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Onesheet with infos on TRIBY BAHARU Tour 2015

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  • Touring Artists 2015/ 2016

    TRIBU BAHARU COLOMBIA On stage: 6 + 2 crew Touring period: 14 May until 6th of July + End of July early August 2015 Based in: Bogota Colombia releases: Booking territory: Europe + Middle East + Africa

    Agency Ambos Mundos Voordelaan 4, 3001 Leuven- Heverlee Belgium

    Tel: +32 16 400 886 / Mob: +32 47 212 74 37/

    TRIBU BAHARU is an afro-colombian music crew from the Colombian Caribbean coast, that is influenced by the Pico" (Pick Up or sound system)culture. A Local Culture present in most Caribbean countries, with a history of more than 6 decades, specially in Cartagena and Barranquilla. They play "live" without loosing the particular performance and sound of the "sound system" as lived in the "Verbena" dances (dance parties set up in the neighborhoods during bank holidays). Champeta, is a term that originally refers to a knife used by fishermen. Champeta is fishermen music since its's main influences comes from overseas: Soukous (Congo), Highlife (Ghana), Calypso(Trinidad), Compa (Haiti) and also some Reggae and dancehall, all mixed with local styles and influences of the Colombian musical spectrum. TRIBU BAHARU's main objective is to convey the joy of being Afro-Colombian and Caribbean through exuberant dance using music as a vehicle. The Champeta-dance became even quite notorious back in the later 90-ties early 2000's when even politicians where trying to have it banned for it's explicit sensuality and the violence that accompanied many of the rave's that where held in the poorest neighborhoods of Cartagena and Turbaco. TRIBU BAHARU was formed in 2009, when a group of friends with Afro-Caribbean affinity start to meet in Bogota. Out of these meetings were born both Tribu Baharu as well as La Makina Del Karibe. Now Tribu Baharu have become one of the main exponents of Champeta music in the Colombian Capital and are ready to take the Champeta craze abroad. Current line up: Boris Boricua Nelson -Guitars/ Producer Chindo - El. Bass / Backing voc. Makambille -Vocals Moniqui - Percussion Pocho -Director/ Drums/ Backing Vocs Shaka -MC / Vocals Juan Sebastian Bastos - Sound engineer Website: FB: Virtual Womex: For Bookings contact: Bartolo Pype Hoffmann -

    Tel +32 16 400 886 - + 32 47 212 74 37