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  1. 1. Introduction Nursery Rhymes is a Smartphone application that helps kids listen and learn famous playgroup songs in eye-catching backgrounds. It has real time depiction of two little kids who visit various places as described in kids songs and rhymes.
  2. 2. Easy to use yet extremely interactive user interface. High quality graphics. Rhythmic melodies. Performance of characters. Swiping phone`s screen Sharing on Social Media
  3. 3. I am a little Teapot. Johny Johny Yes Papa Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Rain Rain Go Away
  4. 4. Shows a talking teapot surrounded by two cups According to the lines in this song. Showing it handle, spout, raising of cap over steaming up, and pouring down of tea in to a cup
  5. 5. Kindergarten poem portrays a cuddly toy kind of a bear . which turns around, touches the ground, ties its shoes, and eventually sits in a school van
  6. 6. Kids to experience the true sight of Christmas. Santa, dashing through the snow. One horse open sleigh passes by with a kid singing this song
  7. 7. It truly represents a rainy sight. where characters ask the rain to stop. so that Johnny could play outside.
  8. 8. Conversation between a child and his father. Preschool song where a son eating sugar is shown. His father teaches him manners