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A presentation about the benefits of social media marketing. Details and statistics about how social media can increase sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

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  • 1. WELCOME TO SOCIAL MEDIAPresented by Danielle Abreu

2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA Forms of electronic communication Online communities for sharing information Online collaborative media for marketing Blogs, photo and video sharing, wikis 3. SOCIAL MEDIA MYTHS Social media is just for the young There is no return in social media marketing Social media marketing is new Social media is too-time consuming 4. SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE CORPORATE WORLD Majority of businesses are incorporating social media into their marketing plan Businesses report an increase in market exposure Businesses that use social media report increase in sales Successful measurements of ROIs 5. BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA Reach your target market faster Many ways to create brand awareness Increase sales Connect with your clients Receive instant feedback 6. WHAT CAN SOCIAL MEDIA DO FOR NORTHWESTERN TECHNOLOGIES Reach your target market Identify clients perception Increase sales Increase brand awareness Connect with businesses 7. SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMARY Social media impact Opportunities Benefits Effects 8. REFERENCES Barker, Barker, Bormann, & Neher. (2012). Concepts and applications. Mason, Ohio: South-Western:, Smith, B. (2014, January 7). 20 Marketing Statistics that Will Influence Decisions in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]. RSS. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from Women, M. (2012, August 8). The Developing Role of Social Media in the Modern Business World. Forbes. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from