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    Nuance Professional Services.The data you need is available. The challenge is making it actionable.

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    Theres no such thing as an easy healthcare IT implementation. For healthcare organizations, the pressure is on. Implement and achieve Meaningful Use of EHRs. Get critical information into the hands of clinicians, payers and patientswhenever and wherever they need it. Prove performance. And do it allASAPwithout disrupting patient care or breaking the organizational budget.

    Nuance Healthcare, the leader in speech-driven technologies, provides Best in KLAS speech recognition solutions that make clinical documentation more efficient, and make adopting new technologies to achieve Meaningful Use and transition to Accountable Care Organizations easier. Today, 450,000 physicians at 10,000 healthcare institutions worldwide leverage Nuance Healthcare solutions to capture the patient storyanywhere, anytime and on any device. To help them make the most of those solutions, theres Nuance Healthcare Professional Services.

    Healthcare SolutionsNuance Professional Services

    Maximize ROI with best-practice deployment.

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    Experience mattersAfter more than 20 years and more than 2,000 healthcare speech recognition system implementations, Nuance knows implementing speech technology requires an in-depth analysis of workflow and environment, customization of the design, and an optimum strategy for deploymentprecisely what you can expect from Nuance Healthcare Professional Services.

    No two healthcare organizations are exactly alike

    Using best practices developed over decades of experience and thousands of deployments, Nuance Healthcare Professional Services customizes its approach to meet your organizational requirements at every stage of each implementation:

    Pre-implementation: strategizing and planningNuance Healthcare partners with your organizations team members to develop a plan for the project and to establish metrics for measuring its success.

    Implementation: executing and deployingNuance helps configure workflows to work with your infrastructure, boosting productivity while supporting your overall strategy. By analyzing workflow by department or line of service, Nuance helps

    you meet each areas unique requirements, provider needs, clinical protocols, treatment plans, and documentation needs.

    Post-implementation: optimizing and developingOnce your solutions are deployed, Nuance Healthcare Professional Services can help you fine-tune workflows and capture key metrics to track return on investment.

    Strategic program management: the implementation X-factor

    More than half of IT projects cost more than budgeted, take longer than anticipated and deliver less than expected. The problem? Project mismanagement.

    Nuance Healthcares Strategic Program Management (SPM) is a structured, ROI-focused methodology to facilitate efficient, effective management, communication and coordination

    in implementations of multiple healthcare solutions at the enterprise level. It defines key metrics, and measures and reports progress at all stages to ensure effective program-level management and continual forward movement.

    Provides a strategic program manager as a single point of contact.

    Facilitates efficient, effective management, communication and coordination.

    Minimizes the impact of complex, multi-product deployment by improving communications, completing tasks and managing complex political, resource and technology challenges.

    Coordinates everything from financials to risk management and status reporting.

    Creates actionable plans that take into account organizational resources and constraints.

    Aligns clinical, financial and/or operational goals with appropriate Nuance solutions to maximize ROI.

    Healthcare SolutionsNuance Professional Services

  • Nuance Professional Services benefits Drives EHR adoption. Supports transition to ICD-10. Improves reimbusement.


    Copyright 2014 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, Dragon, eScription and PowerScribe, are trademarks and/or registered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

    HC-3869, SEPT 2014

    About Nuance Communications, Inc.Nuance Communications is reinventing the relationship between people and technology. Through its voice and language offerings, the company is creating a more human conversation with the many systems, devices, electronics, apps and services around us. Every day, millions of people and thousands of businesses experience Nuance through intelligent systems that can listen, understand, learn and adapt to your life and your work. For more information, please

    Theres a service for every solutionThe data you need is available. The challenge is making it actionable. Whether its a new implementation of Nuance Healthcare speech products or an expansion of existing ones, Nuance Healthcare Services crafts service solutions that maximize the value of your investment and provide the exact level of support you require.

    For Strategic Program Management: For implementations of multiple healthcare solutions at the enterprise level, Strategic Program Management, our streamlined, ROI-centered implementation methodology, provides centralized management, communication and coordination to ensure efficient, effective deployment for your unique organization.

    For Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition: Configure new or re-configure existing enterprise-wide Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition deployments to streamline implementation and optimize performance of your enterprise-level speech recognition solutions.

    For Dragon Medical 360 | eScription and Nuance Transcription Services: Ensure smooth implementation and optimum performance of your transcription solutions.

    For PowerScribe 360 Solutions:Streamline implementation and optimize performance of your radiology speech recognition and analysis solutions.

    Return on investmentTechnology is an investment. Return on that investment is critical. You invest in Nuance Healthcares background speech recognition platforms to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Nuance Professional Services helps maximize return on those investments. We help you define ROI for your organization, establish benchmarks and measure performance over time. This methodology allows us to optimize your solutions and uncover any additional cost savings or efficiency improvements that may exist.

    To learn more about how Nuance Healthcare can help you improve financial performance, raise the quality of care, and increase clinician satisfaction, please contact us at 781-565-5000 or visit

    Healthcare SolutionsNuance Professional Services