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Some well known biologists who carved a path in science and biology.

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  • 1. Notable Biologists

2. Its Greek To Me 3. Anaximander

  • Developed theory that human beings evolved fromfish

4. Hippocrates

  • Father of Modern Medicine. Hippocratic Oath was named for him. WroteCorpus Hippocraticum
  • The World Medical Association's logo[4] features a serpent wrapped around a staff, thesymbolof the ancient Greek god Asklepios. Aesculapius, worshipped by the Greeks as the god of healing, who originated in ancient Egypt as Imhotep, high-priest, sage and minister to the pharaoh, Zoser. It is significant that thissymbolis reminiscent of the Staff of Moses.[5] The World Health Organisation's logo[6] also contains the ancient religioussymbolof the serpent and staff, which is superimposed over the United Nations emblem.

5. Aristotle

  • Observed and classified animals
  • WroteParts of Animals ,On Plants ,History of Animals and Generation of Animals .
  • Known as Father of biology and Founder of Zoology

6. Galen

  • Father ofExperimental Physiology
  • Wrote On theNatural Faculties
  • Established idea ofpulmonary circulation

7. English 8. Robert Hooke

  • First person to observe cells
  • WroteMicrographia(1665), which was a milestone in the history of microscopy
  • Introduced termcellsin his work

9. Edward Jenner

  • Performed first vaccination against smallpox
  • Pioneer of immunology and virology

10. Charles Robert Darwin

  • Noted for histheory of evolutionthrough process of natural selection
  • Wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection , or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life .

11. Alfred Russell Wallace

  • Known for independent discovery of evolutionary change at same time as Darwin.
  • His travels took him along the Amazon River and Rio Negro and to Malay Archipelego

12. Italian 13. Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Helped formulate modern anatomical study through his notebooks

14. Giovanni Batista Morgagni

  • Published on The Seats and Causes of Disease.(1761)
  • This demonstrated thatdiseases start in specific organs of the bodyand are scattered throughout the body
  • Also described many diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • Founder of Pathological Anatomy.

15. Others 16. Anton van Leeuwenhoek (Dutch) 1623-1723

  • DiscoveredBacteriawith Microscope
  • Known as Father of Microbiology

17. Johann Gregor Mendel (Austrian)

  • Discovered basic principles of heredity through a breeding experiment withpeasin the monastery garden.
  • His work laid the foundation for new science ofgenetics .

18. Louis Pasteur (French)

  • Killed microbes with heat and saved wine industry in 1864.
  • Later his method,pasteurization , helped preserve milk, beer and food.
  • Proved value ofvaccinationby vaccinating sheep against anthrax, thus founding science of immunity.
  • Developedcure for rabies .
  • Disproved theory ofspontaneous generation

19. George Washington Carver (American) 1864-1943

  • Revolutionized Southern Agriculture
  • Developed numerous products from peanuts, sweet potatoes, and pecans.
  • Called Plant Doctor and known as Father of Chemurgy

20. Sir Alexander Fleming (Scottish)

  • Discovered penicillin in 1928.

21. Rachel Louise Carson (American)

  • Known for concern for the ecology and the environment, and especially for opposition to the indiscriminate use of pesticides.
  • Wrote Sea Around Us (1951) and Silent Spring

22. James D. Watson and Francis H. Crick (American)

  • DiscoveredStructure of DNAfor which they shared Nobel Prize for physiology of medicine in 1962.
  • Wrote Double Helix (1953).
  • The double helix is the two intertwined coils that form the crystalline structure of DNA