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  • 1.Invite To Join The Ocean Exchange Club and

2. In recognition of the contribution of Jason Ball To the Ocean Exchange We are honored to invite MoffatT & Nichol To join the Ocean Exchange Club In 2012/2013 Jason Ball contributed as a loaned executive from Moffatt & Nichol in the critical Role of Solutions Director Leading our international search for innovative solutions with the ability to transform industries, Selecting and directing the work of our multidisciplinary international solutions review team in determining the top entrepreneurial and industry solutions to be showcased at Ocean Exchange 2013 and coaching participants in our Internship Program. and 3. Membership enhances Moffat and Nichols reputation as a world leader: Stimulating Innovation as host ofThe Exchange where the smartest people examine and discuss: How the most innovative technologies, information and processes come together across disciplines; What should happen next to advance this innovation; Where to leverage their game changing insights. Improving communities around the world by accelerating adoption of solutions empowering organizations to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals (improve the environment, economies and health) Unleashing the exponential power of cross industry co-operation and multidiscipline collaboration (realizing the potential of a business world without boundaries). Providing early access to transformative technologies aggregated from around the world with the ability to advance multiple industries. Ocean Exchange Club The Power of Collaboration sharing the investment and providing the reach required to build a multi-industry innovation platform. 4. This is the intersection where organizations and innovators from around the world advance and promote their cutting edge solutions and innovations in materials, devices, processes and systems. We have createdthe knowledge based catalyst for organizations to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility Goals. By connecting innovators and organizations, The Ocean Exchange empowers the successful application of solutions for the greater good. Founded in 2010, the Ocean Exchange is the international platform for accelerating the adoption across industries of solutions that positively impact environment, economies and health, while respecting cultures around the world. The Ocean Exchange The International Resource for Innovation and Growth 5. Founding members of the Ocean Exchange Club comprise a core group of the most innovative world businesses working within Ocean Exchange to build The International Resource for Innovation and Growth. These industry leaders are committed to moving our world forward through empowering innovation to leap across boundaries and geography. Inviting all to work together collaboratively around transformational solutions to drive real world impact. Ocean Exchange Club Introduction 6. Ocean Exchange Club Host Sponsor Access Company Logo on the Ocean Exchange website as a Host Sponsor Outlet for international marketing of Moffatt & Nichols innovations Free search subscription Invite five delegates to all events Host an annual reception introducing your network to your selected set of Fast Track innovators and their Ocean Exchange mentors The Gallery: The Resource for Innovative Solutions The Exchange: The Premier Event for Advancing Transformational Solutions The Fast Track: Promoting the Adoption of Successfully Applied Solutions 7. Joe Lombardo, EVP, Aerospace Group, General Dynamics Christopher J. Connor, President and CEO, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Daniel J. Basta, Director, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Mark Bauman, SVP Content Development Mission Programs. EVP National Geographic Television, National Geographic John Bruton, Chairman, International Financial Services (IFSC), Ireland Peter Cairnes, Canadian Shipbuilding Association, Canada April Crowe, Global Sustainability Director Packaging, The Coca-Cola Company Tom Cunningham, Vice President, Senior Economist and Regional Executive, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Adam Dell, Partner, Austin Ventures Curtis J. Foltz, Executive Director, Georgia Ports Authority Anthony J. Hooten, Founder and Owner, AJH Environmental Services Conrad Lautenbaucher, Vice Admiral Ret., NOAA Stratton Leopold, Independent Movie Producer Sir James Manchem, Founding President of the Seychelles Craig McLean, Deputy Assistant Administrator, NOAAs Office Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Cliff McCurry, Vice Chairman, Seacrest Partners Howard J. Morrison Jr., Co- Founder & Chair Emeritus, Savannah Ocean Exchange George Powers, Entrepreneur Irene Reynolds Schier, Geographer Switzerland Jerry Schubel, President & CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific Scott Seydel Sr, President & CEO, The Seydel Companies Bill Vass, President and CEO, Liquid Robotics Charlotte Vick, Curator, Explore the Ocean Layer in Google Earth & Strategic Partnership Coordinator at SEAlliance Paul Roote Wolpe, Director of the Emory Center for Ethics, Emory University Albert C. Zapanta, Brig. Gen Ret., Chairman, Paz Resources Join our Board of Governors 8. The Ocean Exchange September 29 October 1, 2013 To Learn More http://www.oceanexchange.org/ 2013 Theme: Leap to Zero+ Solutions that generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of natures resources and waste. 9. THE OCEAN CONNECTS ALL COUNTRIES, DRIVES ALL ECOSYSTEMS AND IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST ECONOMIC FORCE. THE OCEAN EXCHANGE CLUB SHARING INNOVATIONS - CREATING A BETTER WORLD 10. THE OCEAN CONNECTS ALL COUNTRIES, DRIVES ALL ECOSYSTEMS AND IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST ECONOMIC FORCE. THE OCEAN EXCHANGE CLUB SHARING INNOVATIONS - CREATING A BETTER WORLD