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Latest Q Catering Promotion Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Products Supplier to Kent and East Sussex

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    We are pleased to be able to offer you the following

    SPECIAL OFFERSDeliveries from 2nd to 30th November 2015

    All offers subject to availability


    With the cold wet weather setting in, why not give your customers a little taste of Caribbean sunshine, with a delicious Port Royal

    Jamaican Patty?

    Quick and easy to prepare, these patties are pies with a flaky pastry shell and a beef or chicken filling. Baked until golden brown

    and served HOT HOT HOT!

    665020 Port Royal Baked Jamaican Chicken Patties 20x140gm 19.80665021 Port Royal Baked Jamaican Beef Patties 20x140gm 19.80

  • 01795 425050

    A nice simple Winter Warmer - Soup and a roll.

    394020 Knorr Cream of Chicken "100%" Soup Portion 12x250ml 8.50394021 Knorr Cream of Tomato "100%" Soup Portion 12x250ml 8.50394022 Knorr Wild Mushroom "100%" Soup Portion 12x250ml 8.50394024 Knorr Carrot & Coriander "100%" Soup Portion 12x250ml 8.50394025 Knorr Minestrone "100%" Soup Portion 12x250ml 8.50

    391042 Knorr Tomato Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391043 Knorr Thick Vegetable Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391044 Knorr Vegetable Broth Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391045 Knorr Chicken Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391046 Knorr Oxtail Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391047 Knorr Mushroom Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391048 Knorr Minestrone Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25391051 Knorr Asparagus Soup 200ptn 200ptn 15.25

    691200 White Petit Pain 51gm (1.8oz) 70 7.80691206 Mini French 75gm (2.7oz) 40 6.75691207 Mini Classic Assorted Rolls 35gm (1.2oz) 100 10.40

    Check Out Novembers Q Catering Cake of the month!

    742093 Handmade Cake Salted Caramel Nut Traybake 12ptn 10.99

    And what goes with a nice slice o cake, Worzel? A nice cup o tea of course, Aunt Sally!

    061046 PG Tips 1-Cup Tea Bags 1150 15.99

  • 01795

    623302 Catering Sausage 16's (Chipolatas) 4.54kg (160) 8.95044005 Streaky Bacon (NP) 2.27kg 6.75

    671000 Pin-it Short Crust Pastry 4x1.5kg 9.99361002 Middletons All Purpose Pastry Mix 3.5kg 5.99206010 Fairway Mincemeat 3kg 6.99

    225003 Sultanas 3kg 5.80225005 Raisins 3kg 6.60 225007 Dried Mixed Fruit 3kg 7.25 225012 Whole Glace Cherries 1kg 4.20 432105 Soft Light Brown Sugar 3kg 3.99 432106 Soft Dark Brown Sugar 3kg 3.99 422032 Fairway Ground Cinnamon 450gm 3.80 422037 Fairway Ground Mixed Spice 500gm 4.20

    A bit of Christmas Preparation.

    Are you making your own Pigs-In-Blankets?

    Or perhaps baking your own Mince Pies?

    Or maybe your own Christmas Pudding?

  • 01795 425050

    721101 Amore Vanilla Ice Cream (Net Price) 5lt 18.66 721102 Amore Chocolate Ice Cream (Net Price) 5lt 20.83 721158 Amore Amaretti Amaretto Ice Cream (Net Price) 2.4lt 13.05 721160 Amore Raspberry Sorbet (Net Price) 2.4lt 13.05721161 Amore Lemon Sorbet (Net Price) 2.4lt 9.61 721162 Amore Pear Sorbet (Net Price) 2.4lt 11.05

    Amore Di Gelato Super premium Ice-Cream with an Incredible 15% off!!

    453801 40x30cm Tray Papers 250453900 9cm (3.5") Doyleys 250453901 12cm (4.5") Doyleys 250453905 22cm (8.5") Doyleys 250453906 24cm (9.5") Doyleys 250

    Did you know we sell.