Online Privacy and Codes of Conduct

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Online Privacy and Codes of Conduct. Peter Fleischer Global Privacy Counsel my personal blog: Topics. Search Chrome Maps Social Networking Health Ads The Cloud. What do we collect in search?. URL, including query IP address - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Online Privacy and Codes of Conduct

  • Online Privacy and Codes of ConductPeter FleischerGlobal Privacy Counsel my personal blog:

  • Topics SearchChromeMapsSocial NetworkingHealthAds The Cloud

  • What do we collect in search?

    URL, including query IP address Time and date of search Operating system Browser type Cookie ID

  • Anonymizing server logs: 9 months for IP addresses/ 18 for cookies

    Balancing various factors: privacy, security, and improving our servicesto improve our searchto defend our systems/ fight fraud/protect usersHow long do we retain search logs?123.45.67.XX - 25/Mar/2003 10:15:32 - - Firefox 1.0.7; Windows NT 5.1 - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Web History // Putting users in control of their dataWhen a user signs up for Web History (to deliver personalized search results), they are given full control of the information they share with Google, including the ability to pause, remove, and bookmark items, and delete their account at any time.

  • Google Chrome Locally stored historyIncognito modeGoogle Suggest

  • Maps

  • Street ViewWhat should be private in a public space?

  • Simple Notification Tools

  • Google Earth

  • *Latitude: User-controlled location sharing

  • Using Google to Communicate, Show and ShareUsers

  • Designing Privacy Controls In All Our ProductsAll Google products have sharing controls built in

  • Orkut: Detailed Privacy Controls

  • Google Health At its foundation, Google Health is about putting people in control of their health information.

    Google Health puts users in complete control over who views their health information and who can add information to their profile.Google Health provide privacy protections equivalent to those required under HIPPA

  • Query-based Ad Selection AdWordsMutual Funds ACME Corp Learn how mutual funds work andcompare different types of with consumers when they searchMutual Funds ACME Corp Learn how mutual funds work andcompare different types of

  • Advertising & the internet*

  • *Third-Party Ad Serving in a nutshellUser1. Get: www.cnn.comISPCookie: UID=6192. Send: HTML page4. Send ad for UID=6193. Get: UID=619

  • *NAI Code of Conduct*In addition to requiring notice to consumers about the use of 3rd party cookies, the NAI mandates that member advertising networks provide an "opt-out mechanism for the targeted ad programs they provide. The NAI opt-out tool is a simple Web-based utility that allows you to opt out of receiving targeted ads from member ad networks.

  • UK IAB Code of ConductUK Industry Self-Regulatory Code for Interest based advertising, ensuring choice and transparency.Google one of the founding signatories other firms include Yahoo, AOL, MSFTConsumer portal: (screenshots below)

    Code welcomed by the UK Data Protection Authority and the communications regulator OfCom.Model for pan-European code under discussion within IAB-Europe.Consumer top-tipsConsumer FAQsConsumer portal landing page

  • Transparency & Notice Feedback Ads by

  • Transparency & Notice landing page for in ad noticeLink to Ads Preference Manager

  • Meaningful Choice


  • Adding interests consumer empowerment & engagement

  • Beyond notice: Google Privacy Channel

  • Updating privacy laws1980 OECD on Privacy1995EU Privacy Directive2004 APEC Privacy Framework1993First Web Browser2008countries with privacy lawscountries with no privacy laws

  • The Cloud

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