Notes: Marine Mammals Sea Otters, Polar Bears, Manatees.

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Transcript of Notes: Marine Mammals Sea Otters, Polar Bears, Manatees.

  • Notes: Marine Mammals Sea Otters, Polar Bears, Manatees

  • Sea Otters General CharacteristicsOrder: CarnivoraSmallest marine mammal 60-80 lbs.Raft group of ottersLive in and around kelp bedsRight or left handed (keep a favorite rock under their armpit)Lack a layer of blubberFur densest fur of any marine mammalHuman 30,000 hairs per square inchGerman shepherd 40,000 hairs per square inchOtter 1,000,000 hairs per square inch

  • Otters contdThey blow bubbles into their fur for insulation and to help them float.Food They eat sea urchins, mussels, crabs and other invertebrates. They must eat 7-9 kg. per day because they have a high metabolism (helps keep them warm).ReproductionMost breed and give birth in the waterPups weigh 4-5 lbs. at birthPups cannot dive by themselves until they are 2-3 months old. When sea otters are alarmed or frightened, they hold up their paws and hiss!Almost slaughtered to extinction until protected in 1911.

  • Polar BearsCharacteristicsLargest predator in the worldLive in the ArcticCan swim up to 60 miles without stopping to rest this may take 3-4 days.They can do 50 foot dives.Eat seals which they stalk and capture when they surface to breathe.They spend the winter in dens

  • Polar Bears, ContdReproduction/OffspringCubs are born in the winter in a denThey weigh 1 pound at birthDont leave the den for 3 monthsStay with mother for 3 yearsAdaptationswhite fur to help camouflageblack skin to help trap heathair is a hollow tube to help funnel sunlight to skin.

  • Manatees and DugongsCharacteristicsOrder Sirenia means mermaidsRelative of the elephant called sea cowsLarge lips to feed on sea grass - herbivoresReproduce slowly 1 calf every 3 yearsMany are damaged by speed boats so speed limit laws have been passed in their habitats. Scars are visible on their backs.Manatee- can reachDugong can reach15 feet/1,320 lbs 10 feet/930 lbs