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  • 1. NU Chapter... aA N N U A L R E P O RT N O R T H W O O D U N I V E R S I TYAmerican Marketing Association

2. NU Executive Letter 2 Guide... a Major Accomplishments3 S.W.O.T. Analysis4 Professional Development 5 NUAMA Rating Scale Membership 7 NUAMA has established a rating system which involves a critique of each project to measure our success. This rating system has been developed to allow future members to review and Fundraising9 build from. It is also to be utilized to gain perspective on projects that may not have yet been undertaken or that have room for improvement. This new rating system will ensure a Community Service 11 great level of success for NUAMA now and into the future. Communication 13 5/5 - The project was successfully completed with minimal complications. These projects Chapter Operations15 are to be carried on throughout future years due to the significant level of success that has been achieved. Budget18 4/5 - The project was successfully completed, but a challenge was presented at some point throughout its execution. Appendix19 3/5 - The project encountered several complexities, which resulted in rehabilitation in order to work through and improve the situation.2/5 - The project was attempted, but did not reach the chapters projected level of success.1/5 - The project was poorly attempted. It would not be beneficial to attempt this project in the future.0/5 - The project was not completed.N/A - Not applicable: NUAMA has not yet initiated the project.1 3. Executive Letter In the past year, the Northwood University American Marketing Association (NUAMA) has witnessed an incredible transformation. From a small organization averaging only ten members per year to a campus leader and influential organization of nearly 40, the NUAMA has surpassed expectations and embarked on A NU Beginning.NUAMA chose this theme to represent the task at hand: starting from scratch, reorganizing, planning ahead, setting goals and appointing a talented and motivated Executive Board. After analyzing the successes and failures of the past, the NUAMA Executive Board was conscious and responsive to the great amount of restructuring needed to meet our goals.The main focus of the year was on membership. Success can only happen with an active member base. This being so: we hosted recruitment events, recruited through viral and online marketing, and made appearances in marketing classrooms. Our membership has been low is the past due to a lack of awareness within the Northwood student body. We made the immediate decision that the professional marketing organization on campus should be marketing itself to students better than any other. We attacked this issue by branding our organization with a logo. The NUAMA logo is used on every piece of communication from our organization; this helped to create awareness right away.Our next focus was to create valuable opportunities in every division of NUAMA in order to retain member interest. We planned to enhance the growth of our members by way of strong commitment to teamwork, personal responsibility, and leadership. Members remained actively involved with various marketing-related projects; including the creation of a media kit for Gerace Construction, and participating in the 2007 Case Competition. Members also had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders such as Ford Motor Company and Quicken Loans.As the 2006-2007 year comes to a close, we are able to review our chapters progression. We launched into A NU Beginning, accomplished our goals, and prepared the chapter for continued success. Because of this, we are proud to present:The 2006-2007 Northwood University American Marketing Association Annual ReportSincerely,Benjamin G. Coy Lauren E. Brackel Courtney R. Soule President Executive Vice PresidentExecutive Vice President2 4. Major Accomplishments This was a very progressive year for NUAMA. The current member base has set a standard for future members to follow.The major accomplishments of 2006-2007 are highlighted below.1. Our number one goal this year was to increase membership. Due to exceptional recruiting efforts, chapter membership has been increased by 240% thus far.2. We were able to raise enough funds this year to send 13 members down to New Orleans, LA for the 29th Annual AMA International Collegiate Conference. This included air fare, registration fees, and hotel room costs.3. NUAMA set a fundraising record this year. We started with $1,445 and raised $6,676 in additional revenues. We had $7,191 in expenses for the year leaving a balance of $930 for 2007-2008 members to build on.4. As part of NUAMAs goal to gain exposure and establish a presence on campus, we branded our organization with a logo. This logo was used for all forms of communication pertaining to our organization.5. On February 7, 2007 NUAMA hosted Bowl for a Buck. This event set a record attendance for an AMA event with 81 students present. This event was used as a recruiting