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    Tau Kappa psl F !

    1[ L1[l \VThe Voice the Nu Chaper lumni ssciion - Nvebe20+

    I' A D D ' Fd ' Od d I' Bf!

    OUR HOME ON CHNING WAY any west Coast Fraters,

    Mparticularly those in theBay Area have alreadysen te extaorinay hangethat have brught our Hoseour ome-to is foer positiono glory.

    It snds todavI better an it has.

    looked for may decades, restored to irigia beay ad aready beig occupiedb some 40 udergraduates.

    We ook to more a oe soure for

    these excig cges: The Nao Capterwich spearheaded e cooizatio of eew Nu Chapter e Housing Cororaowhich worked so hard to brig eeryigtogeer ad for Fraters who esseayortgaged eir fortes to mae possibe aompete ad auec restorao of eee Hose Tese raters- Car AdersoDick Aderso Ciff eridoo ad JohnPhiips wi be og remembered as e me

    who reay gae s back or ose moresedid a most of s hae eer seeTey atcdogged e metamorphosis aaog e way ad oe or e other was ereroughot e proess of reosucoe rest is exqisite

    he hose had good boes hat wascera e origia decisio to preedwi restorao For a buidig origiayosuced i 0 i as remaraby

    good shape he redwood timbers were iexeet codo

    So it sports a ew roof ree ewstate-ofeart fae systems ew

    eecia ciris ew pbig ewarpeg ew widows ad doors ew reproteco ad a ew siess stee kiteappiaces Some of e origa sied gasswidows hae bee restored as has e 8Kabe Grad pio

    The exterior is paited a ight mohashade wi brow im A sa frot awhas bee pated a agstoe wak has beeaid e rot dek has bee repaired ad

    paited wi a ew barbeeCntued on page 2

    Don't Shoo the Edirm so to intude on the front page, but you

    probably need to know ths.In our earlie counicatons wth you

    ndcated that had hoped to cobne our alunne wth that of the undegadate chapterHowever it became evden ealy on that theideadlnes re dieent fo ous and wth all res

    due to the e decded to contnue wth a publcatonof ouo. Ths is to you beneft, as you wll noweceive both Nu News (her newsletter) and Nu AluniNe ou S tce each year you ll reve ounewsetter as ll as thers as oen as they choose toeease t ey t's the best of both lds

    Alun look fod to reading ne of eachothe o that end we uge you cperaion nsendng us nfomaton about yousef you faily

    you aivtes Thi ay be ailed to Nu News 4607Syla ane Kelseylle CA 951, or emaled to

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    CHANNING WAY(ud fm pg 1)

    Ever room boa hard-wing forinet and cable TV. All upirs rom are

    carpeted All barom hav nw plumbgfixre and tile

    Downtair; a landry room, wiband nw waher and dr ha bnarved ot of ing pace A woodpanelng a bn reord and ehardwood floor hav been refnied Newdwntair frnie i bing adddSdnt ave upplid eir own furniingpair

    Two Opn Hou wr hld onAt3 and 7, and many Fratr and efamili vewd rmarkabl change nwhat i enay a nw hou

    Hiorically 225 Chaning Way waorignally a ttr hou dignd byJulia Mrgan In 1920 whn it bcame Kappa appa Gamma hue a thrd floorwa addd a prc, awe a OUot eent rtraon og

    arcitctral authnci wa prervd

    KEPING T TH WAY he physical care of our house, and escal integi of the Chapte

    No one wants a epeat pefomane of edemse of e House expeiened dug e mosteentdiffiult yeas of oupany a aFatnit

    Aodngly a sgent onaualeatiosip as een estalised eeen teHouse Copoaion and a Fateni PopeManagement Goup, Smith and Taylo and nludes te olgatons o teundegaduates. Tis goup aso suessfullymanages ote ouses on ampus

    Smit and Tayor s okng n manyays it e House opoaon to manage eannng Way pope In e aea of plannng

    te goup ill ok i e Copoaion to setojeves fo te pope to nlude fundingmeods Te gop i manage te udget toun te ouse pofitaly Tey l estals aso aounts fo olletions d pay aounts fo

    diusements Tey ll set up ad manageolecons lease ageements damge deposand eeivales Te goup l eve tepoedues fo day-today maintenane nspet popey pefom ekly epai and eeklylandsape maintenae d nteio leangseies

