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Solution for Automated Testing Control Octopus will make your test tools play together like an orchestra Octopus will make your test tools play together like an orchestra

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Solution for Automated Testing Control
Octopus will make your test tools play together like an orchestra Octopus will make your test tools play together like an orchestra
Features Test automation is thought of as a silver bullet for speeding up software testing and increasing its efficiency. In practice it is not often the case, especially when it comes to desktop applications. More often than not, the tester still ends up with performing a lot of manual tasks, such as preparing the testing environment, starting a test run, submitting bugs, etc. This considerably reduces the productivity of automated testing and leaves room for human error.
Octopus is a solution that controls automated testing which minimizes human involvement. All the operations are auto- matically carried out by Octopus:
• Starting and shutting down Virtual Machines (VM) if virtualization is used during testing. • Preparing the testing environment. • Queuing builds for testing according to their priority. • Launching assigned automated tests upon successful build compilation. • Submitting defects to your bug tracking system. • Closing fixed bugs in your bug tracking system (if allowed). • Generating an easy-to-read HTML report on all passed tests.
Build N Report
Octopus build testing process
Test engineers are exempt from routine operations and concentrate on such value-added activities as creating new test cases and automated tests. They only have to load tests into the database and preconfigure Octopus for a specific project.
Companies that develop or test desktop software with frequent builds will greatly benefit from this integrated solution for automated testing control.
Benefits • More efficient use of testers’ intellectual potential due to delegation of routine tasks to Octopus. • Saving min 25 % of tester’s worktime due to the automation of testing-related operations. • n-fold reduction of testing time with tests run on n parallel VMs. • Ideal for regression testing: Octopus will automatically run your tests on every produced build, 24/7.
Octopus user interface: Builds tab, Add test group window
Solution for Automated Testing Control
How it works? Octopus provides a common User Interface (UI) which integrates the testing tools employed in your organization via their APIs. The testing tools include bug tracking system, virtualization server, build machine, version control system, file server, and automated tests.
Bug Tracking System
Virtualisation System
Build Machine
File Server
Automatic Tests
Versioning Control
With Octopus the tester does not have to switch between different testing tools, they are all controlled from Octopus UI
The UI offers a convenient and efficient way to parameterize these tools and the settings of test execution according to the project requirements. Octopus can be quickly customized to work with commercial and free software used in your company. To date Octopus supports the following systems and tools:
Virtualization systems: Hyper-V, VMware Server 2.0* Build machines: ThoughtWorks CruiseControl.NET,* Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008
Versioning control systems: CollabNet Subversion,* Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008 Bug tracking systems: Mantis Bug Tracker,* Bugzilla,* Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008 Test automation tools: AutoIt,* Microsoft Visual Studio, HP QTP
* — Free software tools
With Octopus you can • Group different test types into one test run for simultaneous execution. • Probe several builds at the same time, the number being limited only by your technical resources. • Monitor and control the status of each component (VMs, tests, etc.) from a common UI. • Get a single uniform HTML report on all passed tests instead of a bunch of native reports.
Octopus user interface: Queue tab
Contact Applied Systems for developing the plug-ins to customize Octopus for the testing environment of your company.
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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke
“To test the setup module of one (!) product build manually an experienced tester needs two and a half days, which is 20 working hours […]With the introduction of Octopus (although it was called differently at the time), everything changed as if by magic! It took Octopus 2 hours to test one build setup module!..”
Sergey Moiseychik, software test engineer at Applied Systems Ltd.
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