Open House -2015 Benvenuti alle nostre classi d’italiano.

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Open House -2015 Benvenuti alle nostre classi d’italiano

Transcript of Open House -2015 Benvenuti alle nostre classi d’italiano.

Open House -2015Benvenuti alle nostre

classi d’italiano

Italiano 1 for Spanish

Speakers• Italian 1 for Spanish

Speakers will have studied Chapters 1- 9 in Oggi in Italia.

• Greetings, every day vocabulary

• Present tense and simple past

• Culture and geography• Our project for Italian 1a

was the regions of Italy.

Italiano 2• Italian 2 did a complete review

of Chapters 1-8 in Oggi in Italia

• Since November, we are continuing with chapters 9-14

• Grammar is more complex• Vocabulary is more extensive• Students are listening to more

advanced conversations.• Students completed projects

on Italian designers

Italian 3 • Complete grammar review

using Ponti, Avventure in Città, and Workbook Italiano and new Italian texts

• Listening to complex, real life conversations

• Semester 2 project: Italian Artists, composers or singers.

• Field trips to 3 Italian operas• Ecourate your students to

take AP Italian.

Italiano AP• Italian AP was re-instated in

2012• Students used all Italian texts

donated by the Italian Government

• AP exam follows ACTFL standards and Common Core expectations

• Students who register with Marymount California University will receive California UC and Cal State college credit for Marymount class

• Those who take and pass the exam get national college credit

New CA World Language’s Standards

• Stage I (Formulaic), learners understand and produce signs, words, and phrases.

• Stage II (Created), learners understand and produce sentences and strings of sentences.

• Stage III (Planned), learners understand and produce paragraphs and strings of paragraphs.

• Stage IV (Extended), learners understand and produce cohesive texts composed of multiple paragraphs.

• Complete Standards are on the San Pedro Website

How to help your student do his/her best

• Check Jupitergrades regularly for most recent grades and assignments

• Check the San Pedro website for HW assignments and for general announcements about class events and projects

• Encourage your student to use the web links for extra credit quizzes and to listen to and practice their language

• Ask them what they learned today• Ask them to teach you some Italian

Next year’s schedule• Next year we will continue on an alternating eight period

blocks• All students will have eight class: 1,3,5,7 and then 2,4,6,81. 9th, 10th and 11th graders must take their A-G required

subjects and pass with a C or better2. Students should ask their counselors for an advisory class

so they have time to do HW during the school day.3. There will be CAHSEE prep class to insure that they pass

CAHSEE the first time 4. There will be more AP classes offered, including AP Italian5. There is now a School for Advanced Studied here at San

Pedro so call the counseling office for more information

WASC visit was a great success

• WASC team gave San Pedro an excellent assessment of the progress made in the last four years

• They validated our self-study • They said that our goals for next 6

years are in line with all national expectations