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North Sudan & South Sudan. Gabe Steinmeyer. Executive Summary. North Sudan: Military Support of Hamas South Sudan: Military and Political alliance with Israel. North Sudan. Military Support of Hamas Khaled Meshaal informed guests at an Islamic conference in Sudan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sudan & South Sudan

North Sudan & South SudanGabe Steinmeyer

Executive SummaryNorth Sudan: Military Support of HamasSouth Sudan:Military and Political alliance with Israel

North SudanMilitary Support of HamasKhaled Meshaal informed guests at an Islamic conference in SudanHamas will take revenge for Sudan from Israel in retaliation for its aggression ... You will hear good news soon, 16/11/12Sudan has been funneling weapons from Iran to Gaza.According to senior Israeli security officials. The rockets are assembled locally after being shipped from Iran to Sudan, trucked across the desert through Egypt, broken down into parts and moved through Sinai tunnels into Gaza.

Projections:Look for further support of HamasFurther alignment with Jihadist communities70% of 34,206,710 population or 23,944,697 people are Sudanese Arab

97% of Sudan is MuslimIran to Gaza: A Rockets StorySouth SudanMilitary and Political alliance with IsraelChristian State with independence as of 2011Israeli "elements" have been arming and training the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA)Israel was one of the first countries to recognize South Sudan after it gained independence from Muslim, Arab-led Sudan last JulyIsraeli delegation is to visit South Sudan in order to identify ways that Israel could better support the developing African nation.Projections:Expect continued conflicts between Sudan on issues of resources, religion, and Israel-Gaza conflictFurther cooperation between Israel and South SudanSources