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Transcript of Om Sri Sai Ram SRI SATHYA SAI ASTOTHRAM AND ... · PDF file Om Sri Sai Ram SRI SATHYA SAI...

  • Om Sri Sai Ram


    [With meanings in English]

    Sri Sathya Sai Astothram

    1. OM SRI SAI SATHYA SAI BABAYA NAMAH. Let us bow down to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (the true Divine Mother and Father of all)

    2. OM SRI SAI SATHYASWAROOPAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Embodiment of Truth

    3. OM SRI SAI SATHYADHARMAPARAYANAAYA NAMAH. Who is solely devoted (to preaching) to Truth and Righteousness

    4. OM SRI SAI VARADAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Giver of boons

    5. OM SRI SAI SATHPURUSHAAYA NAMAH. The One Who is all pervading

    6. OM SRI SAI SATHYA GUNNATHMANE NAMAH Who is the Embodiment of the virtue, Truth

    7. OM SRI SAI SADHUVARDHANAAYA NAMAH Who promotes the quality of piety, righteousness

    8. OM SRI SAI SADHUJANA POSHANAAYA NAMAH Who nourishes the sustains pious people

    9. OM SRI SAI SARVAJNAAYA NAMAH Who is omniscient

    10. OM SRI SAI SARVA JANA PRIYAAYA NAMAH. Who is dear to all

    11. OM SRI SAI SARVA SAKTHI MOOTHAYE NAMAH. Who is the Embodiment of all powers

    12. OM SRI SAI SARVESAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Lord of all

  • 13. OM SRI SAI SARVA SANGA PARITHYAAGINE NAMAH. Who has given up all attachments

    14. OM SRI SAI SARVA ANTHARYAAMINAE NAMAH Who is the Indweller of all hearts

    15. OM SRI SAI MAHIMAATMANE NAMAH. Who is Glory Personified

    16. OM SRI SAI MAHESWARA SWAROOPAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Embodiment of Shiva

    17. OM SRI SAI PARTHI GRAMODBHAVAAYA NAMAH. Who is born in a village called Parthi

    18. OM SRI SAI PARTHI KSHETRA NIVAASINE NAMAH. Who is the Resident of the region of Parthi

    19. OM SRI SAI YASAHKAAYA SHIRDI VAASINE NAMAH. Who is famous in the previous body as the Resident of Shirdi

    20. OM SRI SAI JODI AADIPALLI SOMAPPAAYA NAMAH Who has taken the Form of the female and male aspect (Shiva and Shakti) in the primeval village

    21. OM SRI SAI BHARADWAJA RISHI GOTHRAAYA NAMAH. Who is born in the Gothra of Bharadhwaj Rishi

    22. OM SRI SAI BHAKTA VATHSALAAYA NAMAH Who has parental affection of devotees

    23. OM SRI SAI APAANTHARAATHMANE NAMAH Who is the inner Atma in all

    24. OM SRI SAI AVATHAARA MOORTHAYE NAMAH. Who is the manifestation of the divine Incarnation

    25. OM SRI SAI SARVA BHAYA NIVAARINE NAMAH. Who removes all fears

    26. OM SRI SAI AAPASTHAMBA SUTHRAAYA NAMAH. Who is identical with the Apasthamba lineage

    27. OM SRI SAI ABHAYAPRADAAYA NAMAH. Who bestows freedom from fear

    28. OM SRI SAI RATNAAKARA VAMSODBHAVAAYA NAMAH. The One Who is born in the dynasty of Ratnakar (gems of men)

    29. OM SRI SAI SHIRDI SAAYI ABHEDA SAKTHYAAVATHAARAAYA NAMAH. Who is the incarnation of power not different from that of Shirdi

    30. OM SRI SAI SAMKARAAYA NAMAH. Who is Shankara (Shiva)

    31. OM SRI SAI SHIRDI SAI MOORTHAYE NAMAH. Who is the Incarnation of Shirdi Sai

    32. OM SRI SAI DWAARAKAMAAYI VAASINE NAMAH. Who is the Resident of Dwarakamayi

    33. OM SRI SAI CHITRAAVATHEE THATA PUTTAPARTHI VIHAARINE NAMAH. Who sports (His Leelas) in Puttaparthi on the banks of the Chitravathi river

