Obesity in Virginia: Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend Danny Saggese, Virginia Foundation for...

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Transcript of Obesity in Virginia: Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend Danny Saggese, Virginia Foundation for...

Youth Engagement: Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend.

Over the past 5 years, the Virginia Department of Education, Virginia Department of health, and Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth have combined efforts with the goal to collect baseline data on the prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity in Virginia and to measure trends and progress in reducing childhood obesity overtime.

This research provides current estimates of overweight and obesity among youth in Virginia as well as information concerning eating habits and physical activity. The survey results provide us with important information that will help to inform the development and refinement of programs and policies throughout the Commonwealth. We will continue to analyze this data carefully in the coming months.

1Obesity in Virginia:Moving Forward, Reversing the Trend Danny Saggese, Virginia Foundation for Healthy YouthKatelyn Lacey, Y Street memberChristina Furst, Y Street memberLewis Folli, Y Street member

2About Launched in 2004Almost 6,000 trained high school youthTwo critical health issues: tobacco and obesity2011 Group Youth Advocate of the Year Award from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

3Awesome ActivistsY Street activists briefed Gov. McDonnoll on its tobacco control & obesity efforts!

Campaign PrioritiesAre you interested in the campaign issue?Campaigns need to be youth-ledAre the campaign objectives realistic?Is there momentum on the issue?Are there partners available?How will we measure campaign success?What are realistic returns on investment?Do we have the capacity to implement it?


CampaignsEach issue/campaign has Measures of Progress (MOPs), which are tangible and quantifiable actions taken by the public that show support for the campaign. MOPs include, but are not limited to: petition signatures, pledges, letters, opinion surveys, and video testimonials. Youth-led projects and events are organized to educate community members on campaign issues and achieve as many MOPs as possible. The MOPs are then used to educate decision-makers on what the public thinks about a specific issue, fueling change to occur.


After tobacco, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in our country.

Childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years.

More than 1 out of 4 Virginia youth are overweight or obese.

About the IssueWhy obesity? After tobacco, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in our country. 9

About the Issue

The CDC recommends that youth get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

4 in 5 youth fail to meet this standard.10

Physical education is not a requirement in the Virginia public school system. Experts estimate that fewer than 10% of K-5 schools provide 30 minutes of PE per day.Youth spend half of their day in school. Shouldnt at least half of their physical activity take place in school? About the IssueWhy physical education? 11Objectives:Increase awareness of the importance of physical education in schools.Increase support for physical education in elementary and middle schools.Implement a minimum of 30 minutes of physical education each day in Virginia schools.

About the Campaign


Phase 1: Public Opinion15,847 surveys collected from youth and adults between October 2011 July 2012.

Y Street members collected over 15,000 valid surveys from parents, students, teachers, and the general public on their opinions regarding physical education in schools. The survey results were then compiled into a report and provided to school principals, superintendents, school board members, and other stakeholders to fuel bottom-up change in communities and school settings while other statewide efforts push for P.E. requirements.

13Survey Report ResultsConvenience sample representing 210 communities in Virginia.

Sample Population#%Full Sample (Youth & Adults)15,847100%All Adults (18+)7,277 46%Parents2,573 16%Teachers691 4%Youth (Under 18)8,57054%

Survey Report Results

These findings are from 15,847 surveys collected from a convenience sample between October 2011 and July 2012. 15

Survey Report Results16

Survey Report Results17

Survey Report Results18

Survey Report Results19Whats Next?Collecting evidence of Virginias support for daily physical education.



Meeting with high school, middle school, and elementary school principals to ask for their support.

Whats Next?

Whats Next?35

Using social media to mobilize Virginians in support of daily physical education in their communities.Whats Next?


Whats Next?

Collecting stories on ActOutVA.com24Obesity isnt just about moving more, it is also about changing what we eat and drink. Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

Rev Your Bev Day is a statewide day of action in Virginia to raise awareness about the dangerous healtheffects of soda and other sugary drinks. Governor Bob McDonnell has recognized Rev Your Bev Day asan official day via a gubernatorial proclamation.

On May 15, 2013, youth activists, teachers, and health advocates across the state will come togetherto change the way Virginians think about drinks26

Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013Why sugary drinks? Sugary drinks are the ONLY food or beverage that has been linked directly to obesity. New research suggests that 180,000 deaths worldwide are linked to sugary beverages each year. 27

Your Rev Your Bev Day in a Box toolkit will contain:

GuideSurveysInformational handoutsPostersWristbands & mini-buttonsMaterials for a sugary drink visual display:5 empty sugary drink bottles 100 sugar cubesPre-stamped return envelope

Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

28Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

29Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

30Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

31Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013

In addition to raising awareness about the dangers of sugary drinks, Rev Your Bev Day events will focus on collecting information on what Virginiansthink about sugary drinks and what they know about their health effects. Anyone who hosts a Rev Your Bev Day event will have the unique opportunity to work on this statewide data collection project by collecting quick and easy Rev Your Bev Day surveys at their event. Event organizers will be able to mail the completed surveys back to Rev Your Bev headquarters free of charge, so you dont have to worry about data entry or analysis.

Survey results will be analyzed and released in Fall 2013. Trust us, you want to be part of this statewide effort!

32Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013


Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013Want to host an event somewhere other than Virginia?

You can still download the Rev Your Bev Day informational handouts and posters for free on our website atRevYourBev.com/resources.

Questions?Rev Your Bev Day May 15, 2013