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Communications Manager Angie Pascale (@angiepascale) presented at a young professionals event for The LoDo District. She discussing how to create and manage your online personal brand, specifically through social media networks. The event is taking place on Tuesday, November 1 at The Wine Loft (1527 Wazee Street), starting at 5:30 p.m.The LoDo District is a membership organization that supports Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver’s, unique historical, cultural and retail neighborhood, through marketing, education and advocacy. LoDo is the oldest and original settlement in Denver, and is now home to numerous restaurants, bars, retail shops and businesses, including Location3′s current office.

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2. THIS SECTIONS ALL ABOUT MENO COMPLAINING. ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAD TO PAY TO BE HERE.@angiepascale | @location3 3. @angiepascale | @location3 4. @angiepascale | @location3 5. @angiepascale | @location3 6. @angiepascale | @location3 7. CREATING A PERSONAL BRANDITS NO DIFFERENT THAN CREATING A BRAND BRAND. @angiepascale | @location3 8. WHERE PATH MEETS PRESENCE79% of shoppers conduct at least half of their product research online before they make a purchase.Interest Research RecommendationValidationDecision90% of shoppers trust recommendations from their friends.Sources: 2011 The E-tailing Group; E-Consultancy @angiepascale | @location3 9. TURNING DECISION INTO ADVOCACYDecision Validation Recommendation Engagement Advocacy@angiepascale | @location3 10. IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO IGNORE THEGROWTH OF YOUR SOCIAL CONNECTIONS ASA PART OF YOUR SEO STRATEGYSocial activity on Facebook, Twitterand Google+ is factored into organicsearch engine results on Google andBing.Marketers utilizing social media reportan average 27% conversion rate fororganic search traffic, while those notusing social media reported a 17%rate.Source: Marketing Sherpa, 2010@angiepascale | @location3 11. ONLINE BRAND ASSETSI SAID ASSETS FOLKS. @angiepascale | @location3 12. @angiepascale | @location3 13. anchor textlinksvanity URLbio@angiepascale | @location3 14. groups anddiscussionsblog feedSlideshare documents @angiepascale | @location3 15. update privacy settings oftenvanity URLEdgeRankcustom listsquestionsmanage tagging@angiepascale | @location3 16. strategic username selectionthree to five topicsuse lists to organizeits not all about youexplain yourselfdo not automatenothing is private @angiepascale | @location3 17. @angiepascale | @location3 18. @angiepascale | @location3 19. GHOSTTOWN@angiepascale | @location3 20. PERSONAL BLOG@angiepascale | @location3 21. presentationsdocuments (e.g., pressreleases, collateral)videos(e.g.,@angiepascale | @location3 commercial, how to) 22. OTHER SOCIAL STUFFSDONT WORRY, WERE ALMOST DONE.@angiepascale | @location3 23. HIDING NEGATIVE CONTENT Create and actively maintain profiles on othersocial media networks Guest post on other blogsBecome actively involved with organizations Become convincing when saying, thats some other person with the same name@angiepascale | @location3 24. @angiepascale | @location3 25. THE DOS AND DONTSPAY ATTENTION, THIS PARTS IMPORTANT.@angiepascale | @location3 26. do not post drunken or druggedphotoshave an opinion, but avoid controversialtopicsknow the FTC guidelinesknow your organizations social mediapolicydo not talk shit on colleagues, clients orpartnerssign up for Google Alerts for yournameuse consistent and appropriate profile @angiepascale | @location3images 27. 8% of companies have firedsomeone for social mediabehaviors15% have disciplinedsomeone for violatingpolicies70% of U.S. companies havedisqualified candidates basedon what they found online@angiepascale | @location3 28. ANY QUESTIONS?LETS MAKE THIS QUICK, I NEED A DRINK. @angiepascale | @location3