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Azhibekova AlmiraKazakh-American University


Outline:Geopolitical location of both GeographyEthnic homogeneity Korean warDivided familiesPolicyEconomy


Geopolitical location3

North Koreais located ineast Asiaon the northern half of theKorean Peninsula.North Koreashares a border with three countries;Chinaalong theAmnok River, Russia along theTumen River, andSouth Koreaalong theKorean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ). TheYellow Seaand theKorea Bayare off the west coast and theSea of Japan is off the east coast.South Koreais located inEast Asia, on the southern half of theKorean Peninsula. The only country with a land border to South Korea isNorth Korea, lying to the north with 238 kilometres (148mi) of border running along theKorean Demilitarized Zone.3

GeographySize:Roughly equal to UtahClimate:Cold wintersHot, wet summersTopography: Mountainous Population:


What we can see from overall shape?Size of two Koreas are roughly equal to utah. Climate and temperature: they have cold winters and hot wet summers.Topography: mostly mountainousAnd you can see the population of north and south: population of south is rather bigger than the northern 4


It's certainly not comparing like with like: North Korea is a small, impoverished and isolated country;South Koreais wealthy and backed by the world's number one superpower.while the South is westernised and industrialised, the North has the distinction of being the most corrupt country int e world (joint with Afghanistan), according to Transparency International, have a high infant mortality rate and homicide rate - plus have one of the lowest press freedom scores anywhere in the world.5


These is real fact that the difference can be seen even from space. South Korea is full of lights if to compare with their unfriendly neighbors.6

Ethnic Homogeneity Racially pure, Unique race

East Asian or mongoloid racial group Strong sense of racial identity Self-identification as distinct from other Asian nations

Korean languageAltaic language groupStructurally identical to Japanese60% of vocabulary borrowed from Chinese Distinct from bothNot a tonal languageRegional dialects Just like U.S7

Ethnic homogeneity


As you can see here is some photos of girl from different periods of Korean history. It starts from 1910 to 1940 all Korean girls be like this. And then in 1950 when Peninsula split into 2 parts with different ideologies there became difference in their personality. Northern side more strict. 8

Divided NationJapanese occupation 1910Divided in 1945After the WWII, Korea split into 2 countries at the 38 parallel North Korea was communist with leader Kim II-sung and they had the support of StalinSouth Korea was a democratic Republic Korean war 1950-53-Enemies -Divided families -No mail, no trade, no visits, no phone calls


Korea had been invaded by both china and japan for much of their early historyThe japanese invaded korea and set up a harsh system of laws.As theRusso-Japanese Warended in 1905, Korea became a nominalprotectorate, and was annexed in 1910 by Japan.In November 1943,Franklin Roosevelt,Winston ChurchillandChiang Kai-shekmet at theCairo Conferenceto discuss what should happen toJapan's colonies, and agreed that Japan should lose all the territories it had conquered by force. In the declaration after this conference,Korea was mentioned for the first time. The three powers declared that they were, "mindful of the enslavement of the people of Korea, ... determined that in due course Korea shall become free and independent.After the WWII, Korea split into 2 countries at the 38 parallel North Korea was communist with leader Kim II-sung and they had the support of StalinSouth Korea was a democratic Republic Korean war 1950-53Causes of KW: as I said K. was divvied into 2 parts after the Japanese surrender. June 1950The Korean warbetween North and South Korea begins,with help from the Soviet Union and China on one side, and the US and the United Nations on the other. Two new ideologically opposite countries were established in 1948. NK wanted reunification under communist rule.July 1953The Korean war ends when a ceasefireagreement is signed. TheKorean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is created to separatethe two countries.October 1966The Korean DMZ conflict begins as troops from both countries invade the demilitarized zone and engage in skirmishes.January 1968North Korean commandos attempt toassassinate South Korean President Park Chung-Heeand are stopped just a few hundred yards from his residence.August 1974There is another assasination attempt of President Park Chung-Hee by a North Korean commando in Seoul. First Lady Chung-Heeis killed.April1996North Korea sends thousands of military troops into the DMZ as it announces it will no longer adhere to the armistice of 1953.June 1999Known as the Battle of Yeonpyeong,North Korean patrol ships crossthedisputed maritime border, leading to clashesbetweenseveral ships.At least 20 North Korean military personnel are killed.


