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1. New ecosystems - How to make bright ideas scalable @IBMGE | ibmsmartcamp.com | ibm.com/is/startup Angela Bates @angelajbates 2. Understanding the dynamics of your ecosystem is essential to all businesses Is your bright idea fit to scale? 3. So what is an ecosystem? and why now? 4. Technology is enabling ecosystems to thrive Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technology creating an environment that is: Connected and open Simple and intelligent Fast and scalable 5. Consumer technology experiences are increasing expectations and empowerment Source: 2011 IBM Digital Transformation Study, IBV Analysis Consumers have an insatiable desire for sophistication in all areas of life Organisations pressured to provide something beyond what they do today 6. Ecosystems are a type of economic network ecosystem /eksistm, k- / Noun Origin: 1935 A community of organisms together with their physical environment, viewed as a system of interacting and interdependent relationships Complex web of interdependent enterprises and relationships orchestrated to create and deliver business value 7. What types of organisations embrace startups? 8. Pacesetters are Crowdsourcing the Future 2 x as likely to engage citizen developers for training 2 x as likely to use academia to help develop products 1.7 x as likely to use start-ups for help with project execution 9. So, what does this mean for startups and pacesetters? 10. The best bright ideas deliver mutual value in the ecosystem Identify opportunities Look for the gaps and be prepared to pivot Develop your competencies Be honest, brave and become essential Formalise synergies How can you connect with new partners? Get close to the ecosystem orchestrator 11. Investing in startups IBM Global Entrepreneur Helping startups flourish providing the support and resources they need to build enterprise solutions and scale their business 12. No single organisation can hope to do everything alone 13. Look toward new ecosystems to help your bright ideas scale beyond your imagination 14. http://ibm.biz/CloudStartup Angela Bates @angelajbates