Opening Up The Humanities

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Presentation for the Open University Annual Learning and Technology Conference: Learning in an Open World, which is taking place on 22 and 23 June 2010

Transcript of Opening Up The Humanities

  • 1. Opening up the Humanities Linda Wilks and Elton BarkerFaculty of Arts

2. Overview

  • Introduction to the Arts Facultys Digital Humanities project
  • Highlight of some of the current research projects within the Faculty which are using digital technologies to disseminate output beyond academia
  • A look at how the Arts Faculty opens up its content by providing material for OU open access initiatives
  • Focus on two websites which provide innovative content while straddling the boundaries of the OU
  • Discussion of some of the issues relating to digital humanities

3. Background to theDigital Humanities project

  • Where we are: the OUs Faculty of Arts
  • Who we are: Linda Wilks, John Wolffe, Lorna Hardwick, Elton Barker, Tim Chappell
  • What we do: critically evaluate the role of technology in:
    • humanities research agendas
    • humanities research processes
    • humanities research outputs

4. Digital Humanities:within the faculty

  • Evaluation of Arts projects with digital outputs
  • Promotion and evaluation of the potential for the role of social media in humanities research
  • A Digital Humanities blog to encourage reflection and discussion (intranet only)http:// /

5. 6. Digital Humanities:beyond the faculty

  • Drawing on external views and experiences through the seminar programme
  • Link ups, such as with Project Bamboohttp:// /
  • Dissemination of findings/reports such as:
    • a JISC-funded study of early career researchers
    • a study of scholarly networking at the OU

7. 8. 9. Unlocking research outputs

  • Several of the OU Arts Faculty projects provide open access to research outputs.
  • For example:
  • The Reading Experience Database (RED) at:
  • The Classical Receptions project at:
  • The Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive (HESTIA) at:http://

10. http:// 11. 12.

  • http://

13. Spreading the word

  • The Arts Faculty contributes to the OUs various open access to research and learning materials initiatives.
  • For example:
  • Multi-media outputs
    • on iTunesU
    • on YouTube at:

14. Spreading the word: iTunesU

  • The Arts faculty contributes to the OUs presence on various social media, for example:
    • itunesUhttp:// /

15. Spreading the word: YouTube

  • One picture is worth a thousand words Professor Gill Perry takes us round the National Portrait Galleryhttp:// =7qArhzUeHfY

16. Spreading the word:Open Research Online

  • Free, publicly accessible repository of the Open University's peer-reviewed research outputs
  • Over 1,000 Arts documents
  • http:// /

17. 18. Spreading the word:pushing the boundaries

  • Specialised websites have been developed by members of Arts faculty, such as:
    • Philosophy Bites: podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topicshttp://
    • Classics Confidential: interviews and news relating to research and study of the classics at:

19. 20. Classics Confidential 21. Classics Confidential 22. Classics Confidential 23. Key issues

  • Financial constraints vs. sustainability and reuse
  • Rights (particularly IP) vs. openness
  • The essence of research vs. technological advances
  • Barriers vs. access

24. Linda Wilks / Elton Barker Faculty of Arts The Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA