Noblesville Indiana Slide Show For L Inkin

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General PowerPoint slideshow of what Noblesville offers!

Transcript of Noblesville Indiana Slide Show For L Inkin

  • 1. Noblesville, Indiana

2. Noblesville City Hall 3. 2008 Indiana ChamberNoblesville Community of the Year Award 4.

  • Noblesville Corporate Campus provides for a mix of uses, including industrial development, commercial development, and workforce housing.
  • The corporate Campus allows Noblesville to develop a diverse and strong tax base, as well as allow for significant job creation within our community.
  • The Campus allows Noblesville to maintain its high quality of life while providing an excellent location for new corporate, retail, and residential development.

5. Corporate Campus 6. Historic Downtown Noblesville 7. Family Fun! 8. Come Visit, Come Shop, Come Play!