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    Oaktree Fall Classic

    The Oaktree Fall Classic took place on October 6- 7, 2018 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The trial was our largest to date, and our first judged trial of the year. Our overall winners were Dodge & Sharon Harris (156) as the winner with Dan & Kevin Lippe (147) and Joe & Nancy Nunn (144) rounding out the top 3 in Open, Tee & Ty Barrett in Open Ranch (132), Steele & Kevin Lippe (121) in Ranch, and Jasper & Robert Schnake (78) in Novice. The Saturday Top 3’s in each class were Dodge & Sharon Harris (81), Pete & Steve Knipmeyer (81), and OT Ruby & Ruth Hines (76) for Open. In Open Ranch, Tee & Ty Barrett (67), Ben & Nancy Nunn (64), and Tam & Sharon Harris (63). In Ranch Pris & Robert Schnake (64), Steele & Kevin Lippe (63), and Kassie & Ty Barrett (47). In Novice, Jasper & Robert Schnake (42),


    Stock Dog

    Association Oaktree Fall Classic

    The 2018 Oaktree Fall Classic was our largest trial this year, with 102 combined runs on Saturday and Sunday.

    Oaktree Fall Classic Open Ranch Saturday Winners

    Oaktree Fall Classic Open Overall and then Saturday Novice Winners

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    Howl & Kasey Hibberts (32), and Mirk & Roberta Hamilton (32). Sunday top 3’s were Open- Joe & Nancy Nunn (79), Link & Sharon Harris (77), and Meg & John Holman (76). Open Ranch- Kita & Cecil Petit (70), Tee & Ty Barrett (65), SK Spice & Justin Barrett (64). Ranch- Bullet & JW Newton (66), Steele & Kevin Lippe (58), Kassie & Ty Barrett (44). Novice- Howl & Kasey Hibberts (41), XP Six & Patti Ungeheuer (38), and Jasper & Robert Schnake (36).

    Oaktree Sooner

    The Oaktree Sooner SDT will be taking place in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on November 3-4. The trial will be judged by Danny Shilling. Check out for more info.

    Open Class- with 52 points Oaktree Ruby has clinched the 2018 OSDA

    Open Dog of the Year (2nd at 29 points.)

    Open Ranch Class- SK Spice leads the way with 56 points, and only one dog

    could still catch up, Tee with 45 points on the trial season

    Ranch Class- Jake & Queen are tied in first with 50 points, with Pris in

    contention at 32 points.

    Novice Class- Jasper

    has clinched the

    2018 OSDA Novice

    Dog of the Year at

    60 points (2nd at 38


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    Member Spotlight

    (Tom Hines) Q. You host several trials for us throughout the year, what is your favorite thing about hosting these trials?

    A. Getting to see old friends and make new friends and seeing people enjoy their selves.

    Q. You’ve put on 2 trials for us this year and are about to put on another, is there one of these trials you prefer to put on or do you enjoy them all the same?

    A. I enjoy doing them all, like I said, it's not really about the trials, it is the people and the fellowship.

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