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Presentation by Prof. Dr. Mangala Sunder Krishnan for ICT Leadership in Higher Education Workshop on 24-26 February 2013 at Hyderabad, India.

Transcript of NPTEL: Curriculum and Courses /Classes Professional Certification Online

  • 1. NPTEL: Curriculum and Courses /ClassesProfessional Certification Online(Distributed under CC BY-NC-SA license)Mangala Sunder KrishnanProfessorDepartment of Chemistry andNational Web Courses Coordinator, NPTEL ProjectIIT Madras, Chennai 600036E-Mail:; mangalasunderk@gmail.comVCsMeet on ICT Leadership in Higher Education, Hyderabad, Feb 24-26, 2013

2. National Programme on Technology Enhanced LearningEight partner Institutes (seven IITs and IISc Bangalore)More than 30 Associate Partner InstitutionsProfessor Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT MadrasOverall National CoordinatorProfessor Mangala Sunder, Chemistry Dept.IIT Madras, National Web courses coordinatorProfessor Kushal Sen, Textiles Department,IIT Delhi, National Video Courses CoordinatorProfessor M. S. Ananth (Former Director, IIT Madras),Visiting Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engg., IIScBangalore (Founder of the NPTEL Project) 3. NPTEL A joint initiative of IITs and IISc e-learning through online Web and Videocourses in Engineering, Sciences,Technology, Humanities and Management 4. NPTEL 100 courses in video format and 100 in webbased contents proposed in 2003 for threeyears 130 in video and 125 in web format madeavailable in 2007 5. NPTEL Course- Status Summary Total Course titles received 1561 Courses with coordinators assigned 1231 Courses not assigned330 6. NPTEL courses completed - Institute-wiseInstituteVideoWebTotalIISc Bangalore26 26 52IIT Bombay30 24 54IIT Delhi 29 21 50IIT Guwahati11 42 53IIT Kanpur38 46 84IIT Kharagpur 78 31109IIT Madras60 39 99IIT Roorkee9 15 24Total 281244 525 7. NPTEL courses completed - Discipline-wise DiciplineVideo Web Total Aerospace Engineering 116 17 Basic courses(Sem 1 and 2)201636 Biotechnology358 Chemical Engineering171835 Chemistry and Biochemistry 65 11 Civil Engineering 333871 Computer Science and Engineering 33 2962 Electrical Engineering32 2254 8. NPTEL courses completed - Discipline-wiseElectronics & CommunicationEngineering 3221 53Engineering Design 1 2 3Environmental Science3 3Humanities and Social Sciences77 14Management76 13Mathematics10 10 20Mechanical Engineering 39 39 78Metallurgy and Material Science108 18Mining Engineering11Ocean Engineering101 11Physics 84 12Textile Engineering 14 5Total 281 244 525 9. NPTEL courses Institute-wise InstituteVideo Web Total IISc Bangalore64 52116 IIT Bombay68 66134 IIT Delhi 67 63130 IIT Guwahati30 94124 IIT Kanpur97 100 197 IIT Kharagpur114 70184 IIT Madras 129 130 259 IIT Roorkee 36 51 87 Total605 626 1231 10. NPTEL course SMEs-Other Institutions InstituteCount AIIMS 1 Anna University 2 Bangalore University1 BARC1 Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute1 College of Engineering, Trivandrum 13 DAIICT1 Environment Consultant1 HAL 1 HBTI Kanpur 1 Homi Bhabha National Institute, DAE 1 HRI, Allahabad1 IACS Delhi1 IACS Kolkatta 2 IGNOU Delhi 1 IIIT Bangalore1 IISER Mohali1 IIT Hyderabad 1 IIT Patna 1 India Lead Zinc Development Association 1 Indian Statistical Institute1 JNCASR1 L&T ENC 1 Lakshmibai College1 Lucknow University1 N.C.B.S.1 N.V.Patel College of Pure & Applied Sciences1 Natubhai V. Patel College of Pure and Applied scie1 NITK7 PSG College of Technology17 Purdue University 1 Queens University1 SASTRA University14 11. NPTEL course SMEs-Other InstitutionsInstitute CountSri Venkateswara College1SVNIT 1Swansea University1Texas A & M 1The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 1TIFR5University of Delhi 1University of Pune1Grand Total94 12. Courses are supposed to be in Four quadrantformat not necessarily of equal weightageThe first quadrant is almost 80 percent of alllearning materials. 13. NPTEL Phases II/III (contents to be developed as 4 quadrants, integrated in theContentform) final web based lecture Animations/ visuals /notes / video lectures in an illustrations, videoorganized form demonstrations/documentari es and interactive simulations wherever requiredSupplementary reading/Wiki Problems, quizzes, assignmentsDevelopment on the course, and solutions, online feedbackother resources /open contentthrough discussion forums andin the internet, Case studies, setting up the FAQanecdotal information,historical development of thesubject 14. NPTEL Each course to provide contents for 40 or moreone hour lectures to be used in the classroomsof colleges or for private study Curriculum designed using IIT syllabi andthose of major affiliating Universities such asAnna University, JNTU Hyderabad and VTUBelgaum and modularized for adoption. 