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  • DAILY LOBOnew mexicoOctober 28, 2010 The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895

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    Through the roof

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    by Alexandra Swanberg and Chelsea Erven

    [email protected]

    e Faculty Senate endorsed a printing resolution that encourages professors to reduce class printing requirements Tuesday.

    ASUNM president Lazaro Carde-nas and ASUNM Attorney General Jaymie Roybal presented the resolu-tion to the Senate two months ago. ey were met with concerns about having material available online.

    Cardenas said the resolution raised awareness about student printing strain, especially in light of last years 250-page printing restriction.

    It can become more cumber-some to some students, especially if theyre required to print over the 250-print limit, he said.

    e revised resolution addresses copyright concerns and questions about unfamiliarity with electronic documentation, said Judith White, an assistant journalism professor.

    I told them that they had to be conscious of two objections: at is that some faculty wont know how to do it electronically, because they havent been doing it, she said. No. 2, some faculty are concerned about copyright and intellectual property.

    To make the transition from a paper format to an electronic one, Cardenas and Roybal teamed with IT members and professors to ex-plain how to use eReserves, WebCT and E-Textbooks.

    Roybal said they also explored legal issues on posting electronic material. She said IT veri ed that all the online material remains the property of its original owner.

    Obviously, were not asking you guys to put the entire course on-line, to switch your entire methods of teaching, she said. But if the syl-labus were to be available online rather than a printed form, it could

    save you guys money now that were going through these terrible budget cuts, and us money as well.

    White said the Department of Communication and Journalism has already taken steps to alleviate printing costs and is pleased with results.

    I know that some professors do need to do that in order to achieve their course objectives, but Ive pretty much modi ed all my objec-tives to make them web-friendly, she said. Many of our students fall into the de nition of the Millennial Generation, and many of them have learned to learn on the Internet.

    Other Faculty Senate decisions:

    e Senate approved a propos-al asking to establish an academic council as a committee of the Fac-ulty Senate. e measure passed in a 20-3 vote. e proposal says the Faculty Senate needs an academ-ic council to address academic is-sues that existing committees cant handle, such as academic program prioritization and elimination and possible changes to the Universitys core curriculum.

    e Senate endorsed an e-mail proposal originally presented at a Sep. 28 meeting. At that meeting, the O ce of the Chief Information O cer suggested consolidating e-mail systems into a University-wide system. Senators were asked to dis-cuss the suggestion with their de-partments. Faculty senators raised concerns about the e-mail security, but it passed in the end.

    e Senate struck down a propos-al from Daily Lobo Editor-in-Chief Pat Lohmann to make the Universi-tys salary book available online. e proposal was tabled at the Senates last meeting, but addressed Tues-day. Senators said they feared that online access to their nancial in-formation could make them targets of robbery, sales companies and re-altors. e salary book is only avail-able at Zimmerman Library.

    ASUNM: Quit printing so much


    Gabbi Campos / Daily Lobo

    Erika Burleigh draws a lobo at Smith Plaza on Wednesday. Burleigh is trying to get students to sign a petition for lobo reintroduction in New Mexico.

    thursdayGuitarHerosee page 7

    by So a Sanchez [email protected]

    In a world gone mad, Doug-las Daugherty said, the Univer-sity needs a A Day of Sanity.

    Daugherty, the event orga-nizer, said violent outbreaks have produced a need for com-munity dialogue. He said what happened Monday at a debate in Kentucky is an all-too famil-iar reminder. ere, a Rand Paul volunteer stepped on a liber-al activists head after she was tackled.

    Sitting on the sideline is a complicit act in socially repro-ducing the status quo, Daugh-erty said. We must remem-ber there is no such thing as a real world out there. e real world is a social construction,

    and only through the social de-construction of that world can we begin the long and arduous task of producing a better world for our children and grandchil-dren and future generations of

    humanity. e rally takes place Friday

    and will focus on local com-munity issues. Between an is-sue table and mic sessions, students will speak out against injustices.

    Among others, El Centro de la Raza and the ANSWER Co-alition plans to set up booths aimed at stopping war and end-ing racism.

    e rally will produce peace-ful methods to solve social injus-tices, said Tony Padilla, organiz-er for the ANSWER Coalition.

    We need to open a dialogue from people from di erent per-spectives and try to understand one another about prominent social justice issues, he said.

    Student Nate Peavler said the event allows students to

    form and share opinions, but it also stimulates learning.

    It puts our educational per-spectives on the spot, he said. We are learning how to create a formulated opinion here at UNM. is rally is a way to test if we are learning or just going through the motion.

    Sitting on the sideline is a

    complicit act in socially

    reproducing the status quo.

    ~Douglas DaughertyEvent Organizer


    FridayEast side of the SUB

    For more information, contact Douglas Daugherty at

    [email protected]

    Groups to rally in search of reason Douglas Daugherty, left, and Rocky Romero work to organize for A Day of Sanity. The event, which takes place Friday, is dedicated confronting student social issues.

    Laurisa Galvan/ Daily Lobo





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    PageTwo New Mexico Daily loboThursday, ocTober 28, 2010

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    DAILY LOBOnew mexico

    Student Nick Ienni reads the news section. If a Daily Lobo staff member catches you reading on campus, youll win a prize and have your photo in Thursdays Page Two feature.

    caught reading

    Amie Zimmer / Daily Lobo

  • New Mexico Daily lobo news Thursday, OcTOber 28, 2010 / Page 3

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