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NON-IEEE EMBEDDED PROJECT TITLES 1 Anti-theft control system design using embedded system 2 Auto sleep timer and manual cut-off for home appliances 3 Electronic energy meter with instant billing 4 Ultrasonic and voice based walking for blind 5 Design and development of energy-free solar street led light system 6 Design and implementation on the intelligent management system of Garage 7 An efficient monitoring of substations using microcontroller 8 Secret code lock system 9 Voice enabled smart home using microcontroller 10 Home control through voice enabled system(pc) 11 Temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector 12 Stress measurement using bionics sensor system 13 Modern security system for fiscal transaction 14 Staffs in and out time maintenance system using 8051 15 Spontaneous fire alert and control using microcontroller 16 Sleep and wake categorization with ECG and respiratory effort signals 17 Security for industrial with alert system using smoke sensor 18 Secured power transmission using embedded controller 19 Real-time heartbeat monitoring system with display on graphical LCD And voice based alerting system 20 Pc based different industrial parameter measurement using various sensor ECWAY TECHNOLOGIES IEEE PROJECTS & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS OUR OFFICES @ CHENNAI / TRICHY / KARUR / ERODE / MADURAI / SALEM / COIMBATORE BANGALORE / HYDRABAD CELL: +91 98949 17187, +91 875487 1111 / 2111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 / 8111 VISIT: Mail to: [email protected]

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Page 1: Non ieee embedded projects

NON-IEEE EMBEDDED PROJECT TITLES1 Anti-theft control system design using embedded system

2 Auto sleep timer and manual cut-off for home appliances

3 Electronic energy meter with instant billing

4 Ultrasonic and voice based walking for blind

5 Design and development of energy-free solar street led light system

6 Design and implementation on the intelligent management system of Garage

7 An efficient monitoring of substations using microcontroller

8 Secret code lock system

9 Voice enabled smart home using microcontroller

10 Home control through voice enabled system(pc)

11 Temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector

12 Stress measurement using bionics sensor system

13 Modern security system for fiscal transaction

14 Staffs in and out time maintenance system using 8051

15 Spontaneous fire alert and control using microcontroller

16 Sleep and wake categorization with ECG and respiratory effort signals

17 Security for industrial with alert system using smoke sensor

18 Secured power transmission using embedded controller

19 Real-time heartbeat monitoring system with display on graphical LCD

And voice based alerting system

20 Pc based different industrial parameter measurement using various sensor

21 Pc based 4-axis stepper motor control

22 Password protected IR based device control

23 Passengers increment decrement counting system

24 Multi parameter measurement systems




CELL: +91 98949 17187, +91 875487 1111 / 2111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 / 8111

VISIT: Mail to: [email protected]




CELL: +91 98949 17187, +91 875487 1111 / 2111 / 3111 / 4111 / 5111 / 6111 / 8111

VISIT: Mail to: [email protected]

