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Conversation Hours TopicTopic:

North Korea & South Korea.6 pages minimum!

Materials to Prepare. (Realia, pictures, etc.)

4 pictures for initial eliciting.North Korea map for reference regarding geographical features.Pages 11 & 12.Page 13.

Main Skill/ Skill Objective Lesson Objective.Language & culture focus.(Quote, grammar, vocab, idiom, etc.)Understanding North Korean culture and citizens.

Vocabulary: Defecting, immigration, propaganda, reunion, cold war, assimmilation antonyms.Page 5 & 6.

Page 8

Intro & general chat, icebreaker,

Basic North Korea and South Korea comparison.Page 3, 4, 5, 6.

Reading: (Article, book page, pamphlet, etc.)

Divided families from North, South Korea meet after six decades.Page 7

Multimedia: (Movie, TV Show, Song, Web site, You Tube).

North Korea myths and North Korea facts You Tube clips.Page 9

Task-Based element:(Role play, Debate etc.)

N/APage -

Writing: (Letter, Journal, etc.)

North Korea myths and North Korea facts You Tube clips.What would you like to ask a North Korean?Page 9Page 10.

Game: (Joke, riddle, tongue twister, cartoon, etc.)

N/APage -

Touch of philosophy.


Konglish element.Aust. Slang.


Very Important!!Teacher, you must check for updates, recent released information, recent (better) pictures etc., on ALL conversation topics, and make changes where necessary, before printing.


T < > SS < > SS < > TT > SS > T(Brief detail of the procedure onto 1 or 2 pages only).

Review aspects of last meeting.

Set homework for next meeting.5 min

References(May include references)

North Korea & South Korea

1. How close to North Korea have you been? Would you like to visit North Korea?

2. What do you know about North Korean and South Korean history? How similar are the two countries?

3. What do you know about North Korea? What is truth, what is gossip, what is propaganda, and what is myth? Do you think the starving people claim in North Korea is a true fact?

4. What do you know about the geography of North Korea? Its mountains, rivers, cities, landmarks, lakes, cultural events / festivals?

5. What are some good things and some bad things about North Korea? What are some good things and some bad things about South Korea? What elements are against human rights? E.g. Over worked & under paid employees.

6. Why isnt North Korea as rich and as developed as South Korea?

7. Does North Korea and South Korea have good political relations? Does North Korea and South Korea assist each other economically? Does South Korea have businesses in North Korea? What businesses and industries are there? Do the business owners provide good conditions for its workers?

North Korea & South Korea

1. Why are there two separate countries of Korea? What do you know of the Korean War? Whose interests lay on the land at the time? Was it really Koreas war? Or was Korea merely a battle ground for the other major players in the game? What was the Cold War in 1950/53?

2. From 1948, what do you think of the leaders of each respective country? Challenge: Can you name a good thing and a bad thing about each leader?

Kim Il Sung (1948 1994)Rhee Syng-Man (1948 1960)

Yun Posun (1960 1962)

Park Chung-Hee (1962 1979)

Choi Kyu-Hah (1979 1980)

Chun Doo-Hwan (1980 1988)

Roh Tae-Woo (1988 1993)

Kim Jong Il (1994 2011)Kim Young-Sam (1993 1998)

Kim Dae-Jung (1998 2003)

Roh Moo-Hyun (2003 2008)

Kim Jong Un (2011 present)Lee Myung-Bak (2008 2013)

Park Geun-Hye (2013 present)

3. Do North Korea and South Korea have good relations in other areas?Such as in: Sport, the Arts, Film, Olympics, DMZ, Family relations and family reunions, the islands, share the same music, share a festival, Asian Games?4. What is the atmosphere like when North Korea and South Korea play soccer?

Han Jong Sim

North Korea & South Korea

1. Who are some famous North Korean and some famous South Korean celebrities? Do you know of any famous North Korean pop singers or movie stars or athletes? Do you know of any famous Japanese pop singers or movie stars? Do you know of any famous Chinese pop singers or movie stars?

2. Lets talk about the North Korea culture:

What things do you have and do that a North Korean doesnt have or do?

Hiking.McDonalds.All night TV.Pollution & litter.Marijuana.