A brief history of border conflict between North and South Korea


Tot je text10

After the war Estimates from 3 million to million dead military on each side More than 2 million civilians died in North KoreaThe 38 parallel remains exactly in place as it was beforeThere has never been peace treaty, so the Korean war has technically never endedSo the participants signed a cease fire, but not a peace treaty. They still have infiltrations from the North and both sides exchange small arms fire11

In Pics: North Korea - South Korea military comparison



How one nation compares in a military space: North korea has about 950.000 regular soldiers under arms, 3.500 main battle tanks, 17.900 artillery pieces, 63 tactical submarines, 620 combat capable aircraft. And 2 nuclear tests carried out in recent years, ability to deliver crude nuclear weapons capability may be possible.13


Southern part is more successful in such spheres like GDP per capita $35.485 in 2014 estimate, life expectancy at birth in 2012, 2012 olimpic medals won, 2012 military spending and so on.14


Hundreds of South Koreans have begun meeting family members in the North in a rare reunion event for families separated by the Korean War.The reunion, comprising a series of meetings over a week, is being held at a Mount Kumgang resort, at the border.Thousands of families have been apart with little or no contact since the war ended in 1953.Reunions have been held sporadically since 1988 and depend on the state of relations between the two countries.The last reunion was held in February 2014.This year's meeting comes after an agreement in August that de-escalated tensions sparked by a border explosion that injured South Korean soldiers.The meetings, organised by the Red Cross, are hugely popular with tens of thousands signing up, but few on each side get chosen and they tend to be elderly.In South Korea participants are picked at random by a computer which takes into account their age and family background.Many of those attending from South Korea are bringing gifts for their North Korean relatives such as clothes, food, toothpaste, and cash.The two Korea remain technically at war as the Korean War only ended in an armistice.The family reunions began in 2000 and have since been carried out sporadically.But they depend hugely on the state of relations, and the North is known to have cancelled a few at moments of tension. The last was held in February 2014.The reunions are taking place at a resort on Mount Kumgang in North Korea'Lets Meet Again In The Afterlife': Korean Families Say Goodbye Againpersonally, i hope for reunification but others don't think it's a good idea since ideologically and economically the two koreas are so different now. i'm touched and saddened to hear about this very brief reunion. yes, they will definitely meet in the afterlife. Don't forget Korea was not always 'united'. They were once many 'Korean' states before they were unified and then seperated again. Time will come again when they will reunite again...One highest value I get, to respect the time when one family have one occation to close one another, keep it with love handle it with care.


The arch of Reunification is a sculpturalarchlocated south ofPyongyang, the capital ofNoth Korea.The concrete arch straddles the multi-lanedReunification Highwayleading from Pyongyang to theDMZ. It consists of two Korean women in traditional dress, symbolizing the North and the South16

The concept ofKorean reunificationinvolves the potential future reunification of theDemocratic People's Republic of Korea(commonly known as North Korea), theRepublic of Korea(commonly known as South Korea), and theKorean Demilitarized Zoneunder a single government. The process towards such a merger received a fillip in the2000, where the two countries agreed to work towards a peaceful reunification in the future. However, the process of reunification has met many difficulties due to ongoing tension between the two states, which have become politically and economically different since their separation in the 1940s.16

North, South Korea Trade Fire Along Border as Tensions WorsenNorth and South Korea exchanged fire across the DMZ in 2010The incident started when North Korea fired a rocket at a South Korean border area Two South Korean soldiers were maimed by land minesLast year, their ships exchanged warning fire near a disputed Yellow Sea boundary.South Korea has signaled more provocations may come as a key North Korean national celebration approaches in October.The situation on the Korean peninsula will certainly become more unstable if North Korea fires a long-range rocket ahead of the Oct. 10 a