    Tey ll eone ank aountsmonthlyI ad povide quately as ostatements and mantan eleon akup filesand poide neessay fes fo annual x ing

    Smit and Taylo ntefae it teUnivesity on beaf of e Capte and it teCi of Bekeley to sue ompliane it odes and safe speons as el as advete Copoaion on sk management issues

    odngly undegadates oupyine House ave esponilties and oligaionsfa supa"g ose of deades past npaidouseills ill eslt eviton Vandalsm andaelesness esultng n damage e pemesl b dea it geny It c b seen

    at appened to Cag Way past lnot e epeated unde s mnagementgeemen


    t as a reat PicnicPi aee? oundes Da Cal t

    at you l; t as a famly vntof eppopoons Ts as ou seond aempt at n

    outdoo soial at e ome of Cp and neWay in Sonoma Mu visig as e ode ofe day geat ieye steaks d iken eaee aeued y ate Me Way ad elatons feely foed and no one ell n pool Te eae as fantast nd teamaadere even gee To us an xyr tappeas ata ne ii as n estalsed

    C 3)

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    PICNIC...(om pge 3)

    I addion to ou hos hp nd Anneates nd ther famles signing the guest book

    ncluded Geoge and arian Dove To and

    acy Morgn Dan and Sharon Costelo Ed andNcy Dermott Dave d ay Jo Francis Bucend Ruth Cowan Cal nd Margo Andeson, Cfnd Ingrd Ceidono, Garth and Maggie Wson

    Roy and Mariel Claton, J and Pat Gn, Jmnd agaret Clady, ete and Sylvhompson Mike and ieen Wray, Wll Deadyed Lusk Fnk Sh Joe Gnas, Phl eit

    Gri arshall Bud aison and son ri RobiHais, and Fed Sh. It wll b oeve noted ne achves at Frates Gnas usk Thopson

    nd Sho ae om great distanes to beesentPlans fo a third annal pinic are aleady

    n e works, but with soe hanges whih wllnet Chip and Ane who have outdonehemselves the past o yeas wth elavelytle help wi te burden of ordering food,ealg wi tables and cairs, and all e othemenites whch ay ave escaped ou eye Te

    next event (same place early June), will beateed he ost as a as we know at tis ime,

    will reman te same; the qualiy of te food nddik wl, too

    I should be epaszed that s eventwas pnned as a fay affar Net year Fraters

    r ncord to show o the hldren andgrdden poo and hot ub awat


    Pre-Game Paies rolfrat

    One Frate said It s geat to be back"jnoer sted Wat was really sag ws

    eeng e Betas and the Phi elts lookng acrosse seet atus!"

    On e front deck of Chnnng Way,nd or p he hl te Howard Nem Cl

    Anerson Taigate Party e olowng Frtesome wi ives or s weeea - wee spoted

    by our spies: C Ceioo7 Jon Be 57 Clnderson 5 ak delstone'83, Bob La


    ibete 61 Wl Deady 54 Don Lawre 50 Togan Chip Wray 53, ke Way , BobDikerson , im Gif '5, Mark Parrish 8

    Bob Collins5, Dan Costeo1 Mak Engle ,Joh Phillips6 Kal Zeman5 and HowardNemir 7 Suely thee were moe because edeck at Chnng Way was packed (moving oneFrate to omment at were gong to have toenlarge it! bt is s wat e reord shows atthis e One Fate omented, The acvesdeseve any kudos The ouse looks great theenthusiasm is tere and not a single pledge oFrate eve passed me by wiot ntroduinghimself/

    Also seen at the New Mexio Sate Gamen addion to the above wee Bll Lewerez andDick Anderson

    It s eXcing to elive e halyon dayswhen we gathered in font of the House onauumn dys to wave at e populae udging upte hl to e game, and d again aer evitory


    ARE TURNIAs eeny as the afternoon o e UCAGame Chap ose belongngs long beevedlost have been rened to e ighul plcon display on Chang Way Frater TomMorgn 5 bought by he Nu Captr tennstophy won in 1926

