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North American Fish Trax Community Seafood Initiative Heather Mann. Community Seafood Initiative. Non-profit 501c(3) established in 1998 Head-quartered in coastal Oregon serving the west coast and north America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of North American Fish Trax Community Seafood Initiative Heather Mann

Newport Fisheries Center

North American Fish TraxCommunity Seafood InitiativeHeather MannCommunity Seafood InitiativeNon-profit 501c(3) established in 1998 Head-quartered in coastal Oregon serving the west coast and north AmericaUnique partnership with Oregon State University and Enterprise Cascadia (community development financial institution)Mission to provide the seafood industry with access to relevant information and appropriate services resulting in successful businesses

ProgramsPreserving Seafood-related Working Waterfronts45 Northwest Fisheries ReportsEfis conference(s)Seafood Health FactsNorth American Fish Trax (Pacific, Gulf and Atlantic Fish Trax)

North American Fish TraxInformation sharing and knowledge creation system

Information is collected, analyzed and shared using creative tools that improve industry performance, resource management, seafood marketing and consumer and public education

Fishermen own the data and fishermen decide how much information to share and with whomPacific Fish TraxGulf Fish TraxAtlantic Fish Trax

Project CROOS Background

ESA Salmon Listings in 1992

2000 2006 Klamath River Disaster

2006 CROOS Pilot Project Implemented

2008 Sacramento River Salmon Disaster

Project CROOS ObjectivesDetermine patterns of weak stocks in virtual real timeAvoid weak stocks and target healthy stocksTrack oceanographic conditionsDevelop a real time information systemImprove markets and economic performanceProvide lasting economic benefits to fleets and coastal communitiesSample Collection

Species:ChinookLength: 34.5 inchesStock: Central Valley FallCapture DataDate: 2 August 2006Time: 09:29Depth: 5 fathomsLat: 124.27689Lon: 44.01622Fisherman: Scott BoleyVessel: FrancesEnabling Information Technologies

Hardware:Electronic data loggersTemperature & depth loggersBar-code readersData collection:Buoys, Doppler radar, autonomous gliders Communication:Cell phonesSatellite phonesEmailInternetWorld wide webSatellite based: GPS,Communications,Remote sensingComputer Based:Data base software, GIS, ocean models, visualization software, marketing kiosksWhy Fish Trax?Tool that allows industry more control over their futureTool that allows the story of the fishery to be told in a credible and accurate way Stakeholders decide which data to share and who can utilize it Fish Trax is a 3rd party neutral safe-keeper of the informationOne piece of data can be displayed in a variety of ways to meet a variety of needs depending on the audience (consumer, marketer, general public, science, management, etc.)

Fish Trax - Broad GoalsSupport sustainable fisheriesEmpower the seafood industryImprove fisheries management, science, marketing, and economic performanceBuild broader stakeholder communities Maintain neutrality and objectivitySupport transparency and qualityPromote efficient exchange of information Support collaboration and co-management Protect privacy

What We Have DonePacific Fish Trax west coast salmon fishery, B.C. salmon fishery, west coast albacore tuna fishery, beginning work with west coast groundfish trawl fishery West Coast Salmon Fishery over 250 west coast vessels Find Your FishFishermens PortalScientist & management portalGulf Fish Trax My Gulf Wild campaign

PossibilitiesTracking systems for seafood products that are designed to meet the needs and marketing demands for specific fisheriesFishermen portals where fishermen can view their own data and make smart decisions about where and how they fish, track bycatch areas, etc. Science portals to support fishery dependent analysis, cooperative research, or other science-related applicationsFisheries management portals created to deliver information needed for real and near-real time management depending on the needs of the fishery