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Spring issue of Norfolk Nips and Cask Force magazine. Contains the spring and summer beer festival listings for the Norfolk area.

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    Local breweries getinvolved to raise cash.

    See pages 13 and 17Magazine of the Norfolk Branches of the Campaign for Real Ale

    No.176 Spring 2016

    Special Festival Sectio

    n* see pag

    es 4

    6 - 57


    AN OFFALEY LANGWAY FOR A BEER A Tale of Haggis and

    beer north of theborder. See page 18-19


  • Over 40 fantastic pubstaking partMore than 40 Norwich pubstake part in City of Ale, many ofthem historic beauties, all ofthem offering ales from localbreweries and running theirown events and promotions. As you delve your way throughthe picturesque streets of thecity, youll struggle to be muchmore than a stones throw awayfrom a participating pub - and aterrific beer thats new to you.

    40 amazing breweriesinvolvedCity of Ale is all about beersfrom Norfolk and closesurrounds. The fantastic array ofbreweries from within a 40-mileradius of Norwich provide richpickings in terms of beer choicefor the participating pubs.Different styles and flavoursabound. Many of the breweries

    offer tours so you might liketo build time into your trip for ajaunt out to see them.

    AleIts not called City of Ale fornothing. After all, its a city. Andit has ale; lots of ale; lots andlots of ale. Theres a fabulousAle Trail awaiting your discrimi-nating palate

    It was unique when itstarted and it remainsthe best city-wide celebra-tion of aleThis is not a festival tied to asingle venue, rather an experi-ence extending across a wholecity. Since 2011 when itstarted, other towns and citieshave followed suit and createterrific beer events of their own,but Norwich City of Ale remains

    Eight reasons to visitNorwich City of Ale!

    Norfolk Nips | City of Ale 2016

    In this issue:Reasons to be Beer-ful! 3

    Beer of the Year Awards 2016 5

    Pub and Brewery News 6-8

    The Edlines 10

    Stigs Words 11

    Wolf Whiskers 13

    Around Breweries 14-15

    Tobis Tipple 17

    Offaley lang way for a beer 18-19

    Birds Eye View 21

    Cider wells up for Spring 21

    Pub is the Hub 23

    Letter to the Editor 25

    Beer Miles 26-27

    From the Archives 29

    First Friday Five 31

    Health Issues 33

    CAMRA AGM 2016 Liverpool 35

    Whatpub? 37

    CAMRA LocAle Update 41

    CAMRA Discount Scheme 43

    CAMRA Beer Festivals Calendar 45

    Beer Festival Listings 46-57

    Join CAMRA 58

    Warrens Words 59

    Steves Words 59

    CAMRA Branch Calendar 61

    Contacts 62

    Spring 2016 | 3

    Continued Overleaf

  • the inspiration - and showpieceof ale celebration.

    Grain to glass likenowhere elseThis region, with its light soils,low rainfall and sunny climategrows some of the best barleyin the world and local malt-sters create exceptional maltfrom it. So, its hardly surprisingthat so many craft brewers inthe area source their mainingredients (barley and othercereal malts) locally.

    The city is beautifulNorwich is a gorgeous cityfilled with historic architectureintertwined with chic modernbuildings. It is home to a fabu-lous castle, a lovely cathedral, atraditional market, art centres,theatres and - by the way, havewe mentioned - an array offantastic pubs? Its a happeningplace with more than everhappening during Norwich,City of Ale!

    CAMRA Branch OutingsCity of Ale holds everything (oralmost everything!) yourbranch could possibly wantfrom an outing. To do it justiceyoull really want to stay overfor a night or two!

    It Celebrates EntrepreneurshipThe beer and pub industry isfull of entrepreneurs nowheremore so than Norwich and theregion that surrounds it. Andthere are also the two peoplewho created the concept andset up the whole event.

    Norwich City of Ale is thebrainchild of Dawn Leeder,creator of PintPicker, which hasprofiled over 16,000 beers(look it up if you dont believeit!) and Phil Cutter, licensee ofthe award-winning GardenersArms. If youre lucky enough,youll meet them on your wayround the Ale Trail, and canhave a chat over a pint. But inany case be sure to raise your

    glasses to them, and to two ofthe things that are best aboutBritain: our beer and our pubs.

    So, City of Ale is a fantasticopportunity for CAMRAmembers, or CAMRA branches,to visit Norwich and take in thesights and ales. The fun startson the 26th of May and lastsuntil the 5th June, with a wholehost of events crammed inbetween. Why not get a grouptogether, make the trip down,and enjoy Britains City of Ale?Theres plenty to drink to.