    A set of dshes embossed wi efrai est surfaed anks to Frate kaish '8 who brought them al e way fromSouth Carolna Some Frates hd tken em

    home fo safekeepng when tablewae began todsappear fom e house or be destroyedthrough vndalism and isuse. They are now ondisplay in e Chapte Room

    t is wonderfu to ave some of ouara back hoe and is promp thesuggeston that there may be moe items outere Frates wo know of more such blongngsare encouraged to help em ind e way bato Chng Way

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    flemngo135@[email protected]

    is anjoo@midnet

    is bellcapsonicne


    News of Nu Alumni ACK FLEMING '5 says Ie een mg it upbeteen avel out sn and swming astyear Slovenia Croata aos, Vie am andThailand This year of o rane aia Esonia

    and Lithuania and lter to Bi SinaporeSulawesi (Torajhalan) and Brunei Won thereionals he 100meter reas soke agegroup 569 You may nd a a 350 CastenadaAve., San Franciso CA 94111447 Ema

    BOB HATH 52 writes 1As many of you ayknow, Bev and I live on a arrie island on theAanti oast It is three lands souh of HlonHead Island ad 12iles out of SavannahGeorgia I have been reired from IBM foremost15 years and Bev sold he Heah ravel Agencyin Conneiut about 1 years ago We have livedon e east oast for almost 40 years and love iur area is alled he angs, and people haverere here om 48 our of e 5 stes We wlbe n e Bay Area for four days Sepember onour way to Chia Bo ao menio a hewas e Bay Area reeny an stopped by theChapter ouse. He lies what he saw heHea address is 9 Sweegum Xin SavannahGA 31411 2734 and ea is rbhea@atnet Heures Pats i te are o nnh or iltonHea o lk h u

    A noe rom OSTER SHANNON 52 es us hismost reent ook The rol With Seven SealsWa e Book eveaions ey sys wsrelease by Green Leaf Press on Aprl 8 204.hey are workng as diligeny as they an on thepromoion an publici for he book e saysJanis xperiened consriion the ma aorcvalve nd we were quie concee owever

    e situao apeas no as serious as origallyiagnose a she is don we he Shaoscn be contaed at 0 ox 71 Ahara CA9182-721 n emai fouaolom

    ALX ZSSLR 79 menons ha he andJo Nierenstein Je cNear on Greoriev RobBrake ohn K, es aae KevinMFalan all got togeer recenly for a ght of

    says Whle oveookig S Quent, heMcNear Brickyard and he Campanile wereeted on our past, present and ture in nopariular order Money was n and lost, liesod and bonds reafirmed A great night TheZwisler home is at 1 Shemran Cour Fairfax

    (Ed. Note: Did yu knw we are pesenly caryingFaes Bcket and McFaland as Lst? Please help

    CA 94930. Emal is

    us t n emal and mng addesses)

    BOB KEASBEY 55 says I stl playing anowith various Diieland roups n e Roguealey In une ey were e warup a forhe Ashland Ciy Band Coner in e park Bobives at 231 Abot Ave Ashland O 975209559 mal

    A message fro ERRY BLALOC 54: I usteame at Sarameno epu Sheif roughe Saamen Sheis Ai Squadron whee I mSecrearyreasurer I was eleed reident ofthe Sacramento Aero Club whih les a Cessna182 ou of Sacramen Exeuive Airpo. I ustot back from onon w leaving frakfu Many 25 avn fun ooryclg andyng e Sacramento alley and Sierra Nevada"oll n Jery at 494 Maborough Way,Carihael CA 9568-624 d emil aibear@surewesne

    Remember ON BELL 5? He states IAs Irow older i one of e hh pon of my yto reeive y ban staeent n e mai Thereahess anicipaon of see ha Wayne hasacuay cashed my check is almost o much toear Forunaely e a usuy bings me nonews so I sta budn tward e next

    satemen day! Oerwie my lie is bori"Ed Noe And h te hght he hd a e)he Bll is are at 1914 Robson RoaSnoma A 9576 Ema

    ROGR RAMSEIER 58 has rered fromSacramento where he was Presient of AeroetGeneral o ke ahoe H new adress P. O. Box 1716 Caelian Bay CA 96140 an

    oker at Nierentein s Tiburon hilltop home He email

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    A re his Napa pp RICHLLt v bc residn he enjoyd. ad dR At 210, Napa, C [email protected] Rch hd

    a emihtb and Te ee so.