15. Accessing NPTEL courses Video and Web courses from the NPTELWebsite @ Video courses from the YouTube @http:// 16. NPTEL - YouTube statistics Jan Dec Jan Dec Jan Dec Jan 2013 201020112012To date Channel 19,275,385 20,633,429 23,916,5253,067,096 Views Subscribers25,723 + 34,198+ 42,777+ 10,990 17. NPTEL Website statistics Total number of courses uploaded 539 Total number of video courses291 Total number of web courses248 Total number of viewers7,579,700 Total number of visits 20,182,548 18. NPTEL Website statistics 19. NPTEL Website statistics 20. Why NPTEL? 21. Devise and guide reforms that will transformIndia into a strong and vibrant knowledgeeconomy in coming years (all parts of India, thatis)Focus areas of interest for the projectin several phases Higher Education: Professional Education Distance EducationContinuous Learning 22. DISTANCE EDUCATION Clear and easily documented need: 1,400,000engineering seats; 50000 reasonable ones;demand increasing exponentially! Teacher-student ratio around 1:100 for teacherswith post-graduate M. S. /M. Tech. qualification 23. DISTANCE EDUCATION India has no choice: even to maintain the currentlevels a new major university needed everyweek! Massive online education is an importantemerging market and therefore a businessopportunity. 24. NPTEL AN OPPORTUNITY Technology already available and will onlyimprove. Communications band-width andcomputer power per unit cost will continue toincrease. NPTEL offers an opportunity to provide reach aswell as improvement in quality of the professionalsemerging from Universities 25. NPTEL AN OPPORTUNITY Offers opportunities for cross-disciplinarylearning independent of time, geography andsocial needs for anyone. Professionals can update themselves whilebeing on the job 26. NPTEL AN OPPORTUNITY Technology and reach open up new challengesOpportunities created by Google, Facebook,YouTube and the Internet extended in thesphere of education and social learning. Credible partnerships between Academia andthe Industry can emerge 27. NPTEL AN OPPORTUNITY Professional training and skill building can be effected through learning from NPTEL NPTEL can provide the certified edupedia for thorough mapping of courses along specific threads E.g. Google map for routes (Point A to Point B) 28. Strategies for effective e-learning Continued access, easy and just-in-time Set up social, peer-to-peer and faculty assisted networksand study groups Encourage interactions and dialogues among learners Collect continuous, course-specific feedback Devise strategies for incorporating user feedback in thedevelopment process Bring in partners from industry and researchorganizations Continuously upgrade the programme contents and movedownward towards school education Setup online and offline exams and certification as valueadd-on, to enhance employability in core industries 29. NPTEL from 2007access, from 2011-Socialnetwork Course contents to be peer- and user reviewed from time-to-time before being uploaded on the website User feedback to be incorporated at regular intervals A social network site ( to provide users forum and peer-to-peer and faculty- student interactions online on course contents 30. Accessing NPTEL Distribution of courses through Videos Enabling colleges to create their intranetsites Providing mirror site options to partners Running awareness workshops for collegesand students through agencies like Classleand Bodhbridge AICTE inducing colleges to obtain and useNPTEL contents freely 31. Accessing NPTEL Running contests for students through Classle Colleges to nominate students as ambassadorsto NPTEL and students interacting with IITfaculty directly Encouraging college and University faculty tobe collaborators and also as SMEs in coursesin which they are also experts Responding quickly to student and teacherqueries 32. Technology Enhanced LearningPromote critical thinkingVisualization and visualizability of conceptsDemonstration and hands-on experienceIntegration of teaching and learning in synchronization with the environment of the child/student/adult/all-time learnersMass education and lack of physical infrastructure and teachersBuilding competitiveness, and think out-of-the-box at an early age.Building a Nation to its fullest capacity a nation as large as India, with one sixth of the worlds populationSolve all problems in India and solutions for everyone else also emerge! 33. NPTEL Live online coursesFaculty Mentor workshopFebruary 16, 2013 34. NPTEL website Screen shot 35. NPTEL - live online courses Screen shot 36. NPTEL - Live online courses January April 2013 Basic Electrical Circuits Through Adobeconnect Digital System Design Through Vidyo 37. NPTEL - Live online courseBasic Electrical Circuits(January 22 April 30, 2013)Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura ,IIT MadrasClick here to Join this live course: 38. NPTEL - Live online courseDigital System Design(January 21 April 30, 2013)Prof. S. Srinivasan ,IIT MadrasClick here to Join this live course 39. Basic Electrical Circuits - Introductory video 40. What to expect from this course 41. Basic Electrical Circuits What to expect