    34. OM SRI SAI SAKTHI PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who bestows strength

  • 35. OM SRI SAI SARANAAGATHA THRAANAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Savior of those who surrender

    36. OM SRI SAI ANANDAAYA NAMAH. Who is Bliss

    37. OM SRI SAI AANANDA DAAYA NAMAH. Who grants Bliss

    38. OM SRI SAI AARTHA THRAANA PARAAYANAAYA NAMAH. Who is devoted solely to saving the afflicted (those in distress)

    39. OM SRI SAI ANAATHA NAATHAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Guardian or Lord of the destitute

    40. OM SRI SAI ASAHAAYA SAHAAYAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Helper of the helpless

    41. OM SRI SAI LOKA BAANDHAVAAYA NAMAH. Who is a brother to the whole world

    42. OM SRI SAI LOKARAKSHAA PARAAYANAAYA NAMAH. Who is solely devoted to protecting the people

    43. OM SRI SAI LOKANAATHAYA NAMAH Who is the Lord of all worlds

    44. OM SRI SAI DEENAJANA POSHANAAYA NAMAH. Who nourishes and sustains the poor (those who are in a miserable condition)

    45. OM SRI SAI MOORTHI THRAYA SWAROOPAYA NAMAH. Who is the Incarnation of the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara)

    46. OM SRI SAI MUKTHI PRADAAYA NAMAH Who is the Giver of Liberation

    47. OM SRI SAI KALUSHA VIDOORAAYA NAMAH. Who removes wickedness

    48. OM SRI SAI KARUNAAKARAAYA NAMAH. Who is compassionate

    49. OM SRI SAI SARVAADHAARAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Support of all

    50. OM SRI SAI HRUDAYAVASINE NAMAH Who resides in the heart of everyone

    51. OM SRI SAI PUNYA PHALA PRADAAYA NAMAH Who is the Giver of the fruits of merit

    52. OM SRI SAI SARVA PAAPAKSHAYA KARAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Destroyer of all sins

    53. OM SRI SAI SARVA ROGA NIVAARINE NAMAH. Who removes all diseases

    54. OM SRI SAI SARVA BAADHA HARAAYA NAMAH. Who takes away all afflictions

    55. OM SRI SAI ANANTHA NUTHA KARTHRUNE NAMAH The One Who is the Creator and Who is praised endlessly

    56. OM SRI SAI AADI PURUSHAAYA NAMAH. Who is Primeval Purusha (the very First from the Lord)

  • 57. OM SRI SAI AADI SAKTHAYE NAMAH. Who is the Primal Energy

    58. OM SRI SAI APAROOPA SAKTHINE NAMAH. He Who has delightful and wonderful powers

    59. OM SRI SAI AVYAKTHA ROOPINE NAMAH. Who is the form of the Unmanifested (the Formless)

    60. OM SRI SAI KAAMAKRODHA DHWAMSINE NAMAH. Who destroys desire and anger

    61. OM SRI SAI KANAKAAMBARA DHAARINE NAMAH. Who wears a golden-colored robe

    62. OM SRI SAI ADBHUTHA CHARYAAYA NAMAH. Whose activities are astonishing, unprecedented

    63. OM SRI SAI AAPADBAANDHAVAAYA NAMAH. Who guides like a brother in calamity

    64. OM SRI SAI PREMAATMANE NAMAH. Who is Love Personified

    65. OM SRI SAI PREMA MOORTHAYE NAMAH. Who is the Embodiment of Love

    66. OM SRI SAI PREMA PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who grants Love

    67. OM SRI SAI PRIYAAYA NAMAH. Who is loved by all

    68. OM SRI SAI BHAKTA PRIYAAYA NAMAH. Who is dear to devotees

    69. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHA MANDAARAAYA NAMAH Who is the highest peak (Divine Mountain) to the Bhaktha

