On the ice with… Wayne Gretzky Book by Matt Christopher R&E by Blaise.

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Transcript of On the ice with… Wayne Gretzky Book by Matt Christopher R&E by Blaise.

On the ice with Wayne Gretzky

On the ice withWayne GretzkyBook by Matt ChristopherR&E by Blaise

SummaryNo one ever thought that the young Canadian boy who never got off his backyard rink would become a living legend known as The Great One. Wayne Douglas Gretzky began his hockey career at age six. He played with ten-year-olds that were bigger, stronger, and had more experience. But Wayne dominated the ice. The domination contunied as he aged as well. By the time he was fourteen, he was playing with twenty-year-olds and he still was the best there, scoring 60 points in 28 games. He was nominated rookie of the year.

Each year, Gretzky would stop the league he was in and move into a bigger and better league, Eventually this would lead into getting selected onto the Indianapolis Racers (WHA team before the WHA/NHL merger). He was now a professional.

He started his NHL career (after merger) as a Edmonton Oiler. He played outstanding. He got 104 points in 72 games! He grew even better as he aged, eventually getting 196 points in 71 games, but he still hadnt reached his ultimate goal, the Stanley Cup. Read On the ice with Wayne Gretzky to find out whether he wins hockeys ultimate prize.RFor my R, I made a book cover. The background city (Edmonton) represents the city that supported and cheered him on. The sweater (jersey) he is wearing is the Oilers.

EFor my E, I researched some of Waynes stats.StatsGoalsAssistPlayoff GoalsPlayoff Assists Career8941963122260Single-Season92163Not owned31Other stats:

-most all-star game goals (career) 13-most 100 or more point seasons 15-most records owned 60 (official only)

Summer Books Here are the five books I plan on reading this summer:

DivergentBeatrice lives in a world were you are forced to choose a faction to live in. She cant decide whether she should stay with her family, or become what she thinks she truly is. Read Divergent to find out what faction she chooses.

StormbreakerAlexs dad dies in a car crash while not having his seatbelt on. In the mist of his mourning Alex finds bullet shots. After countless research, Alex finds it all ties up to MI6, the place where he apparently worked. Read Stormbreaker to see if MI6 killed his Uncle.

HatchetBrian survives a plane crash, but lands in the middle of a forest with only his hatchet to survive. Using his knowledge of the wild, Brian tries to stay alive. Read Hatchet to find out whether nature will kill him, or whether he can live.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceTheir losing the war to Voldemort. Everything is becoming in favor of Voldemort. Snape has been named the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Draco is slowly becoming evil, death eaters are everywhere, and lastly, Dumbledore is weak. How will Harry fix all this? Read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to find out.

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsHarry begins his quest to defeating Voldemort for good. He finds out that he must detroy seven horcruxes (parts of Voldemorts life) in order to make Voldemort mortal again. Will Harry find the horcruxes, and save the world? Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to find out.

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