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Opening sequence Mission Impossible 3Mission Impossible is a well-recognised franchise and is known for its fast paced action. The film was released in 2006 starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt with supporting acts from Michelle Monaghan, Ving Rhames. Mission impossible 3 is the 3rd instalment in the franchise meaning it had a mould already set that it had to follow. The Film was directed by J.J Abrams who is commonly known for Star Trek: into darkness. The plot for mission impossible 3 is Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is fighting against a dangerous arms dealer while trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girlfriend. The opening is a confrontation between Tom cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom cruise is tied up and clearly injured.The opening of the film goes straight into the action with showing any credits. The audience is dropped into a scene with a close up of Ethans face. His face is bloody and bruised this shows that he has been attacked. The close up give the audience the opportunity to focus on his facial expression and almost experience what his is feeling through is emotions. The camera is also Cantered which makes the audience uncomfortable and disorientated. The black backgrounds adds more attention to his face and causes confusion of where he is. The first line of dialogue was Weve put and explosive charge in your head. This is hard hitting on the audience as it is a very dramatic and stunning first line. This causes the audience to sympathise with Ethan because he is close to death, Ethan is also seen as the victim because he is bloody and defenceless. The first line of dialogue is followed by a long silence which is used so the line can settle in and cause more effect. Ethans face had harsher lighting which creates a darker scenario and adds mystery to the character. The harsh lighting also shows that he is trapped. The whole scene has no music so you focused on what the characters are saying the music only starts with the mission impossible opening credits which shows the title and credits. The silence also makes scenes with dialogue much more dramatic and adds the effect of isolation. The music for the opening title has a military beat which indicates thats the film has something to do with the military or government.

The shot then changes to Ethans hand which is handcuffed to a chair. The handcuffs show that Ethan is trapped and can escape. His wrists have blood and cuts on them showing he has been in them for a while and has been trying to break out. His knuckles have no clear damage which shows he wasnt involve in any fighting in the previse scene. This asks many questions about why Ethan is tied to this chair. The dim light in the background represents depression as the scene is almost entirely in darkness. The hand lighting is used again for his hand to show the seriousness of the situation he is in.

The camera then turns around to show who is talking to Ethan. The quick cut is to a close up of Philip Seymour Hoffman face which is unharmed. He then asks Ethan Does this sound familiar? and pulls back the hammer of a pistol. The give indication to the audience that Ethan had had previous experiences with weapons. This also shows Ethan as a killer. Philip Seymour Hoffman is speaking in a calm but threating tone. He is wearing black which is a sign of power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Which gives him a villain appeal. The lighting on his face is again harsh to show that both characters are in the same situation. He then turns to Ethan and asks him Wheres the rabbits foot? this is a mystery to the audience on what the rabbits foot really is. After Ethan starts to stall him Hoffmans tone begin to rise as he starts to get angrier. Ethan replys with Its what I gave you. This shows there was a past deal between the two characters that has not gone to plan, Hoffman is angry at Ethan meaning Ethan may have not kept his part of the deal.

Hoffman begins to point the gun towards the head of a girl who has her mouth closed with duct tape. Ethan starts to try and reason with him and almost beg him to stop what he is doing. This shows that Ethan has a clear connection with this Female character. This is further shown when Hoffman counts down to shooting the female but doesnt and Ethan reacts desperately trying to release himself from the restraints. A close up of the female is used to show her fear to the audience. This makes her seem as she had nothing to do with the situation but has been dragged into this through Ethan. The females fear is evident by the fact she is crying and sweating, her face is also dirty as if she has been attacked previous as well the same as Ethan. Hoffman begins to count up to 3 without any indication what he is doing but he is pointing the gun at the females head so only the worst can be expected. Hoffman is counting down very slowly to add suspense to what will happen on 3. Ethan begins to beg with Hoffman to stop and that he doesnt know where the rabbits foot is. On 3 Hoffman does nothing but Ethan again trys to break out of his retrains to stop him.

Ethan then explains he knows where the rabbit foot is. Showing that he is not innocent and has purposely lied to Hoffman. The mystery of what the rabbits foot is begins to increase. Ethan goes on to say I can help you which is followed by Hoffman saying Like the way you help me on the aeroplane. Showing that both characters have had met in the past and it hasnt worked out well as Hoffman says this in a sarcastic manner. This also shows distrust between the two characters. Ethan continues to try and reason with him by telling him the rabbits foot is in Paris but will only tell him where if the female is released. Hoffman knows that Ethan is lying and continues counting. Ethan begins to raise his voice into a threating matter even when he is in this situation. The lighting has gradually become lighter so shown the area in a bit more detail this could have been a sign of Ethan regaining consciousness if he was knock out previous. Ethans dialogue is interrupted by Hoffman shooting her in the leg as a threat to Ethan. Ethan began to go berserk in the chair as the female continues to scream in pain as Ethan begin to cry. He still doesnt tell Hoffman where the rabbit foots is showing that it is off mass important. Ethans emotions changes suddenly and begin to start pleading with Hoffmans as he counting is continuing.

Hoffman finishes his count down and a quick shot between both Ethans shouting face and the flash of the gun. The shooting was not actually shown but by the context and the gun position she was shot in the head. The audience is left with the knowledge that this rabbit foot is so important Ethan would let someone he loved die instead of telling the location. As the flash of the gun goes of the title sequence starts which is a fuse that has been ignited this is a metaphor as Ethans fuse has just been lit and its only a matter of time before it reaches the explosives. The music slowly builds up to add the effect of the action increasing all the actors names are along the line of the fuse which indicates that they will all be linked with this massive explosion that will happen at the end of the fuse.