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Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia HERC Launch and General Meeting May 16, 2014 Welcome!

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Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia HERC. Launch and General Meeting May 16, 2014. Welcome!. Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia HERC. Directors Report May 16, 2014. Let’s Be Social!. Meet HERC Coordinator Hadassah Sweet Introduce yourself to your tablemates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia HERCLaunch and General Meeting
Directors Report
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Cluster Leaders have committed to help facilitate networking and collaboration.
NE Ohio: Amanda Shaffer, Case Western Reserve University
NW Ohio: Julie Barnes, Bowling Green State University
Central Ohio: Jennifer Heckscher, The Ohio State University
SW Ohio: David Goldstein, Wright State University
SE Ohio: Howard DeWald, Ohio University
Western PA: Jeff Hauser, Carnegie Mellon University
West Virginia: Robert Lyons, West Virginia University
Because our HERC covers such a large geographic area, we have divided the HERC into seven geographic clusters. In each area an advisory board member has volunteered to serve as a cluster leader to facilitate recruitment, networking and collaboration between institutions.
Annually recommends membership fees and budget
Advises and assists the Director with meeting planning and annual report preparation
Comprised of 20 members, a leadership team, and committee chairs
The Advisory Board of our HERC over sees the budget, sets the membership fees and helps set the direction for recruitment and programming priorities.
There are 20 members who are noted in your folder and on the website.
Chair, Membership & Outreach Committee: Joseph Vitale, Jr., Kent State University
Chair Website Committee: Brenda Feasel, Marion Technical College
Chair, Governance Committee: Victoria A. McGillin, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio
I’d also like to recognize our Board leadership, Chair Jenny Heckscher.
Vice Chair Kristy Robbins from Otterbein who unfortunately could not attend today.
And our committee chairs who are actively looking for volunteers for their committees.
We are 33 institutions strong with
15 Doctoral granting universities
1 HBCU 3%
Our Mission
… to share information and resources to support the efforts its members to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty, administrators and staff.
Through collaboration, innovation, and mutual investment we will engage in employment outreach activities to achieve diversity and excellence in applicant pools and seek solutions to the dual-career challenges in higher education.
Or mission if to share information and resources to help members recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty, administrators and staff.
We will accomplish this through collaboration, innovation, and mutual investment.
We will engage in activities to improve applicant pools and seek solutions to the dual-career challenges.
Here is a view of our presence on the national website.
We are included on the page of regional HERCs and more importantly we are found in the footer of every HERC page national or regional.
If you don’t bookmark our site, this is an excellent shortcut.
Searchable National Directory of Member Institutions
All of our member institutions are also listed and searchable on the national directory map
Promo materials
Professional development
As many of you know our new website is live at ohwpawvherc.org
The site has seven main pages to provide information about our HERC, our members, people who may be interested in joining, and specific regional information for jobseekers.
The regional information is under development.
Member Resources also contains a drop down menu of seven pages of more targeted information
Our Footer and Directory
This is what the footer looks like on our web page.
Featured member logos rotate through all 33 randomly
Note the Member directory link in the footer.
Our Member Directory
When you search our directory page it shows a map and an alphabetical list of members.
This is what the search page looks like.
It can search keywords, zip codes, states and institutions among many other things, and displays the distances between job postings.
Member Institutional Profile Appears next to your posted jobs
An institutional profile exists for each member and is displayed in a right sidebar next to each job you post.
This profile was added for you based on what was submitted to our office. It is editable by you on you member login page.
Member Enhanced Profile
The enhanced member profile is something each institution creates on their own to provide additional information to jobseekers.
There are a dozen categories of information you may choose to include and space for photos.
In this example in addition to About us, Carnegie Mellon has chosen to highlight Awards, Culture, Diversity, Vision and a Video.
The open jobs link is automatically generated when you create even one page for this profile.
Professional Development
Now I would like to go over goals that we have as an organization for the next year.
Our focus will be on increasing membership, increasing diversity and providing professional development opportunities.
Establish strategy for Associate members and regional partners
Targeted recruiting to institutions in order to provide a minimum of a three members inside a 90 minute drive
There are 2 membership goals
First to establish a strategy for associate members and regional partners like corporations and non profits.
