No.. Building Stronger Universities II Information meeting 11 March, 2014 7 January, 2014BSU II2.

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Transcript of No.. Building Stronger Universities II Information meeting 11 March, 2014 7 January, 2014BSU II2.

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  • No.
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  • Building Stronger Universities II Information meeting 11 March, 2014 7 January, 2014BSU II2
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  • No. Outline of presentation Introduction o BSU II o status of the visit to the seven south universities Project outlines from South o needs, requests and thematic focus o how to read the project outlines Partnership proposals o requirements o format o evaluation criteria o eligibility list Next step o Timeline for Match-making process and inception phase o Preparation of indicators Questions and comments Informal meeting place BSU II37 January, 2014
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  • No. BSU II Programme Overall objective: Research capacity development at institutional level Sub-objective 1: Research capacities: research policies and strategies, PhD schools, development of research concepts, enhancement of research quality assurance. Sub-objective 2: Support for research: University-wide services and facilities: i.e. grant and financial management systems, library services and laboratory upgrading, ICT. From 1 January 2014 to 1 November 2016. DKK 100 million. Danida Fellowship Centre to provide administrative support BSU II47 January, 2014
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  • No. - continued South driven: 7 South universities define and manage their own activities - and invite Danish universities to participate. The 7 universities includes: University of Ghana (UG), Ghana Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo), Tanzania State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), Tanzania Gulu University (GU), Uganda Kathmandu University (KU), Nepal BSU II57 January, 2014
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  • No. Visit at the South universities BSU II6
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  • No. Visit at the 7 South universities South universities voiced appreciation of the appropriation and continuation of BSU Continued strong commitment towards BSU II and its objectives Appreciated the programmes south-driven design features. Challenges in terms of diversity - flexibility and respect for individual uniqueness is important Successful link-up with the process consultant with each of the universities. BSU II7
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  • No. NEXT STEP: Action Plan for match-making and inception BSU II87 January, 2014 ActivityOutputResponsibleDeadline Visiting the 7 South universities Clarification of conditions for preparation of project outlines Process Consultant to assist South partners MFA and Process Consultant 22 January 14 February 2014 Development of project outlines as basis for match-making Partner project outlines with clear objectives and services expected from partners in North South partner universities 28 February Call for response to project outlines from Danish universities Internet callDFC5 March 2014 Submission of responses from Danish universities for match- making Responses as basis for match-making Consortia of Danish universities 9 April 2014 Screening and selection of matches (partners) Decision on match-makingSouth partner universities 15 May 2014 Approval of Match Making ApprovalMFA20 May 2014 Trilateral agreementsSouth and North university partners DFC 30 May Inception PhaseInception report: Monitoring and results framework, indicators. Monitoring Consultant to assist South and North university partners 1 June - 31 August 2014 Implementation and monitoring South and North university partners 1 September 2014 - 1 November 2016
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  • No. Selection and approval of the matches high lights The screening and selection of matches - Southern partners will conclude this process not later than May 15th 2014. Approval of Match Making - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will approve the selection not later than May 20th 2014. Trilateral Agreements and Initiation of Disbursements signed not later than May 30th o Upon signature - disbursement of funds can take place with immediate effect. o A set of General Conditions for the management of the funds will be issued and will be part of the Trilateral Agreement. BSU II97 January, 2014
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  • No. Inception Phase three month Starting when the agreement is signed (not later than 1 June) o initiate the development engagement o prepare an Inception Report containing: o activity plans o detailed budgets o indicator frameworks and baselines values Submitted to DFC by the Southern Partner. Ministry of Foreign Affairs will formally approve the budgets and provide comment to the Inception Reports if relevant. BSU II10
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  • No. Preparation of indicators A monitoring consultant will assist joint workshops with the Southern and Danish Partner during the two first months of the inception phase. (Tanzania+Uganda, Ghana, Nepal) the monitoring consultant is available to coach all parties during the ongoing process of indicator development through the inception phase. a combination of virtual and on-site meetings according to the specific needs of the individual universities. BSU II11
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  • No. Further information www. BSU II12
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  • No. Further information www. universities/ BSU II13