Page 2: Non ieee embedded projects

25 Micro controllers based two wheeler theft controllers

26 MEMS based pc commands using hand signals – wireless

27 Micro controller based temperature measurement and relay control with pc

28 Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train

29 Intelligent agricultural system with weather monitoring

30 Secured power transmission with loss and theft analysis

31 Humidity monitoring and pumping system for home garden

32 High security door access control system

33 Finger print based automatic teller machine

34 Finger print based door control with attendance management system

35 Finger print based door lock system and monitor through pc

36 Finger print based medical information system for patient

37 Electronic library management system using finger print sensor

38 Fire detection and automatic intimation system

39 Electronic polling system using finger print

40 Electronic energy meter with instant billing

41 Digital coin vending system for milk booth and browsing Centre

42 Touch screen based digital devices control system

43 Automatic intelligent plant watering system

44 Traffic light priority control for emergency vehicles[demo]

45 Fasted finger first

46 Serial port security key

47 Palpitation screen based driving system

48 Ultrasonic distance meter

49 Air leakage detection based on pressure sensor

50 Wireless handheld ordering terminal based on embedded system

51 Touch screen based advanced home automation system for next generation apartments

52 Touch screen based nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired

53 Automation of residential electricity cut off using network based embedded control

54 Development of anti-rigging voting system using finger print

55 Can controlled accident avoidance system

56 Microcontroller-based automatic irrigation system with moisture sensors

57 Motion operated scrolling display for led panel using MEMS accelerometer

58 Automatic active phase selector from 3-phase supply to load

59 Voice announcement in industries on different parameters defects

60 Finger print based physical access control vehicle immobilizer

Page 3: Non ieee embedded projects

61 Autonomous vehicle with obstacle detection using ultrasonic detector

62 Advance security interface for vehicle with can protocol implementation

63 E -cash pay off for fuel station

64 Access check for smart money carry

65 A new intelligent remote control system for home automation and reduce energy


66 Assessment of changes in upper airway barrier by automatic recognition of inspiratory

flow restriction during sleep

67 Drunken-over speed indicator

68 Touch panel based industrial device management system for handicapped persons

69 Touch panel based nurse or attendant calling system for physically impaired

70 Touch panel controlled motor speed and direction control system

71 Touch panel based wheel chair for handicapped persons

72 Safety of valuable items using ZIGBEE and MEMS sensor

73 Atmel based home security system (IR, LPG, fire, magnet sensor)

74 Automatic auditorium controller

75 Automatic light dim dip controller

76 Automatic rain operated wiper

77 Automatic speed breaking systems

78 Automatic speed control in speed limit zone

79 Body motion information collection

80 Bomb detecting robot

81 Check post vehicle analyzer

82 Design of a wireless medical monitoring system

83 Modern railway system

84 Real-time atomization of agricultural environment

85 Solar based traffic light control system

86 Ultrasonic parking guidance system

87 Vehicle superintending system with voice feedback

ROBOTIC BASED PROJECTS1 Solar operated robot

2 Drive a robot with keyboard

3 Blue tooth controlled robot

4 Voice based pick and place robot

Page 4: Non ieee embedded projects

5 Flex sensor operated robotic arm

6 Land mine detecting robotic vehicle

7 Wireless endorsed operated robot

8 Gas detection robot for atomic power station

9 Radio controlled spy robot with motorized RF

10 Voice based robot using pc through wireless

11 GSM mobile phone controlled intelligent robot

12 Robot movement controlling using android

13 Robotic buggies with servo motor & radio remote control

14 Live human being detection wireless remote controlled robot

15 Autonomous robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection

16 Automatic voice announcement based robot fire analysis system

17 The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology

18 Robotic buggies with ultrasonic radar which finds its own safe passage to home

19 Radio frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video

Camera mounted on it

20 Accelerometer (gyroscope) controlled robot with rf. No need to press

Any buttons for robot control

21 Micro electro mechanical sensor (MEMS) accelerometer/gyroscope

Based self-balancing robot

RFID BASED PROJECTS1 RFID enabled passport verification

2 RFID based library maintenance system

3 RFID based attendance maintenance system

