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My report on worldwide use of oceanliner shipping containers


  • 1. Ocean containers the world in the box "This box not only brings the world to your living room - it has changed the world." Jeremy Hillman Editor, BBC business and economics unitOn the container Bryan Cunningham TRACKING THE BOX

2. Bryan Cunningham MOVING THE WORLD Ocean containers the world in the box PRESENTED BY 3. Contents Evolution of containers The business of containers Security and documentation Issues with containerization 4. Evolution of Containers 5. Historical Basis CONEX The Vietnam War the need behind the idea Malcom McLean the man behind the idea 1 stvoyage in 1956 1 stover seas voyage in 1966 6. Containerization today Year Container volumes (million TEU) Compound average growth rate over previous period 1980 13.5 1990 28.7 7.8 % 2000 68.7 9.1 % 2010 138.9 7.3 % 2015 177.6 5.0 % 7. Growth in global container volume PAST AND FORECAST GLOBAL CONTAINER VOLUMES (19802015) 8. Empty container catching up with the full containers a dangerous trend? World Container Traffic and Throughput, 1980-2008 (millions of TEU) 9. The Business of Containers 10. Understanding a container A container is prefabricated mobile storage space created for transportation of goods.Built for various purposes have varying construction feature such as metal, wood, open or closed, refrigerated or ordinary and so on.Various agencies having various sizes and shapes, numbers and coding now abound the logistic landscape throughout the world. 11. Containerization A system of intermodal freight transportusing standardintermodal containersas prescribed by theInternational Organization for Standardization(ISO).These can be loaded and sealed intact ontocontainer ships,railroad cars,andtrucks. 12. THE KEY FEATURES, BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES OF CONTAINERIZATION Containerization that changed the global logistics 13. Stakeholders in a container business 14. Process for getting a container 15. Container Security 16. Aspects of container security Security concerns arising out of terrorist/subversive actions Frauds Theft 17. Damages Damages to container 18. Damage to cargo 19. Shipping stress Shipping stress chief cause of damage to containers 20. Insurance Cost of insurance depends upon: 21. Port clearance procedure 22. Key Issues with Containerization 23. The back-haul-empty issue Simply speaking what is to be done with the empty containers on the backhaul routes. 24. U.S. Waterborne Foreign Container Trade (all trading partners)The rising trade gap 25. The back-haul-empty problem Studies have shown that one in every four ocean containers moving through the U.S. container points is empty, without any cargo revenue to compensate the move.Estimated 1.5 million empty containers are just sitting ducks. 26. Bryan Cunningham The logic of shipping freight in containers was so compelling, the cost savings so enormous, that the container took the world by storm Marc Levinson.Princeton Author In his book The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger. Presented by