The second is to be strategic in our recruitment so that members all have a minimum of 3 institutions within a 90 minute drive to work cooperatively with.
It will be part of the work of the membership committee to create priorities. If you are interested in furthering this goal please see Joe Vitale from KSU about joining the committee.
HBCU’s (West Virginia State, Wilberforce University)
Associate’s Colleges
Targeted recruitment outreach per Advisory Board priorities
e.g. Veterans, LGBT, Person’s with Disabilities, Women in STEM, etc.
The second goal will concern increasing diversity in the kinds of institutions represented. For example our members include only one HBCU and 4 associates colleges.
The second priority will be targeted recruitment as directed by the advisory board
One networking meeting in each cluster before June 30, 2015
One webinar before June 30, 2015
The final priority for the year will be the establishment of the professional development resources.
Again driven by membership feedback and advisory board direction.
We would like to have one meeting of some kind in each cluster, and at least one member webinar before June 30, 2015
Leverage expertise of our members with workshops and webinars
Potential categories, not exhaustive
Recruitment (e.g. Veterans, Immigration Issues , Faculty Search Committees)
Dual-Career Support (Networking, Cultivating Corporate Partners)
Faculty or Staff Development
The professional development is being designed to leverage the expertise of our members. You will receive an email following this meeting asking for your willingness to present a webinar or cluster meeting workshop on topics of interest. There is also a form in your folder you can submit.
Reviewing past webinars offered nationally and regionally, I have created topic categories that you might consider.
Again we need both your feedback about the kinds of resources you would like offered, and the kinds of resources you can contribute.
Now I would like to take a quick look at ways that you may maximize your return on your investment in your HERC membership
Track your job statistics and report annual results to leadership.
Add HERC to the “How did you hear about this job?” job menu
Mention HERC in your advertising, and/or include the link:
View our other positions on the HERC website www.ohwpawvherc.org
Provide dual-career postcards for recruitment and interview packets to appropriate offices:
E.g., Academic Affairs, Provost, Diversity, HR, Career Center
First Post all open positions and track your job view statistics. Be sure to report this data annually to whoever is paying the bill.
If you have not already, add HERC to your “How did you hear about this job?” menu
Mention HERC in your advertising, and include our link:
Provide dual-career postcards to offices and individuals who manage recruitment and interview
E.g., HR, Diversity, Academic Affairs, Career Services, Faculty Senate, Deans, Department Chairs
Send HERC information and materials
Give presentations (the HERC Director can provide a PowerPoint)
Provide articles about activities and success of HERC to internal and external campus publications and give interviews.
Let everyone on campus know Inform about HERC and the benefits available:
Maybe create a mailing and emailing list of office you send materials to
Give presentations around campus. I can provide a PowerPoint or work with you to adapt one.
Leverage Your Membership, cont.
Add the OH/WPA/WV HERC logo and link to your web site(s):
E.g., HR Employment page, Academic Affairs, Career Services Office, Alumni Organizations, and Student Associations)
E-mail [email protected] for the logo.

Add the logo to your website and encourage others to do so as well.
Hadassah can provide you with the logo in the size you need.
Participate in HERC’s webinars and other professional development opportunities - membership allows for an unlimited number of participants
Listen to archived HERC webinars or use them for professional development on your campus
Attend cluster/networking meetings to build your dual-career hiring network and learn best practices
Host a networking event or a webinar for your geographic region
Use your benefits. There are many discounts available for advertising and other services you may already subscribe to that you can renegotiate now that you are a HERC member.
Please visit the Member Resources section of our website
Leverage Your Membership, cont.
Volunteer to serve on an Advisory Board committee to build your networks
And finally, be a part of the organization by serving on a committee or offering to host a workshop.
1:15 - 2:00 pm Dual Career Strategies and Best Practices
2:00 - 2:25 pm Roundtable Discussions and Networking
2:25 - 2:45 pm Discussion Report Outs and Next Steps
2:45 pm General Meeting Concludes
3:00 - 4:00 pm Advisory Board Meeting