4 Elegant library management system using RFID0

5 Pc based door access and attendance logger using RFID

6 Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network

7 Design of smart nodes for RFID wireless sensor networks

8 Large scale active RFID system utilizing ZIGBEE networks

9 Robust and efficient password - authenticated key concord

10 Providing group travel guide by RFIDs and wireless networks

11 An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues

12 Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based exams

13 Authenticated and access control system for device using smart card technology

Page 5: Non ieee embedded projects

GSM BASED PROJECTS1 SMS based weather reporting

2 Remote parent care (RFID & GSM)

3 GSM based motor speed control

4 Voting machine through GSM modem

5 PIR + GSM based home security system

6 Data acquisition system with GSM modem

7 Electricity billing through GSM modems

8 Mobile monitoring system for smart home

9 Industrial monitor through GSM networks

10 Engine monitoring through mobile phones

11 Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector

12 SMS based advertising system using LCD display

13 SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system

14 Automatic power meter reading using GSM network

15 Stepper motor speed control using cell phone (DTMF)

16 Vehicle theft identification system with SMS indication

17 Protected cash withdrawal through mobile phone device

18 Home appliances control & status indication through SMS

19 GSM based automatic irrigation water controller system

20 SMS based remote sim card’s address book access system

21 Design of an intelligent SMS based remote metering system

22 Railway security monitoring system using GSM technology

23 DTMF based industrial automation appliance control system

24 Vehicle safety system with fuel and alcohol detection system

25 GSM-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system

26 Ups battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems

27 A remote measurement and control system for greenhouse based on GSM-SMS

28 Soil moisture sensor based intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system using GSM


29 Self-system for defects analysis in industries with mobile communications

30 Railway security management system (bridge vibration detection) based on GSM

Page 6: Non ieee embedded projects

GPS BASED PROJECTS1 GPS interface in GSM networks

2 GPS based office cab monitoring system

3 Border line crossing using GPS technology

4 GSM+GPS based school kids tracking system

5 GPS based travel assistant for blind people

6 GPS based asset/vehicle/animal speed tracking system

7 GPS based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays

8 GPS wireless speedo meter for boat/ship with speed and location limit alerts

9 GPS based station name announcement and display system for trains/buses


2 Remote controlled fan regulator

3 Wireless data acquisition system using 8051

4 Wireless fingerprint attendance system

5 RF based human detection and monitoring

6 Remote controlled solar tracking system

7 Systematic control of toll gate using RF communication

8 RF communication based involuntary for substation system

9 Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals

10 Wireless based automated railway signaling and gate control

11 Power monitoring in EB department using wireless technologies

12 Energy saving project for heating system with ZIGBEE wireless

13 The research on ZIGBEE-based mine safety monitoring system

14 ZIGBEE device access control and monitoring

15 ZIGBEE based intelligent helmet for coal miners

16 Real time pantry information system using ZIGBEE

17 System for monitoring and fall detection of patients

18 Design of an intelligent SMS based remote metering system

19 Development of coal mine safety system using wireless sensor network

20 ZIGBEE wireless vehicular identification and authentication system

21 ZIGBEE based wireless sensor networks for service robot intelligent

22 Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation

Page 7: Non ieee embedded projects

23 Bluetooth based data logger for industrial automation

24 Wireless auto railway traffic signaling cum automatic gate close open system

25 Wireless security control system & sensor network for smoke & fire detection

26 Increasing safety of bomb disposal missions- a body sensor network approach

27 Wireless communication technology in family health monitoring system

28 Two-way wireless data messaging system for rural areas using ZIGBEE technology

29 The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor networks


2 GSM based SCADA implementation

3 Automatic beverage vending m/c

4 Electricity billing using PLC modem

5 Boiler control in industries (at89c52)

6 Control of instruments using I.R. Rays

7 Optimum energy management system

8 Induction motor parameter measurement

9 Object detection by ultrasonic means

