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  • 1. Nursery Rhymefinal showcase
    Erin Beckius (Fulsebakke)
    Module 6
    May 5th 2010
  • 2. hey diddle diddle
  • 3. Hey diddle diddle
    Art Collector Set Detail [Nursery Rhyme]
    Students will look at the art work of the moon and empty sky from the slide show on Students will brainstorm what they think of when they look in the sky. Students will complete a journal entry describing their thoughts.
  • 4. Hey Diddle Diddle
    Students will illustrate pictures to go along with the poem. Students are given the choice of how they would like to illustrate their art page. Students can use paper plates and spoons if they wish. Put in Nursery Rhyme journal.
  • 5. Jack and jill
  • 6. Jack and jill
    Art journal pages that goes along with Jack and Jill. Students added a Band Aide to Jack and/or Jill after they tumbled down the hill. Students loved getting a Band Aide and decide where to put them.
  • 7. Jack and jill
    Students will make a torn paper collage creating various hills on their paper. By using many different colors of greens and browns and overlapping the paper students will create depth and texture. Student will add details to make their picture complete including Jack, Jill, water pail and crown.
  • 8. Jack and jill
    Students will review measurement and capacity by experimenting with various containers in the classroom water table. Students will guess and check to see which containers hold more and/or less water amounts. Students will then complete the pages independently at their desk.
  • 9. Jack and jill
    Students will view some of the slides relating to Jack and Jill. One of the slides that will be shown is one of the bucket/pail.
    Questions to ask students while viewing slide show.
    What would you climb up a hill to see?
    Why wouldnt you want to climb up a hill?
    Have you ever climb up a hill?
    How would you feel if you fell down the hill like Jack and Jill and broke something important to you?
    What would you put in your bucket if you had one?
    What wouldnt you put in your bucket?
    Students will create a journal entry about what they would want to carry up the hill in their bucket. The writing focus would be on conventions, focusing on periods, finger spaces and spelling.
  • 10.
  • 11. Hickorydickorydock
  • 12. Hickory dickory dock
    Students will create an art page to be put into their nursery rhyme journal. Students will design a clock of their choice and use construction paper or markers to add additional details. I like how one student added a talking bubble to express what the mouse is feeling.
  • 13. Hickory dickory dock
    Art Collector Set Detail [Nursery Rhyme]
    Teacher will show slides of the two clocks located in the art collection. Students will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between them.
  • 14. Hickory dickory dock
    Students will also complete a clock matching game where they have to match analog and digital time.
    Students and teachers
  • 15. Hickory dickory dock
    Share the Pen
    Students and teachers will share the pen and make a list of other animals or creatures that could climb up the clock. Students will help the teacher write the list and practice hearing sounds in words.
  • 16. Hickory dickory dock
    Teacher will teach students actions to the poem. Students will recite the poem doing the actions.
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock (pretend your body is the clock. Bend down and run fingers up along body pretending to the be mouse)
    The clock struck one (hold up a finger to show one)
    The mouse ran down (wiggle your fingers back down your body pretending to be the mouse)
    Hickory Dickory Dock
  • 17. Assessment rubric