mary Zientara (Reliant)Co-chair Steve Van Ausdall (Xtensible)Co-chair Charles (Google)Co-chair Charlie (GE)Define scope and charterUse cases common teamFocused on format and capturebut still need content and selection for our purposes in OpenHANBusiness level requirements in OpenHAN?Provide input to SEP 2.0 (and others as requested)Analysis update SRS requirements tableConformance tasksSecurity tasks

  • Suggest DR Use Case MatrixSG-Systems - OpenADR

  • Use Case Development Accomplishments

  • DR Use Case Discussion Topics4.4 Broadcast Pricing (Retail) for DR Purpose The term pricing will change to more genericReference ArchitectureDR acknowledgement and confirmationAdvanced Notification for DRAdding testing use caseDR Resource Confirmation (DR Resource, Asset, PHEV)Direct Load Control randomization, monitor protocol

  • Next steps and next encounter date/timeNext stepsRefine use cases developedProvide draft use cases to sub-group leader (Joe) by Friday, October 21stRefine combined retail and wholesale use cases in the next two weeksFinalized use case and framework document by first week of NovemberContinue to work with NAESB, NIST and OASIS on SRS and Service DefinitionNext encounter date/time Every Thursday joint conference call with NAESB (12-2:00 central time)NAESB SGTF sub-group F2F meeting in New England

  • If you have comments and/or wish to join and contribute to the OpenADR Task Force effort, please contact

    Albert Chiu or Ed Koch at [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Attendee FeedbackNames, specific group and meetingConsistent dashboards across WGs for reportingMore detailed agenda, better, earlier planning for F2FRealtime schedule time change mechanism at F2FCapture on phone attendanceReal full- duplex polycomm type phones for conf callsNew people better comms, glossary, terms, promote dont be shy attitude. Online library refBoot camps were a positiveWGs need to tighten up scopes, ie. OpenHAN and Net, more groups means need for tighter coordinationMore formal joint sessionsWeb based agenda with links to open meeting etc.

  • Next MeetingHost is Florida Power & LightJuno Beach, FLJanuary 18-21, 2010Boot camps on January 18Parallel sessions January 19-21

  • Hosting OpportunityApril 2010 Meetingsomewhere warmer?Looking at DC or Raleigh

    July 2010 Meetingsomewhere cooler?Looking at San Francisco Area

    Send email to Chris Knudsen: [email protected]

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