10 Distance calculation for underground cable fault

11 Automatic power failure indicator to EB substation

12 GSM based energy meter reading with load control

13 Speed synchronization of multiple motors in industries

14 Industrial safety measures system with voice indication

15 Auto selection of any available phase, in 3 phase supply system

16 Life cycle testing of electrical loads by down counter

17 Movement sensed automatic door opening system

18 Power grid control system using GSM modem

19 Ultra-fast acting electronic circuit breaker

20 Automatic bottle filling water system using 8052 with conveyor model

21 Power distribution system monitoring and control using GSM modem

22 Power upgrading of transmission line by combining ac–dc transmission

23 Programmable load shedding time management for utility department

24 Programmable switching control for industrial automation in repetitive nature of


Page 8: Non ieee embedded projects

25 SCADA (supervisory control & data acquisition) for remote industrial plant

26 Tampered energy meter information conveyed to concerned authority by wireless


27 Mobile phone signal isolator for GSM and CDMA networks with prescheduled



PROJECTS1 Robust data acquisition system using network wireless protocol

2 Wireless transformer multi parameter testing using ZIGBEE protocol

3 ZIGBEE based distribution substation automation in SCADA

4 Power plant monitoring and control system using wireless protocol

5 ZIGBEE based modern home automation system

6 Device status monitoring and control using ZIGBEE network

7 Wireless weather station through ZIGBEE

8 Pc based industrial parameter monitoring and control system

9 Network wireless protocol based smart irrigation system

10 Wireless multi parameter analyzer

11 Advanced protocol based current, voltage, power measurement for EB

12 Microcontroller to microcontroller data acquisition using ZIGBEE

13 Automatic ration card using ZIGBEE and RFID

ARM BASED PROJECT TITLES1 Wireless Tele-media system based on arm and web server

2 Temperature and humidity control system using graphical LCD and arm

3 Implementing peripherals using 32-bit arm microcontroller

4 Arm and RFID based security system (home, office or industrial

5 Arm based smart power generation and multi-purpose optimization

6 Internet based home automation system using arm

7 Ethernet controller for home appliance using internet

Page 9: Non ieee embedded projects

8 Arm based remote temperature controller with Ethernet

9 Real time data acquisition system using arm and RTOS

10 Digital receipt system (ARM+ETHERNET)

11 Programmable logic controllers (PLC) using arm for industrial automation with


12 Check point access control using ARM+ETHERNET+RFID

13 Talking thermometer for visually impaired

14 Arm and LCD based micro controller clock

15 ARM+ETHERNET controlled temperature regulator used to control the device

BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS1 Bed Side Patient Monitoring System With Emergency Alert.

2Patient’s Body Temperature & Heart Beat Rate Auto-Detection System

With Wireless

3 Paging To The Concerned Doctor During Emergency Situation.

4A Biomedical Wearable Device For Remote Monitoring Of Physiological



RECOGNITION 1 Gesture Based Driving System.(Using RF )

2 Wireless Earth Quake Warning Alarm For People Security.

3 Activity Monitoring System For Senior Citizens.

4 MEMS Based Android.

5 Hand Talks System.

6 Gesture Based Wheel Chair For Physically Disabled Person.

7 Accelerometer Based Device Control System.

8 Gesture Based Vehicle Movements Control & Alerting System.

9 Hand Gesture Based Bio Medical Approach For Disables.

10 Hand Gesture Based Bio Medical Approach For Disables.

Page 10: Non ieee embedded projects


PROJECTS1 Soil Moisture Content Based Automatic Motor Starter For Irrigation Purpose.

2 Real Time Environmental Monitoring System And Status Updating In Pc.

3Wireless Temperature Monitoring System & Controlling System Using

Embedded System.

4 Anti-Theft Alert And Auto Arresting System For Museums And Jewelry Shops.

5 Sensor Based Caution Alert System (Fire / Smoke).

6 Monitoring And Automation Of Cultivation.

7Automation Of Home Appliance Based On Temperature (Ovens / Air


8 High Sensitive Sensors Based Automatic Device Control.

9 Power Saving System For Shopping Malls With Visitors Counting.

10 Parking Slot Indicator.

11 Real-Time Maximum & Minimum Temperature Recorder.

12Modern Intelligent Automatic Traffic Light Controller Based On Traffic

Density In Metro Cities.

13Vehicle Automation With Ignition Key Security System With Steering

Control Mechanism Using Sensors.

14Intelligent Fire Detector With Automatic Water Sprinkler System To Avoid Fire


15 Microcontroller Based Moisture Monitor & Controlling System.

16 Real Time Mileage Meter.

VOICE - INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS1 Bus Arrival And Departure Announcement System For Metro Bus Stations.

