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  • New brand architectureUnity in diversity

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 1 3/22/13 10:07 PM

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    A major change is underway in most Odebrecht

    Group Businesses: they have adopted a new logo,

    and some have changed their names.

    This move is a result of the Groups new brand

    architecture, which has adopted the single-brand

    model: the holding company, Odebrecht S.A. and all

    Group Businesses will bear the name Odebrecht and

    use the same logo.

    The individual companies brands are set apart by

    the wording that identifies their sector, market or

    business activity. For specific reasons, Braskem and

    the EEP - Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguau shipyard

    have not adopted the new model for the time being.

    The use of a common brand for Odebrecht

    Businesses meets a need dictated by decentralized

    and diversified operations in several countries


    This special insert to issue #165 of Odebrecht

    Informa magazine presents part of this story

    and the guidelines for the creation of the Groups

    new brand architecture, recounting how it

    was designed and how it is being applied.

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 3 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • The essence of our identity is our culture



    Marcelo Odebrecht, President and CEO of Odebrecht S.A. introduced the Odebrecht Groups new brand architecture at the organizations General Meeting on December 19, 2012, at the Iberostar hotel in Praia do Forte, on the north coast of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. About 900 people attended the meeting, including Shareholders and Group Members.

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 4 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • Alm

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    During his presentation, based on five major themes

    that cut across the entire organization (People,

    Productivity, Synergy, Image and Sustainable

    Growth), Marcelo explained what Odebrechts new

    Brand Strategy represents in the segment on Image:

    It is the sum of what we are, what we believe and

    how we act. It is therefore our identity. And he

    warned: We need to communicate our identity,

    whose essence is our corporate culture, practiced by

    knowledgeable people. We must never communicate

    what we are not.

    He stressed the role of qualified communication with

    the communities in the countries and regions where

    Odebrechts companies work, and presented figures

    that reveal the increasing interaction of the Groups

    people and businesses with their local environments.

    These numbers included the growing number of

    mentions of Odebrecht in the Brazilian media, which

    rose from 3,100 in 2010 to 11,300 in 2012. We are

    increasingly in the news, he concluded.

    He also underscored the diversified and capillary

    operations of the Groups companies and the

    significant growth of new types of clients, such

    as users of urban transport and sanitation (water

    and sewer) services and buyers of commercial

    and residential real estate. As a result, he drew the

    attention of the Groups leaders to the global impacts

    of local actions: Today, international news agencies

    provide immediate responses to local events.

    Everything we do can represent a boost or a hit to

    the international image of our brand.

    The Leaders (CEOs) of Odebrechts Businesses

    displayed their new logos on their presentations at

    the Annual Meeting. Only Braskem and EEP have

    kept their original names and logos.

    Marcelo Odebrecht at the Groups Annual Meeting: highly qualified communication with the communities where Odebrecht is present

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 5 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 6Mrcio Polidoro, the officer Responsible for Corporate Communication at Odebrecht S.A., headed the process of building the Groups new brand architecture. In this interview, he answers five questions from Odebrecht Informa about the project he helmed.

    What led Odebrecht to adopt a new brand


    Mrcio Polidoro We needed visual reinforcement

    of the sense of belonging to the same organization,

    for the Businesses and people. Moreover, we

    also needed to demonstrate the organizations

    commitment to each of its companies. We also

    needed to express alignment of beliefs, values,

    vision, goals and priorities in an organization

    that operates in a decentralized manner and

    with broad geographic scale, but with the same

    entrepreneurial culture. We believe that this new

    model meets all those requirements.

    What is the main change implemented through

    the new brand architecture?

    Mrcio Polidoro From now on, the holding

    company, Odebrecht S.A., and all its businesses

    will be called Odebrecht and use the same logo

    except for Braskem and EEP.

    How is each business distinguished?

    Mrcio Polidoro Through a unique description

    associated with the Odebrecht brand. These

    descriptions reflect what the brand is all about.

    Their goal is not to create value, because thats the

    role of the brand. The description should be plain

    and simple, so as not to distract attention from the

    brand and make it easy for people to understand

    the activity in question.

    Why was the single-brand model adopted?

    Mrcio Polidoro Because it was the most

    appropriate one for an organization that is

    distinguished by a unique corporate culture. The

    single brand not only identifies us but sets us apart.

    It spotlights the entire Group without detracting

    from its parts, because they are all echoed in a logo

    with the same design.

    What is the main advantage of this new model?

    Mrcio Polidoro It reinforces the concept of

    a diversified organization, facilitates external

    perceptions and brings the visual expression of

    our organization closer to what we really are,

    eliminating the fragmentation caused by multiple

    logos without a unified design and color.

    Creating more value



    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 6 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 7The name Odebrecht appeared in red

    for the first time in the signature of the

    Engineering & Construction business

    In the beginning, the Groups logo was

    a symbol made up of the initials of

    Construtora Norberto Odebrecht (CNO).

    A Changing Brand

    Then, the name Odebrecht was

    replaced by the acronym CNO.

    At the time, multiple logos

    coexisted within the Group.

    Next, the names Odebrecht and

    Construtora Norberto Odebrecht were

    adopted and the logo was reduced.