    70. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHA JANA HRIDAYA VIHAARAAYA NAMAH. Who plays (happily) in the hearts of devotees

    71. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHAJANA HRUDAYAALAYAAYA NAMAH Who dwells in the heart of the Bhaktha

    72. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHA PARAADHEENAAYA NAMAH. Who is at the command of the devotees

    73. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHI JNANA PRADEEPAAYA NAMAH who ignites the blazing lamp of Bhakthi and knowledge in us

    74. OM SRI SAI BHAKTHI JNANA PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who shows the path of Bhakthi which leads to Jnaana (knowledge)

    75. OM SRI SAI SUJNAANA MAARGADARSAKAAYA NAMAH Who shows the path of attaining right knowledge

    76. OM SRI SAI JNAANASWARUPAAYA NAMAH. Who is Knowledge Personified

    77. OM SRI SAI GITA BODHAKAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Teacher of the Gita

    78. OM SRI SAI JNANA SIDDHIDAAYA NAMAH. Who grants the achievement of wisdom

  • 79. OM SRI SAI SUNDARARUPAAYA NAMAH. Who has a charming Form

    80. OM SRI SAI PUNYA PURUSHAAYA NAMAH. Who is the embodiment of Purity (physical beauty, sweetness of speech, compassion etc)

    81. OM SRI SAI PHALAPRADAAYA NAMAH. Who bestows the fruits of Karma

    82. OM SRI SAI PURUSHOTHAMAAYA NAMAH Who is the Supreme Person

    83. OM SRI SAI PURAANA PURUSHAAYA NAMAH. Who is the most ancient Supreme Person

    84. OM SRI SAI ATHEETHAAYA NAMAH Whose Glory transcends the three worlds

    85. OM SRI SAI KAALAATHEETHAAYA NAMAH. Who is beyond the limits of time

    86. OM SRI SAI SIDDHIROOPAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Embodiment of all accomplishments

    87. OM SRI SAI SIDDHA SANKALPAAYA NAMAH. Whose Will is immediately effective

    88. OM SRI SAI AAROGYA PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who grants good health

    89. OM SRI SAI ANNAVASTRADAAYA NAMAH. Who is the sustainer of all beings (He gives food and clothing)

    90. OM SRI SAI SAMSAARA DUKHASHAYAKARAAYA NAMAH. Who destroys the suffering of the mundane existence

    91. OM SRI SAI SARVAABHEESTA PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who grants desirable objects to all

    92. OM SRI SAI KALYAANAGUNAAYA NAMAH Whose virtues are beneficial

    93. OM SRI SAI KARMADHWAMSINE NAMAH Who destroys the (binding force of) Karma

    94. OM SRI SAI SAADHU MAANASA SOBHITHAAYA NAMAH. Who is an ornament to righteous minds

    95. OM SRI SAI SARVAMATHA SAMMATHAAYA NAMAH Who accepts all religions

    96. OM SRI SAI SAADHUMAANASA PARISODHAKAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Cleanser of the mind of the aspirant

    97. OM SRI SAI SADHAKAANUGRAHA VATA VRIKSHA PRATHISTHAAPAKAAYA NAMAH. Who has established the banyan tree as a favor to the Sadhaka

    98. OM SRI SAI SAKALA SAMSAYA HARAAYA NAMAH Who destroys all doubts

    99. OM SRI SAI SAKALATHATHWA BODHAKAAYA NAMAH. Who teaches the essence of all knowledge

    100. OM SRI SAI YOGISWARAAYA NAMAH Who is the Lord of all Yogis

  • 101. OM SRI SAI YOGINDRA VANDITHAAYA NAMAH. Who is revered by all the Masters of Yoga

    102. OM SRI SAI SARVA MANGALA KAARAAYA NAMAH. Who is the Granter of all auspiciousness and prosperity

    103. OM SRI SAI SARVA SIDDHI PRADAAYA NAMAH. Who grants all accomplishments and skills

    104. OM SRI SAI AAPANNIVARINE NAMAH. Who removes all calamities