2 Advanced Steward Calling System In Airlines.

3 Four - Channel Fault Annunciation For Industries.

4 Home (Or) Office Security System With Voice Announcement.

Page 11: Non ieee embedded projects

5 Smart Librarian For Noise Reduction.

6 Real Time Heartbeat Monitoring And Alerting System Through Voices.

7 Design Of A Prototype Hand-Talk Assistive Technology For The Deaf.

8 Voice Call Annunciation For Hostels.

9 Voice Operated Modern Restaurant.


2 Digital Visitor Counter

3 Priority Based Traffic Clearance Systems In Heavy Roadways.

4Ups Battery Management Global Alert And Control System For Corporate


5 Scrolling Message Display.

6 Vehicle Pollution Check And Tracking.

7 Battery Level Monitor.(Without Controller)

8 Advanced Collision Avoidance For Buses / Trains.

9 Surveillance System For Railways.

10 Shopping Trolley In Supermarkets.

11 Implementing Smart Digit Lock System For Device Access.

12 Lawn Maintenance System.

13 Pre-Scheduling System For Industrial Appliances Control Using RTC.

14 Programmable Digital Delay Lines For Electricity Board.

15 Logic Gates Analyzer Using Microcontroller.

16 Time Based Power Saving System In Corporate Road Ways.

17 Designing The Hap-Tic Interface System For Disabled Persons.

18 Fastest Finger First Indicator With Priority Management.

19 Speed Checker For Hi-Ways.

20 Power Management System For High-Ways.

21 Clap Based Device Control.

22 Time Based Traffic Management System.

23 Automated Street Light On-Off Controller Based On Time And Season

Page 12: Non ieee embedded projects


24 Anti-Theft Alerting System For Vehicles (Two-Wheeler).

25 Caution System For Vehicle Pollution.

26 Modern Public Garden

27 Electronic PLAC Card.

28 Intuitive Appliance Control System With Id Acquisition.

29 Help Quit Smoke Watch.

30 Power Saving Iron Box.

31 Digital Cook Book.

32 Digital Vehicle Speedometer With Password Enabled Speed Limit Setting.

33Timer Based Automatic Power Cutoff For Industrial Sealing / Packaging


34Intelligent Public Transport System – Bus Status – Arriving / Leaving /


35 Indication System In The Bus Stop.

36 Parameters Checking Before Take Off.

37 Electronic House.

38 Automatic Bidirectional Visitor Counter (ATC).

39 Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System For Car.

40 Token Number Display & Alerting System.

41 Public Bus Tracking System.

42 Ultrasonic Alarm For Visually Impaired.

43Energy Saving System For Railway Platform With Entry And Exit Time Data


44 Dish Antenna Direction Control.

45 Liquid Dispensing System With Adjustable Quantity For Industries.

46 Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System.

47 Real Time Clock Display Implementation With IC Protocol.

48 Transformer Over Heat Protection With Intimation To Electricity Board.

49 Programmable Logic Controller Using Atmel c Microcontroller.

50Cell Phone Jammer- Implementation Of Highly Effective Mobile Phone Jammer

(With Out Controller)

51 Data Acquisition System Using IC Protocol

52 Master And Slave Based SCADA Using RS Protocol.

Page 13: Non ieee embedded projects

53Construction Of Digital Voltage And Current Meter With High And Low Level


54 LDR Based Automatic Lamp Illumination Controller (PWM Control)

55 Timer Based Automatic Power Cutoff For Industrial Packaging Machines

EEE - ECE TITLES 1 Three Phase Power Transmission Line Data Monitoring.