    u gd leOBN AS =

    kg a o loer pace tgg

    aeeived hs Lc Cmmu Hmear, ad h one fsr , fI me o t ffg . g o of esummer -y hg Sm Re iskiyu Cuy fAo/' edd "af y aL1g abut i f o go d Bk" Jo B' qut x o o ed They rgr" Rbi 47 l Kyv,CA 55 nd ema [email protected]

    W B "BU I p y,'Im jyi cl f bldgkd n. Spndg h ddr ps m nge Hd gre Hm F 75 r

    Gog D D w l cagh p o hapg o pYo c Bd t 11 S B Ste, LomocCA 93436.

    O y l wHa Nmi Fd Thi k And d no a o of o o I gt g e y Mago, you m know, So .Pimt C 946 n m dd is

    KO TENBEG ' ep - rod grnd no a a Op He hang a a cu a K ulill Magr f Xn n Bly niegd rere ofvre dveler of higheromnce orko oo (Wh Noou ko) Hs ss s 233 Tegah Av#1 Oka A 92 H mal


    W a rr a a 01T aad m ypca mong ts r OWDM d bi Cudi h nh fr UCLA Gm m a


    d h A I ( mgd n oy g o gm b hsr ig pf wl) Hwar y y vl ex Ap om Pa H(ising See, e Also v uts ue d DK ANDN '57 c ae aa Qu Ez Wt hme Anden ar t3 Ro St.



    Lee 9449 m r t 56 Rmo Wy Ao A

    BB CLLN 4 ke b gm mr w e w m ogh ca o e s t T wn w hpu w kd m e m n i" Bb pt jg F wmons a a ak o he Oz nMor h w dde 8 88 t Ean F mm

    TRJV1A . hg m 9wn w o ye ago Wh a o nb o? Who So ub H d w mne rt g as?Accdg HtN K, . f ( o m

    eg o ee h milesto h ty

    GO BER!w m m ! G 10:00

    Nov 6 - Oregon 2:;0 Nv 0 StaFd 0

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    A Christmas Luncho

    With a New TwistFor more year than mny o u

    elieve we hve et at e downtown Olympclub San Fa r a sues uneono Mody dug e hras seson- sa Fr Dn Coso who ago echyer over rgee nd reseaons

    T year aog e revelry wi rmne sme, oe cnges e n e ong Fstbease o rsaod eoof

    lymp Club e'll he cange of enueFaer Dn hs mde wonderful rrangeents ate Maes Memoral Cub js a bloc yfo Olypc Club at9 Su S of Mso Th very e ub sys D"i pivat dinn oo, b and oheramenes mr e lyp Clb"

    Now ah b to Fonde Daypc las Jue e hoe of Chp d AeWay hen an and hon o pe to anmber o wie wo expeed an nteret te

    hrs Lncheo he luncheo adioy ben sag event, b way wsond o enera e ive and sweeher sw. Tey wave e own luneon at the me e Flyig eaeec Roo he men dne n e Hrag oo o eenwi rom 11: 230, l sered t1

    The Fling eaeec Room adaent e bar d erge Roo l hve n ba d bar T w eoy ',-t u t os of $190 he mens p

    $460, a oce of petitfe o himi e cost dscep s de o e ac tthere w b no crge o Flig ncRoom. Cotello t py al reseraon head oime d uge Fte to ma the he ndresron or o by Deeber 3.

    Sys Cs e h errgme l gn don hc lsFrer d eir wies from grete ditns toejoy rey weekend n e By Are"

    Paring is oderate at SerStoktonGarage or at e lympc Clb Garge for $6.validted ont forget at holidy shopper flee garge fast ome rr have found Bt

    a good wy to come toug a brik walk iivolved. Those ihg to spend the nigt at eMarne Memorial Cub at a ost o$150, arevited to e heir own rgeeon pe vable bs The telehone nmbr (5) 67-7

