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description - GPS navigation systems that are offered by us are highly useful for the car owner to track the present location of his /her car.

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  • Introduction to GPS By:
  • Tracking something with the help of Global positioning System is GPS GPS was originally founded and controlled by U.S. DOD(Department of Defence ) It offers you specially coded radio signals that a person can process in a GPS receiver. All depends on highly accurate timing It gives you the exact location of your car wherever it is
  • The need of GPS Increased Safety challenges for US Immediate tracking of people is required during emergencies Business persons or some logistic companies need tracking of their fleets To locate personal and valuable goods when stolen or lost
  • The Three major segments of designing Space Control User
  • Functionality GPS receiver asks for at least three satellites above you. The distance between you and each of those satellites The major job of the receiver is to locate three or more GPS satellites Finding out the distance between each satellite and using this information for reducing its own location. This operation of the GPS device is based on a simple mathematical principle which is known as trilateration.
  • Applications and Utilities Vehicle Fleet Tracking GPS Single Vehicle Tracking GPS Data Logging Real Time Tracking
  • Draw Back With GPS Systems are very costly and they ask for professional experience. You cannot trace the object if the receiver is not working properly You cannot trace the receivers position till it is kept under high EM insulation
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