2 Fault Analysis Of Universal Motor.

3 Automatic Power Control System Design For Industries

4 Single Phase Residual Current Breaker.

5 Ac v Over And Under Voltage Protection For Electrical Appliances

6 Bi-Direction Dc Motor Speed Control Using Rf.

7 Development Of A Power Transmission Online Monitoring System

8 Chopper Based Dc Motor Speed Control.

9Automatic Switching Of Consumer Connection In Distribution Feeder For

Efficient Load Distribution

10 Motor Multi Parameter Monitoring System For Fault Prevention

11 Stepper Motor Control Based On Pc Commands.

12 Industrial Vehicle Counter And Automatic Gate Opening System

13Digital Frequency Meter Using Integrated Circuit And Data Display On Pc And


14 Timer Based Electrical Oven Temperature Monitoring And Control System

15 Microcontroller Based Vehicles Speed Display For Highways

16 Design Of Digital Thermometer Using Seven Segments.

17Industrial High Voltage Transformer Protection Against Overheating Of


18Automatic Power Failure Indication System For Domestic And Commercial


19 Energy Meter Monitoring System With Automatic Tariff Calculation

20 Checking And Auto Control Of Water Level Using Wireless Sensor

21 Construction Of Digital Voltage And Current Meter With High And Low Level

Page 14: Non ieee embedded projects


22 LDR Based Automatic Lamp Illumination Controller (PWM Control)

23 Timer Based Automatic Power Cutoff For Industrial Packaging Machines

24 Wireless Speed Control Of Dc Motor Through RF Remote.

25 Hand Movement Based Fan Controlling

26 Motion Based Powered Devices Switching

27PIR Based Energy Conservation System For Corporate Computers And

Lighting System

28 Ups Battery Monitoring System With Automatic Battery Changeover.

29 Automatic Sprinkler System For Plants

30Designing Of Tactile Keypad With Magnetic Door Lock System For Industrial


31 Closed Loop Speed Measurement Of Dc Motor

32 Industrial Device Switching Using Electromagnetic Wave Frequency (RF).

33Automatic Door Opening And Room Miniature Control System Using IR And

LDR Sensors

34 Dc Motor H-Bridge Interfacing And Speed Control By Using PWM

35 Light Dimmer Circuit Using TRIAC.

36 Industrial Parameter Measurement System (Current, Voltage, And temp).

37Supervising & Mechanization Of Agricultural Field Environment (Temp, Soil,


38 Programmable Protective Relay Using TRIAC.

39Talking Energy Meter, Alerts The User With Voice Messages In Case Of

Over Power Utilization

40 High Voltage Fuse Blown Indicator With Voice Based Announcement System

41 Password Protected Stepper Motor Controlling System

42 Motor Speed Control System Using Infrared Sensor

43 Wireless Energy Saving For Home Appliances.

44 Wireless Remote Based Speed Control Of Exhaust Fan Using IR / RF.

45 Tough Pad Based Bulb Intensity Control

46 Finger Print Based ATM &Locker System For Modern Banks.

47 Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Using Scr.

48 Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier Using Scr.

49 Temperature Adjustable Heating System Using Power Electronic Devices.

Page 15: Non ieee embedded projects

50 Over Load Protection Of Bus bar.

51 Heat Dependent Dc Motor Speed Control Using Integrated Circuit.

52 Wireless Direction Control Of Stepper Motor Using IR / RF Technology

53 Pc Based Power Grid Control Using Wireless Communication

54Speed Control Of Universal Motor Using Insulated Gate Bipolar


55 Step-Up Converter. (Booster Circuit)

56 Wireless Data Logger System.

57 Electric Tension Level Based Appliances Switching.

58Parallel Connection Of SCR To Control Speed Of Universal Motor By

Switching Angle Control

59 Lead Acid Battery Dc Charger With Over Voltage Protection.

60 Integrated Circuit () Based Home Security System (Password).

61 Speed Control Of Exhaust Fan Using TRIAC Based On Temperature

62 Variable Frequency Drive Cyclo-converter.

63 Security And Access Control Of Electrical Equipment Based On Smartcard.

64Embedded Based Automatic Power Cuts In Different Areas For Electricity


65 Speed Control Of Universal Motor By Using Scr.

66 Pc Based Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using PWM Technique

67 Electrical Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature And Water Level Monitoring.

68 Embedded Based Digital Speedometer Cum Odometer.

69 Energy Efficient Lighting Controls In Shopping Malls.

70Embedded Based Intelligent System For Poly Temperature Monitoring

Through Voice Announcement

71 Automatic Multipoint Testing Of High Voltages.

72 Design Of Fire Monitoring System Using Integrated Circuit

73 Console Based Substation Monitoring (Voltage, Current)

EEE AND ECE COMMON TITLES1 Security access control system using RFID

2 Gas leakage sensing system and automatic control

Page 16: Non ieee embedded projects

3 Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase

supply using Microcontroller

4 Real time battery monitoring and low voltage alert system for car

5 Fault alerting and maximum demand controller for industries

6 Electrical thermal plant boiler temperature and water level monitoring

7 Ultrasonic sensor based Automatic Braking comfort

8 Automatic LDR based window blind control system

9 Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control using Microcontroller