tool as well as a fun night for members to take a break from heavy workloads. NUAMA members planned and advertised the event flawlessly.6. NUAMA participated in the 2006-2007 AMA Collegiate Case Competition, Renew New Orleans.7. For the second consecutive year, the City of Midlands Downtown Development Authority asked NUAMA to plan and market the kick-off event for its downtown summer sculpture series, this year entitled DaBenchi: Hot Seats in a Cool City. Seven members worked on this Community Ser- vice project.8. NUAMA was asked by Northwood University to be a pilot organization using the new Blackboard Academic Suite. This has become a central location for all NUAMA communications.9. NUAMA established a chapter of Alpha Mu Alpha, AMAs academic fraternity. In order to be inducted, members must hold a cumulative 3.0 GPA with a 3.25 GPA in their chosen major. There will be eight inductees this April.10. NUAMA has created a relationship with Gerace Construction. As this years major fundraising project, select NUAMA members researched Hydroelectric Dam criteria and created a media kit for both current and potential clients. This project gained NUAMA $1,800. NUAMA and Gerace will partner on future projects. 3 5. S.W.O.T Analysis StrengthsWeaknessesExperienced Executive BoardMembership and development of underclassmenTen seniors served on the Executive Board, including fiveUnderclassmen participation increased by seven members,returning members. raising total membership to 34.Active support of our advisorQuality and continuity of past communicationsFred Honerkamp serves on the AmericanMarketing We increased continuity of all communications by brandingAssociation Collegiate Council.our organization with a logo.Diverse membership coreCommuter based student populationNUAMA is compromised of ten specific business relatedNUAMA has attacked this issue by holding events andmajors.meetings during the week. An example was Bowl for a Buck, which hosted a record 81 students in attendance.Established business relationshipsNUAMA has developed relationships with companiesincluding Quicken Loans, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, GeraceConstruction, and Ford Motor Company. OpportunitiesThreatsGrowing student body Upperclassmen with involvement in many different areasIncoming freshman class experiencing growth. Many senior members have outside obligations. We took this as an opportunity to develop skill sets with underclassmenNew relationships and prepare future NUAMA leaders.NUAMA was able to build relationships with Gerace NUAMA competes with 75 other student organizationsConstruction, Lansing Community College, Midland PoliceDepartment.on campus Successful advertising efforts, continuity in externalFresh start communication and well planned membership eventsThis years NU Beginning allowed for restructuring of the allowed us to dramatically increase awareness of NUAMA.chapter in order to reach goals. We created ten ExecutiveBoard positions, a member point incentive system andincreased the number of professional developmentopportunities.4 6. Professional Development NUAMAs members have learned valuable marketing tactics through presentations from top corporations, while establishing an honors marketing fraternity and developing networking opportunities.Goal 1 To have at least one professional guest speaker per ten week trimester with 80% member participation.Accomplishments 10/31/2006, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Jenn Lawatsch Marketing @ Enterprise NU students and 12 of 23 members were given insight into the marketing practices conducted at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprises strategy in gaining and retaining market share in their industry were also discussed.Rating:(3/5)11/3/2006, Northwood University Leadership Blitz, Nancy Hunter Denney NU held a leadership conference for students interested in enhancing their leadership skills. The nationally recognized keynote speaker, and lead- ership trainer, highlighted the event that included workshops covering topics such as motivational techniques and group dynamics that eight NUAMA members attended.Rating:(3/5)12/5/2006, Ford Motor Company, Bill McCausland, Careers @ Ford Bill McCausland, Special Events Manager at Ford Motor Company, spoke about a range of topics such as brand management, and the market- ing and advertising strategies used at Ford. Bill also spoke about careers at Ford Motor Company. This yielded an excellent turnout with 75% of our current members in attendance as well as 13 non-members.Rating:(5/5)2/6/2007, Quicken Loans, Nicole Colpitts, Company Culture & the Art of Sales College Recruiter Nicole Colpitts spoke to 17 NUAMA members about company culture as well as the importance of sales. Emphasis was placed on how often employees use sales positions as career builders. Attendees were able to present resumes on-site. Six attendees have begun the interview process with Quicken Loans.Rating:(4/5) 5 7. Goal 2 To visit at least one marketing departmen