    Further info: Facebook: Norwich City of AleTwitter @CityOfAle

    Spring 2016 | 5

    Norfolk Nips | City of Ale 2016 - continued

    Norwich & Norfolk CAMRA are pleased toannounce that the first Norfolk Beer of the YearAwards will be held at the Hostry, NorwichCathedral, on Friday, February 26th at 7.30pm.

    This is our version of the Oscars and theGolden Globes all rolled into one! We'll bepresenting all the awards for the Norfolk CaskBeer of the Year, Bottled Beer of the Year, and

    Norwich Beer Festival Beers of the Festival, socome along, meet the brewers, and join thecelebrations.

    Well have a selection of the prize-winning caskbeers available at 3 / pint, you'll get your firstpint FREE, along with a great buffet, all for just15 per person! Visit tickets. Limited availability - book early!

    Norfolk CAMRA Beer of the Year Awards 2016

  • 6 | Spring 2016

    Ian Stamps News

    The big news for this edition isthe closure of the Owl Sanc-tuary, and the unprecedentedresponse to it, includingnational newspaper coverage,visits from local MPs and overTWO THOUSAND peoplenominating it as an Asset ofCommunity Value!

    Why such an outcry? Well firsta little history. There has been apub on what is now Cattle-market St, Norwich since atleast 1864, and possibly 1834,known until recently as theShirehall, or variations of,except for a five-year period asthe One & Only. It closed in2010, and was empty for overtwo years, finally re-opening in2012, after a lot of hard workand investment from twoyoung entrepreneurs, as amusic pub, the Marquee,promoting lesser-known andnew alternative, punk & metalbands. Closing again, it re-opened in 2014 as the OwlSanctuary, the name takenfrom an episode of Im AlanPartridge, and continued as amusic venue, but alsoproviding a base for local chari-ties, such as the Norwich SoupMovement.

    Unusually for this style of pub,and to my great surprise whenwe walked past a few weeksafter the opening, there werethree handpumps on the bar,with pump clips facingforwards! On investigation, we

    found Adnams Ghost Ship andPanther Beast of the East (a5.5% IPA no less) and oneother, all in excellent condition.Several irregular visits, andreports from others, confirmedthat this was not a one-off, andthe pub was a welcome addi-tion to the real ale scene inNorwich as well as a greatmusic venue.

    So I was very disappointed tosee, in the first week of January,a Facebook post from themanagement of the pub,stating that the building hadbeen sold to Richard Pratt, andthat they would be leaving atthe end of January. Mr Prattalso owns the building nextdoor, currently occupied byWarings furniture shop, andhad previously applied for, andobtained, planning permissionto develop seven flats on landbehind the building.

    I immediately asked, via areply to the Facebook post, forsomeone to complete our ACVnomination form with details ofthe pubs facilities and events,so we could pass that nomina-tion to Norwich City Council,expecting that maybe one ortwo people would respond.That was about 8pm. By 7amthe next morning 15 peoplehad already nominated thepub, and by the time I gothome from work, it had grownto 1,900, with a new nomina-tion coming in every 15 or 20seconds! Even a note on theform to thank people and saywe had sufficient information

    didnt stop them, and by theend of the day we had a totalof 2,347 nominations, a stag-gering figure.

    Within 24 hours we hadobtained the Land Registrydocuments, and after makingsure wed got the applicationright, we submitted it to theCouncil a couple of day later.

    With over 5,000 peoplesharing the Owl Sanctaurysoriginal post, the media werenaturally involved, with frontpage stories in the EDP andEEN, a big article in the Inde-pendent, and visits andmessages of support from bothNorwich MPs. As I write, thefuture is uncertain - the Councilhave visited the pub, but stillhave to make their decision.And even then, the ACV doesnot prevent the owner fromclosing the pub, and applyingfor planning permission to dowhatever it is he wants to dowith it. But it will make itharder!

    Of course, the Owl Sanctuaryisnt the only pub weve ACVd- in total, in the last 6 months,Norwich & Norfolk CAMRAhave submitted 41 ACV nomi-nations, of which 30 have beenlisted, 5 rejected, and 6 are stillin the pipeline. In addition, thepeople who nominated theOwl Sanctuary also nominateda dozen other pubs, whichwell be following up on asap.And by the time you read this,we may well have been able tonominate even more pubs,

    Pub and Brewery NewsPub and Brewery News | Norfolk Nips

  • following a very interestingmeeting which Ill tell youabout in the next edition!

    Remember, the best time tonominate a pub as an ACV isNOW, not when it has alreadyclosed and it may be too late!All you need to do is fill in aform here,, and well do the rest(your name will not be used!).

    We do have some good newsto report in Norwich though!In Union St the Coach &Horses, now owned by JasonBarker, has had a major refurb,with new wood flooring,leather sofas and big screens,and two handpumps, albeitcurrently serving nationalbrands. Mr Barker and newlandlord Martin Jared intend tospend more