10 Non-contact Digital Tachometer for industries.

11 Automatic room light intensity detection and control using a microprocessor

and light sensors

12 Alert the user with voice messages in case of over power utilization.

13 Intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system depends on soil moisture.

14 Gesture based wheel chair for physically disabled person

15 Gestured controlled lamp dimmer (Useful for power conservation)

16 Location Tracking System Using RFID

17 Resistive Touch screen based password authentication for Illiterates using


18 Tongue controlled wheel chair

19 Modern Notice Board Using RF

20 DTMF Based Human Less Boat Control for Oceanic Research Applications

21 Finger print based Bank locker system

22 Voice based indicator for High voltage fuse blown

23 Microcontroller based Robot controlled through PC with head lamp vision

24 Switching devices using Voice for visually challenged

25 Child monitoring system

26 Automobile security system using digital password

27 Path following robot

28 RF controlled battle Robot

29 RF Based Smart Zone Vehicle Speed Monitoring and Control System

30 Advanced remote accident information system using GSM

31 Alive human being detector using Passive Infrared Sensor

32 Mobile Operated Land Rover

Page 17: Non ieee embedded projects

33 Energy Meter Digitization and Automatic Utility Transfer to Electricity Board

using RF

34 Voice controlled robot

35 Automatic Electricity billing and tripping for non-paid customers

36 Flying robot for Rescue operation during accidents and disaster

37 GPS based Fleet management system

38 Industrial power management system

39 Home security system with auto dialer

40 High voltage fuse blown indicator with automatic fuse roll system

41 GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System

42 Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting

43 Voice operated remote for TV

44 Voice operated home appliance control

45 Helmet based vehicle safety system

46 Wireless Based Railway Bridge Damage & Track Fault Notification with Alarm


47 Finger Print Based Advance Voting System

48 Wireless Target Recognition and Counter Attacking Robot with Laser Gun


49 Speed limit alert for vehicle

50 Cotton purification process in spinning mills using PIC microcontroller

51 Automated light controller using fuzzy logic

52 Advanced real-time vehicle tracking system using GPS modem

53 Automatic power failure indicator to EB sub station

54 Magnetic door lock system for security

55 Embedded based EB sim-card

56 Finger print based security access control system

57 Role of wireless sensor networks in forest fire prevention

58 Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature

control system

59 ZIGBEE based intelligent helmet for coal miners

60 Vehicles tracking and breaking system in traffic

61 Wireless speed control of dc motor using RF communication

Page 18: Non ieee embedded projects

62 Bus arrival and departure announcement system for metro bus stations

63 Patient vital signs monitoring using wireless body area networks

64 Vehicle gas detection with automatic safety warning system using GSM

65 Code modulation based encryption & decryption technique for secure

communication in wireless

66 ZIGBEE device access control and reliable data transmission in ZIGBEE based

health monitoring system

67 Railway gate management using GSM technology

68 Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging

machines bed side patients monitoring system with emergency alert

69 Password Based Door Lock System

70 Automatic vehicle toll collection using smart card technology

71 Fiscal access system using RFID

72 Microcontroller based audio muting system depends on mobile call

73 Wireless sensor node to detect hazardous gas pipeline leakage

74 Microcontroller based intelligent robot control using SMS

75 Modern intelligent automatic traffic light controller based on traffic density

76 Patient’s body temperature & heartbeat rate auto detection system with

wireless paging to the concerned doctor during emergency situation

77 Landmine detecting android

78 Hand movement based fan/light controlling

79 Microcontroller based vehicle parking slot indicator

80 Bus detection device for the blind people using RFID

81 Power saving system for shopping malls with visitors counting

82 Public bus tracking system

83 Hand talks system for the physically disabled people

84 Automatic vehicle RC book & driving license verification system using RFID

85 GSM based advertising display system using LED panel

86 Novel Electronic Voting Machine

87 Single phase residual current breaker

88 Chopper based dc motor speed control

89 Stepper motor control based on pc commands

90 Touch pad based bulb intensity control

Page 19: Non ieee embedded projects

91 Automatic temperature based exhaust fan controller

92 Automatic break failure and engine heat controller

93 Embedded based electricity theft identification

94 Live human detection and SMS indicator

95 Petrochemical level indicator and controller with temperature monitoring for

spinning / cotton process industries

96 Automatic station name display in train

97 Automatic cellphone detector

98 IR based bomb and fire detector

99 Remote based stepper motor control



Zone Speed Monitoring And Alert System Using ZIGBEE and GSM