Beer & chicken.Starbucks.All lights night.Traffic congestion.American military occupation.

What is a North Korean .?Popular sport.Popular tourist landmarks.Famous authors.

Country dish.Amusement parks.Literature.

Popular music.Local alcoholic drink.Biggest Industry & biggest export.

Museums & galleries.Movies, TV shows.Popular leisure activities.

3. What happens in South Korea if youre caught speeding or drink driving? What happens in America if youre caught speeding or drink driving? What happens in Australia if youre caught speeding or drink driving? What happens in North Korea if youre caught speeding or drink driving? North Korea & South Korean: Families

1. What do you think about the fact that North and South Korean families have not contacted each other for decades? That includes they cannot write to, or telephone each other, or see each other.

2. If you could not contact your family members, how would you feel? What is the longest you have been away from your family? Even while overseas on vacation, how soon do you contact your family?

3. Defectors have been coming from North Korea; why do you think they are defecting? Some people have defected to North Korea; what do you think about that? What happens to defectors after they have arrived in South Korea? Is assimilation easy for them? What sorts of problems would they face? What happens to defectors if they are returned to North Korea? How good is life for a defector in China? Easy or difficult? What is significant about Yalu River on the Chinese and North Korean border?

4. People are leaving South Korea permanently why do you think they are leaving? Are you planning on leaving South Korea? What preparations do you need to make? Why are you leaving? Who is going with you?

5. What do you think North Korea and South Korea will be like in 10 years?

North Korean Kim Ho-Sook, right, 83, meets her South Korean brother Kim Ho-Dae during a family reunion after being separated for 60 years on Saturday in Mount Kumgang, North Korea.

Divided families from North, South Korea meet after six decadesBy Andrew Salmon, For CNN October 31, 2010

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- Relatives divided since 1953 reunited for the first time Saturday at a South Korean-built tourism resort in North Korea amid tensions between the two sides.

Elderly men in suits and women in traditional Korean silk hanbok dresses sat at numbered tables in a large restaurant. Many burst into tears; some sat, spoke and exchanged photographs; others simply looked bewildered as they clutched hands and stared into faces unseen for six decades. The relatives have been separated since the 1950-53 Korean War.

"We have held a memorial service for you every year," South Korean Yi Jong-sool told his North Korean elder brother, Yi Jong-ryeol, 90. "I can't believe you are alive." The oldest of the South Koreans, Kim Lye-jong, 96, bear-hugged her North Korean daughter, Woo Jong-hye, 71. Goh Yoon-sob, 81, from North Korea met his son Koh Bae-il, 63, from the South; the two were separated when the son was three years old. The men clutched hands and exchanged photographs. The son appeared speechless as his father spoke to him. "Our mother was waiting for you, but she died last year," South Korean Yi Yun told his older brother Yi Hwa-chun, 81. "If only she had lived one more year ..." Kang Kyung-won, 79, from North Korea sat across from his younger sister Kang Byong-sun from the South. She dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief unable to speak.

There were some remarkable stories. Four South Korean soldiers, initially believed killed in action in North Korea, were alive. They met their family members from the South.

Some 436 South Koreans, ranging in age from 12 to 96, met 97 family members from North Korea. But some planned reunions did not go ahead; some relatives had died in the past few days, while others were too ill or fragile to attend. The meetings, which stretch over three days, will be bittersweet; the chances of any of the divided family members meeting again are slim.

1. Politically, what can be done to reunite families?2. Do you know of anyone who was separated from their family during the Korean War?3. Why are the meetings bittersweet?4. Why might future meetings be slim?5. What would it be like to meet a family member you havent seen for decades?6. Are there activist groups campaigning for family reunions?7. Do you know of any families that are contacting each other un-officially? Cell phones.North Korean Language Focus

Antonym FocusOn either side of the border, some words mean something different depending on which side of the border youre sitting.

Match the words on the left with their antonym.AssimilationPeace

ImmigrationPatriot ist.

PropagandaAlienation ~ Isolation.


Cold WarBreak-up

Defect - ingTruth

1. Complete each sentence with a word from the left box.2. And then cre