    L year5 uchon w e bggtvwi ndance. Indcons so r ar we wl rpas is nur i m arond

    Plee ue he form clded o e etpge me yo e

    Cfaper tDONAD BRETTER ' of Saaoga CApassed away Janua 15, 24 a age 7 Heenjoyed a 2-yea caee in he semiconducoindusty s ecently woing o AMD as goup

    vice pesiden o manuacuing He was he coauhor o seveal books elaing o he ield

    uvs inclue his wie Euni hee sons odaughes and eigh gandchiden

    ED DAWN 7 passed away in ecebe3 a age Fllowing edical aining in hemiwes he becae a esien o Los Angeles

    whee he was a espeed spinal sugeon andpoesso a UC He ecue naionwide on is ield He ied o hyoid cance believed causedby his exposue o edica anges aendan o ha pacice. He was a uchloved ahe andganahe

    AR ORDE 4 passed away in 23 Hehad been a cnsucion cpany execuive inHawaii and ainained a hoe in anvile CAHe was eed as an execuie wh TigaConsucion and managed hei oices inucee and Hawaii He was living n Honolulu a he ie o his eah and had been eachingsoe casses in engineeing a he nivesiy


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    My SignificantOther

    Nu Chapter Almni o Ta Kappa Epsilon peseTHE 49TH ANNUAL

    Christma %ncheonMonday, December 13, 2004 . Mains Meial Club 609 Sutte Steet i Sa Facisc -

    :2: - Lu sd at 2

    P p fv b!

    My Name $6.50y Choice of Entre () Petit Filet () hi hi


    y cck is enclosed in the ount o $

    Pea make chek paable to Dan Coeo and a o him at 1 Hasting Dv, Cono CA 8, oc by Der 3.


    DU E5-D E-U 5I' im g Yor o he 200 lr yr sppo News and other mirojects. Dues e st t$30 yer in 3 They hve nver ben rised since that tim

    lass o

    Address Check I J new

    Cit I StateI Zip

    Eil Ceck [ ] neeae ae c o Tau Kappa Epon and a o Wayne Manez 95 po ve Sa Fran CA 47P eno a u fo Nu e eng u a' ong on w ou a ou.

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    Don Relfe Paick Rylds 3Bl Rs 8 So 57J Sek 65Len hlus 9teve Schdt Bll chohl Sannon huc Sapo 73See Sth F ll 58

    Pee Thopson Andy Tg 8Andy Vscovch 9Gah Wlson 55Pete ne 6hip Wra 53Ka Zellman 51Alex ssler 79

    arl neson 57 Mark nle 2 ll eenz B Bebb4 Herm Fse 52 Fd Lsk John Bl ' Jack lf Mas Jey Blalck . Dave Fancs Wane Man 74Seve Bollne 68 Joe Gnas 5 on Mcallu 6J Braba 89 Jeff Gves ' ll Mamon 3Ruell Bus Dn Geau 6 Pl Met 52Cl d 57 Clak Gs 4 Wlle Mooe James l Ron Has Moan im lady 73 Bo eah 5 Bo Muhach '67Ro Caxton 5 I e 52 Mlon Nelson '48Kevn Coins '83 Ga ook 79 od N 57ed ona 66 Bu Jaon ank Neec 75n ello 1 Wal Jansn Gy Nwmark Br n 53 John 9 Sa Pen59Wleady Jonathan Kahn 78 Jhn PillipsE Deott 49 Bob Keasb 5 al Plmpton 58Bob Dickeon 51 Davd Ker 67 Jack Quaman 68George ve 51 Jack Lehbeg John Qugley 61Mak deone 83 Don Lawe 50 J Rea 76

    De 5 H 0 nor RolOeof the bes made pible y yur pyen f de blc f U Alu Ed fNu w. P u e u y u f cl 2 p yu v T , y y' pe u gh u

    Wi is mesage abou

    NU CHAPTER ALMNI ASSOCIATIONhe 49h AnnualChsas uncheon, &u pa Csi[

    a g e o eview our4607 L

    iten o K, Calforna 9551

    any of us his nderu ingehe o enew endships is ne oos exiing ies o e ea

    ARE ERVIE REQUEEWe enuage o help us akes eve he bes eve b aking tem ou bus ife o join in e un h Tee ends his Seaon Las

    V'S gea. hs one an be evn

    ill ou e ng a w t a T rcnt, and nvnng h

    h ebains as w c nw fas

    d old s o m Ts o ohs no ie ha poan o b a a s e asng

    ei aion Pas glen oua elling us ou be h us! It's Teke Christmas Luncheon time!

    D ve Se yu e!