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here are few simple essential tips for making organization change management a great way to ensure success of the change initiative

Transcript of Ocm 7 key success factors

  • Organization Change Management - 7 key success factors Dr.Sarma 07/25/2014
  • Ksf-1 Get a strong knowledgeable lead person to the change efforts Not a mere Technical Project manager, but some one who has done years of ocm study and implementation
  • Ksf-2 Involved senior management is Not Enough You need totally aligned and committed one
  • Ksf-3 Very liberal training budget and continuous training led by able trainer
  • Ksf-4 Sound communication strategy with highlight on long term benefits Not just sharing information about project deadlines and progress
  • Ksf-5 Continuous assessment and monitoring of progress
  • Ksf-6 Make change meaningful to the change participant You need to change behavior than attitude
  • Ksf-7 Create a sense of progress create Flash mobbers