    The new logo, introduced in

    2013 for all Group Businesses,

    incorporates the color red and

    the font of the previous two brands

    The green Odebrecht logo appeared in the

    1980s to represent the Group. The holding

    company, Odebrecht S.A., adapted it from

    Construtora Norberto Odebrechts logo.

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 7 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 8Hol





    Odebrecht hired the British firm Interbrand, which

    has operated in Brazil for 10 years, to design its

    new brand architecture. Rio native Laura Garcia,

    the firms Brand Strategy Manager, was assigned

    to direct the project, which took over a year to

    complete. Laura and her team visited the Groups

    jobsites, industrial plants, concession companies

    and offices in Brazil and other countries. We started

    out by trying to understand Odebrecht, with its

    decentralized operations and unique culture, which

    is rare in other companies, she says. Only then

    could we begin to arrive at the best visual solution

    for expressing the challenge we were presented

    with. In this interview, Laura Garcia discusses

    the process of creating Odebrechts new brand

    architecture, the guiding premises for that process,

    and the results achieved. She believes that, due

    to the changes now underway, the Group will gain

    a new level of recognition. Odebrecht is a major

    company that needs a major brand.

    What was the challenge you were presented with?

    laura Garcia Odebrecht has an entrepreneurial

    philosophy that embraces the decentralization of

    its businesses. Therefore, each company created

    and managed its own brand. But this did not lead to

    an overall brand perception. The challenge we were

    presented with was to help Odebrecht solve this


    How did you conduct that process?

    laura Garcia We realized that one of the two

    parts of the dilemma would have to give way. What

    prevailed was the premise that Odebrecht needed

    How the new brand was born

    Laura Garcia: process guided by the idea that the brand is an asset that must be managed to make it understandable to stakeholders



    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 8 3/22/13 10:07 PM


    to establish its image as a group, and to do that, it

    would have to adopt the same logo, what we call

    a monolithic brand architecture, which required

    centralized management of this issue. It wasnt

    easy, because the culture of decentralization is very

    strong at Odebrecht. We discussed it extensively,

    but in the end the organizations leaders understood

    the proposal and adopted the suggestions.

    In the early stages of your work, what most

    caught your attention about Odebrecht?

    laura Garcia What impressed us most was the

    organizations strong personality, which stems

    from the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology.

    In all the countries we visited, we found people

    whose language is consistent and on the same

    page, with the same proactive stance and sense

    of responsibility for their business, and a can-do

    attitude. We realized that all that had to be

    expressed in the new logo.

    After that immersion, how did the work proceed?

    laura Garcia We put together a set of perceptions

    and, working closely with the client, established the

    basic premises of the project, guided by the idea

    that the brand is an asset that must be managed

    with a view to ensuring that its stakeholders

    understand it. Another decisive vector was

    the idea of building a general perception of an

    entrepreneurial organization that operates in

    different businesses and countries. To do so, we

    needed a single logo that could withstand structural

    changes. A logo that could be managed centrally in a

    decentralized organization.

    How did the visual expression of these concepts


    laura Garcia We had a reference, which was

    the Engineering & Construction businesss logo.

    Based on that, we sought to strengthen that logos

    best features, which was the use of the color red,

    an expression of strength and achievement. We

    inverted the red and white and created elements

    that make up and highlight the new logo. We

    also brought in more elements to create a visual

    system that resulted in the Brand Territory, a

    website for Group members that explains the new

    brand architecture and contains the manual for its

    applications by all the companies [that use it].

    What is the standard used for the descriptions

    accompanying the logo?

    laura Garcia We needed to resolve a key issue,

    since some companies segments are based on

    expertise, and others on markets or regions. Thanks

    to the clients decision to change the names of some

    companies so they start with the name Odebrecht,

    we arrived at a satisfactory solution. So then we

    established that the descriptions that accompany

    the logo should reflect the companys specialty

    (Agroindustry, Infrastructure, Environment, Real

    Estate Development, etc.).

    As a result, we made significant progress toward

    achieving our goal, which is to see the Odebrecht

    logo applied the same way everywhere, thereby

    expressing the understanding that were talking

    about the same organization.

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 9 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 10

    Companies are already using thenew logo


    Group companies are already changing their logos on the basis of the organizations new brand architecture. Odebrecht Informa obtained feedback from three of the officers responsible for introducing the new logos. See what Odebrecht Agroindustrial Communication Manager Andressa Saurin, Odebrecht Oil & Gas Communication Manager Brbara Nitto, and Odebrecht Realizaes Imobilirias Marketing Director Sergio Kertsz have to say about the changes underway.

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 10 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 11

    Andressa SaurinOdebrecht AgroindustrialIn our case its a total transformation, because

    were changing the companys name and logo. Its

    a huge job, but Im very happy because I always

    thought that we should take the name of our parent

    brand. In fact, here at ETH we have always been

    Odebrecht, because we always seek to apply the

    Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology to the

    fullest extent. The only thing thats changing now

    is that our name reflects all that. To launch the new

    name and logo, we created a campaign titled Today

    we are more. Precisely because we already were

    Odebrecht on a daily basis. Today we are more,


    r Ish




    Andressa Saurin (background), with Fabio Rimoli, Fernanda Kato, Karina Lara and team leader Gensio Couto (foreground)

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 11 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 12


    because we have Odebrecht in our name, on our

    name tags, uniforms, and business cards. The color

    red that is now on Odebrecht Agroindustrials logo

    is the color of accomplishment. It has always been in

    our blood.

