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Not Nineteen Forever

Not Nineteen ForeverThe Courteeners

IdeasI want to make a narrative based video following closely the storyline of the lyrics. I want it to look like an amateur film. I dont want the video to have too much of a professional feel because I dont feel that it goes with the artist and the genre.I want to shoot the video on location at various points around my hometown, as it wouldnt make sense to film it in a studio. I do not want to feature any performance based aspects as I want to concentrate on the narrative, and feel a performance aspect would detract away from that.I have thought about the sorts of people I would need in my video and would like to stay in theme with the song genre.

What resources will I need?ActorsI will need to find actors and extras to take part in my video. This may be difficult as they will not be paid for their work, and a lot of people are quite camera shy and will not be willing to take part. Luckily I have some friends in other sixth forms taking Media Studies A Level who are making similar productions, so in exchange for me taking part in their productions, they will take part in mine. I also have a few other friends who attend the Drama School in Southend who have agreed to help out.It will also be quite hard to find people who fit the image of the characters. For example, my idea needs to have an old(er) man, and I dont really know that many old people! I also need to find their younger counterpart, which means finding someone who looks like they could be a younger version of the older man.

What resources will I need?Props and costumesI would like to use a shot of a teacup and a slice of toast in the first verse to be shown at the same time as the line said would I like to go for tea and toast?, as I think it would be a contrast to the next line of the song, in which the male main character will slap away the female characters hand from his thigh.I will have to obtain a car and a female driver for the line in the car, she turned to me and said. For the club/bar scenes drinks will be needed. I would also like to use empty drinks bottles to demonstrate the characters heavy drinking, and possibly a hip flask for the character to carry on him. Costumes will not be provided, this will be down to the actors to dress themselves appropriately. With this in mind, I have only chosen people who already fit some of their character stereotypes to reduce any concerns about what they should wear.

What resources will I need?SettingsI have decided to film most of the production on location at various places in Southend. The start of the video will be shot in Southend Conservation Area, as I feel it would juxtapose the idea of the scruffy man lying on the floor, passed out drunk.My second location is the Railway Hotel. Upstairs functions as a club/bar and isnt too large meaning it will be easy to fill with extras. It also fits in well with the genre of music and the artist. Any other shots will be filmed in a studio that I have kindly been offered usage of.

Justification of ideas in relation to genre and artistActors: I have only chosen actors that look like they could be in the band or involved in that scene. They will not look out of place with the song and genre, and this will keep the video flowing.Props and costume: The boys will be wearing winkle pickers to emphasise the indie feel of the band and the girls will be dressed accordingly. Settings: Its set in a club/bar and indie people drink lots according to their stereotype. The outside scenes where the main character is laying on the floor are justified because the lyrics talk about peel[ing] off the pavement.