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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Remodeling Top 5 To Try About Office Party Games Fun Party Games for 10 or More People Fun Office Party Games How to Plan Games for an Office Party By James Rutter, eHow Contributor updated April 07, 2011 How to Play the Name Game

Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups

Birthday party games can help co-workers build morale and trust.In an article for "The Business Times," Microsoft CEO Bill Gates identified "building morale" and "creating a productive environment" as two traits of a good office manager. Office managers can use games during birthday parties or during warm-ups to build a sense of team spirit and create a fun, lively atmosphere. Games can also encourage trusting and open relationships among office workers, which leads to better communication and productivity.


Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Get to Know MeOffice warm-ups are games and activities played by co-workers before a meeting, at the start of the work day, or when beginning a new project. The "Get to Know Me" warmup game helps introduce new co-workers and also fosters trust among existing employees. In this game, employees sit in a circle. Each employee pairs off with an adjacent co-worker and asks her partner three questions. These questions can consist of personal queries about achievement, such as "What are you most proud of in your career?" Encourage employees to open up to one another with questions such as "What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?" Participants can also ask their own questions, as well, "What's your ideal vacation and why?" At the end of this warmup game, employees will have learned more about their fellow workers.

Scavenger HuntAds by Google

A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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and build morale during office birthday parties. In this game, the manager draws up lists of items hidden around the office. The workers break into two or more groups, depending on the number of people present. Working as a team, each group tries to find as many of the the items on their list as possible within a set time limit.

My Name MeansUse warm-up games to stimulate creativity before beginning a new project. A sample brainstorming warm-up is the game "My Name Means." Divide workers into small groups. Each receives a sheet of paper and prints his name in caps. The group members describe their co-worker using adjectives that begin with each letter of his name. This warm-up is a fun way to help employees get their creative juices flowing.

Press Conference GameEmployees can play the "Press Conference" game during birthday parties or as an office warm-up. In the "Press Conference" game, one person is "it" and leaves the room


Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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during his turn. The remaining office workers decide which famous person, such as a celebrity, athlete or politician, that he must play when he returns. When the person who is "it" comes back, he stands in front of his co-workers, who ask him questions that the famous person would likely hear during a press conference. The person who is "it" must determine which celebrity he is playing before a set amount of time expires. As a warm-up, this game stimulates creativity before meetings.

ReferencesBusiness Times: "A good manager has at least 10 good qualities"; Bill Gates Management for the Rest of Us: Icebreaker games for small groups Divine Dinner Party: Icebreaker Games for Small Groups Top 7 Business: Top 7 Quick Team-Building Games to Play at Work Reproline Tools for Trainers: Warmups and Energizers Better Workplace Now: Meaningful Team-Building Activities More Photos


Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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ResourcesBig Dog & Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition: Icebreakers, Warm-ups... Wilderdom: Team Building Activities, Initiative Games, & Problem Solving Exercises Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images;

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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Fun Games to Play for a Birthday Party & Office Warm-Ups |

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