    Our main focus was on informing our members

    about the changes first. Most of them live in small

    towns in the Midwest of Brazil, where Odebrecht

    Agroindustrial is the largest employer. We had to

    give them our full attention, since they mobilized

    their lives to work at ETH, were groomed at ETH,

    brought their families to ETH, stopped receiving

    the Family Grant to work at ETH, and suddenly ETH

    changes its name, colors, it becomes something

    else. All this could be confusing, so we are giving

    them our full attention. In addition to a series of

    internal communication programs, our CEO Luiz

    de Mendona and the leaders of our agroindustrial

    hubs got to work, interacting with local mayors and

    communities to explain the change. We also used

    radio spots and commercials on local TV channels.

    This isnt a change that happened overnight.

    We started on the February 5th, but it will go on

    throughout 2013. Changes in the identity of our

    units will follow a schedule that will include several

    steps, from painting ethanol tanks to changing our

    signs on roads in the Midwest. Everything else will

    be done through a comprehensive communication

    program. Our Members breathe change with pride,

    pride in belonging not only to the company they

    work for but to a much larger organization, which

    further strengthens our journey towards our

    Vision for 2020.

    Brbara NittoOdebrecht Oil & GasI think that the use of a single brand is really

    the best way forward for Odebrecht. It is easily

    recognizable for everyone and expresses the same

    stance, the same culture of a single organization

    whose operations goals and objectives are on the

    same page.

    At Odebrecht Oil & Gas, we have kept our name

    but changed the logo and eliminated the initials

    OOG. We wont have any problems making this

    transition. Like many other Members of the former

    OOG, I always introduce myself as Odebrecht. The

    brand has always come first, followed by the Oil &

    Gas segment. In other words, we will keep doing

    what we had been doing already.

    All of our nearly 3,000 Members were informed of

    the changes on January 28th. We sent out an email

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 12 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 13

    message to all of them to explain the changes. We

    put up banners on the oil rigs and in our offices. We

    left a mug with the new logo and an informative

    message on everybodys desk. And we provide the

    artwork (e-mail signatures, brochures, business

    cards, computer screen backgrounds, a visual

    identity manual, letterhead and a PowerPoint

    presentation template) for the new logo so

    everyone could make personal use of it.

    There will be a transition period, which is normal for

    such changes. Were going to be thrifty and use up

    the materials on hand before having them replaced.

    It makes no sense to throw them all away. Well

    replace them gradually. Changing the logo on the

    oil rigs may take a little longer, because it has to be

    done when the platforms are anchored (docked as

    we say here). They can only be painted when theyre

    not operating.







    Brbara Nitto with the mug gifted to all Odebrecht Oil & Gas Members

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 13 3/22/13 10:07 PM

  • 14

    Sergio Kertsz Odebrecht Realizaes Imobilirias Making the decision to switch to using a single

    brand was very important. But what will ensure

    that the new brand works is its implementation, and

    always taking care of it on a daily basis. This process

    is just beginning. And it will only go well if we keep it

    up every day.

    Odebrecht Realizaes Imobilirias [Real Estate

    Development] is a company that speaks directly to

    the end consumer, and has a relatively large number

    of clients with different profiles. We must make

    sure that these clients understand the purpose of

    the change, and dont think that the company is

    any different from before, or that the people they

    know will not be there anymore. This is an important

    alignment between our teams and our clients, and it

    will bring us even closer to our main brand.

    We will work with and change more than 90

    items, from name badges, cards and stationery to

    electronic environments, such as the companys

    intranet and website. Weve changed the physical

    environment of the office and the physical

    environment of our construction projects. Weve

    revised our signaling and signposting manual, and will

    replace fencing, uniforms, and overhead signage. We

    had a unique identity that was well known in Brazils

    main cities, and weve made sure that we wont lose

    that. Our challenge is to take the energy that was

    channeled into consolidating and developing a brand

    and translate it into this new version.

    For our clients, the impact will be relatively small,

    because they believe in and trust the Odebrecht

    brand. But we have to make it clear that our

    personality is still the same; that the focus on

    our pillars differentiation, sustainability and

    selectivity is still there. The way we develop

    products, taking care of all stages, remains exactly

    the same. What we have now is complete alignment

    with our parent company, Odebrecht, both in terms

    of our visual identity and our name.


    s G




    Odebrecht Realizaes Imobilirias members wearing the shirt with the real estate development companys new logo: clockwise, Domitila Carbonari, Amanda Zaragoza, Rafael Lomelino, Leonardo Maia, Fernando Bammerberger, Juliana Cerresi and Sergio Kertsz

    Encarte ArqMarc FINAL ING.indd 14 3/22/13 10:07 PM

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