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1. Exclusive engagement ring in South Africa 2. Views Product 3. About Diamond ring is more expensive than normal gold or platinum engagement rings design. The sharing of ring cost is a nice idea and part of liberal thinking because both the woman and man want to share everything from their social responsibilities to wedding rings. It allows them to celebrate and decide together 4. Online available in Engagement Ring specialized in designer engagement rings, anniversary rings and diamond wedding bands. We design and manufacture fine jewellery that meets both the unique occasion with more than 30 years of experience. Get all the information you need on engagement rings, diamond rings and more. 5. Wedding Ring Manser Jewellery Design Offering quality wedding jewelry and diamond jewelry, Jewelry Vortex has men and women's engagement rings, wedding bands. We ship our unique designs throughout South Africa and Globally. 6. Contact us: Manser Jewellery Design Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.