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This presentation shares a case study of pioneering work completed with Northwestern Mutual, in which we identified and proved a series of leader behaviors that predicted productivity performance. I served as the program's agency lead and lead planner.

Transcript of Northwestern Mutual Case Study

  • 1. Fact-Based LeadershipDemonstrating a Quantifiable Link Between EmployeeEngagement and Productivity

2. The JackFelton Golden RulerAward recognizes excellence in publicrelations research, measurement andevaluation.The awards primary objective is to identifysuperb examples of research used to supportpublic relations practice, and to publish theseas case studies.You can find Fact-Based Leadership and moreon the Institute for Public Relationswebsite, 3. What Excites Us AboutThis Work Links employee engagement to hard performance metrics Provides an innovative but practical approach to increasethe business utility of internal communications Moves beyond the corporate newsletter to influenceinteractions on the frontline 4. About Us 150+ year old mutual company Take a long-term view for clients Challenged by, but working from a position of strength in todays economy Products & Services: Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability Insurance Investment Products & Services Employee and Executive Benefits Annuities, Trust Services, Estate PlanningSupporting the Life-Long Financial Security of Policy Owners FORTUNEs Most Admired 5. Our Culture Built on foundation of riskCultural Biasmanagement business Leaders describe theculture as left brained Intense focus on benefitsto clients Politeness pervades 6. The Challenge Build a business case foremployee engagement thatwill secure budget It must stand up toanalytical scrutiny bydemonstrating measureableimpact on the business And, it must be compellingenough to be chosen fromhundreds 7. The ApproachDefine Conduct Connect PilotCodify & DevelopScope &Researchto Bigger EngagemenMarket 2010 PlanObjectives Picture tInternally & Budget ApproachIntegrated Implementation 8. ResearchEXTERNAL LITERATUREOverviewREVIEWSummary of relevant studies on 10Xintrinsic motivations link to businessoutcomesLEADER INTAKE SESSIONSInterviews with leaders to understand 100X priorities and potential areas of focusfor the pilotLINKAGE ANALYSISStatistical analysis of current survey 400X tools and business metrics 9. External Literature ReviewHighlights10xProven Drivers of Engagement Job Features that Improve Engagement Leadership based on vision & mentoring Allows the employee to make a contribution Empowerment and accountability Provides a modicum of autonomy Fairness in promotions Provides an opportunity to stick with tasks long Good communication & access to credibleenough to develop a sense of mastery/informationcompetenceProven Outcomes of EngagementProven Interventions Productivity and increased efficiency Restructured jobs Increased revenues Changed ideas about accountability Better customer satisfaction Leadership communications Improved information flow2009 Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment, Inc. 10. Leadership IntakeHighlights100x Tie to metrics that are scale-able Improve leadership skills Conduct pilot in operational and professional servicegroups 11. Linkage AnalysisHighlights 400x PCT OF PAID HRS WORKED IN 20080.950.94 Identified a proxy metric to focus0.93pilot efforts on productivity 0.920.91 Isolated behaviors from the 0.90employee survey Fact-Based0.89Leadership0.880.87 Tested the link between Fact- .55 .60 .65 .70 .75 .80 .85 .90 FACT BASED LEADERSHIP 2008Based Leadership and productivityTEST 1 ASSOCIATIONFBL and our productivity measurerise and fall together simultaneouslyStatistical Note: MODEL 01: Freq: Survey N; Covariates: HC 2008, RR 2008 12. Linkage Analysis Highlights400xPCT OF PAID HRS WORKED IN 2008 PCT OF PAID HRS WORKED IN 20080.95 0.950.94 0.94 0.930.93 0.920.92 0.910.91 0.900.90 0.890.89 0.880.88 0.870.87 .4 .5 .6 .7 .8 .9.55 .60 .65 .70 .75 .80 .85 .90 .95 2008-50-OPEN COMMUNICATIONFACT BASED LEADERSHIP 2006IN DEPT TEST 2 - PREDICTION TEST 3 EXCLUSION The better the score for FBL in Drivers that have been linked to productivity 2006, the better the score forin other companies do not seem to be productivity in 2008driving productivity in the 2006-2008Statistical Note: MODEL 01: Freq: Survey N; Covariates: HC 2008, RR 2008 dataset. 13. Linkage AnalysisHighlights 400x0.95 PCT OF PAID HRS WORKED IN 20080.940.93 Test 4 0.92 Dose-Dependence0.91 The greater the increase in FBL0.900.89 during previous years, the better0.88 the productivity this year0.87 -0.05 .00 .05.10.15CHANGE IN FACT BASEDLDRSHP 2008- 2006 Leverage, P