Online Optimization For Tourism Industry Presented at AmCham Paris France

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The presentation for the AmCham France Hospitality and Travel Working Committee, and the AmCham France Retail Working Committee, are pleased to invite you to: Optimizing online sales for the Tourism industry Acquire and retain guests in an Online Travel Agency (OTA) dominated environment by maintaining control of your brand on Google and engaging your clients The Internet landscape is constantly changing and it is difficult to remain current on how to grow business from online sales. Today, when U.S. tourists are searching online, there are so many choices that often your company website is nowhere to be found. Instead, large travel websites are found when tourists are looking and they require that you surrender a higher profit in order to acquire those customers. What if you could build your own direct relationship with passionate consumers through online word of mouth? What if you were more frequently found when U.S. tourists are looking? What if you could increase your profits by driving more reservations directly through your own website, avoiding large travel portal sites that take a significant piece of your margins? Speaker: Jay Feitlinger, American Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert and CEO of StringCan Interactive, a US-based digital marketing agency with an office in Paris will share what changes have happened with the Internet, specifically with Google, why these changes were made, and ideas on how your Tourism, Hotel or Restaurant can leverage best practices on how to improve your profit and relationship with U.S. tourists. About the event: Most American travelers today use Google to find and make reservations online when traveling to Europe. The majority of these international visitors will ultimately find and use large travel portal sites like TripAdvisor, Orbitz, and Expedia, which decrease the profits made by the service provider. However, the digital tools exist to compete effectively with these portal websites especially with repeat customers and referral opportunities. In his presentation, Mr. Feitlinger will discuss how hotels, restaurants and travel service providers can leverage recent changes from Google on how to drive more traffic to their site and increase the number of reservations made directly on site. He will also discuss how to create awareness and build loyalty through online word of mouth, how to use content to increase your findability, and how to build an online bra

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  • 1. Complex Made Simple Optimizing Online Sales For The Tourism Industry image source: @stringcanagency

2. Generating Results Globally +@stringcanagency 3. Our Volunteer @stringcanagency 4. GETTING FOUND website.frWEBSITE DURING image source: Flickr CC @DasNickus, @Yellowstone & @Door ConceptsAFTER 1 2 3 4 @stringcanagency 5. image source: Flickr CC @DasNickus GETTING FOUND @stringcanagency 6. 6 BILLION searches per day source: 1/2014 @stringcanagency 7. source: 5/2013 @stringcanagency 8. source: 5/2013 @stringcanagency 9. PLEASEDONTDOTHIS 10. image source: 11. image source: 12. Proper Linking The philosophy that we've always had is if you make something that's compelling then it would be much easier to get people to write about it and to link to it. ~ Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam @stringcanagency 13. image source: Flickr CC @Henrys Travel, @Bee happy123 & @Dan Ripplinger PAGE QUALITYSPAMSEMANTICS @stringcanagency 14. Every day, 78% of search results have some ranking change. source: 15. @stringcanagency source: 2009 16. @stringcanagency source: 17. The Big Changes Social Signals Reviews Local Optimization Relevant New Content@stringcanagency 18. Getting The Most Out Of Paid Search OTA Contracts Using Branded Keywords Optimized for your audience Focus on longtail keywords Landing pages@stringcanagency 800,000,000+ 19. Google Hotel Finder Google Hotel Finder Optimization Google Places Page Google Business Photos No duplicate pages Google+ account Directories updated (i.e. TripAdvisor, Yelp) Connection to a Global Distribution System @stringcanagency 20. website.frLEVERAGING YOUR WEBSITE 21. INFORMATIONEASY TO USE VALIDATION image source: Flickr CC @Horia Varlan, @Zen Sutherland & @newsusacontent SALES 1 2 3 4 @stringcanagency 22. InformationalAspects of Website Information: Text content Image Content Brand / Ambiance @stringcanagency 23. Easy to UseYour competition is and Expedia, is your website easier to use?@stringcanagency 24. ValidatingCan a visitor validate their decision without leaving your site?@stringcanagency 25. Sales Driven Is your site the best salesman on your team? Sales Speak Understands the audience Not everyone is ready to sign up on the 1st visit @stringcanagency 26. DURING THE INTERACTION image source: Flickr CC @Yellowstone 27. 3 Goals During the Interaction Likes Reviews Attach - emails @stringcanagency 28. LikeGetting the guest to Like, Follow, Pin or +1 Be creativeBe exclusiveBe active @stringcanagency 29. Attach Find a way to collect an email address Free WiFiCheck-InSTART Kiosk Rewards Cards@stringcanagency 30. Review Reviews are vital to search ranking and purchase validation Check-in Deals Ask your guest Email them request@stringcanagency 31. AFTER THE INTERACTION 32. Getting Them BackDynamic follow up strategy GuestDeparture EmailReceipt BusinessGuest Thankyouemail Leaveareview +2days SpecialBusiness GuestDealin May FamilyGuest +2daysThank youemailLeave areview +7daysfree desertifyou bookagain +38days-72 hourSummer Deals AmericanGuest Thankyouemail Leaveareview +2days +35DaysShare withafriendDeal +65daysSpecial FacebookAccess totheChef @stringcanagency 33. Create Brand AdvocatesDevelop and garner brand advocates Invite online inuential people to experience your brand Interact when brand is mentioned Oer deals for advocates@stringcanagency 34. 6 Key Points Google is constantly changing Relevant content is king Leverage & Optimize getting found Make sure your website is as user friendly as the OTAs Your website should be your best sales person with content, reviews & call to actions Engage with your guests during and after their visit with social media, reviews and email 35. Q&A THANK YOU! @stringcanagency