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Ninja Track

Ninja TrackA total-wellness solution for working professionals to improve posture and health


TeamMargaret OngNeo Kok BengFabian LimDaniel Leong

50% of our waking life is now spent in front of screensAverage Singaporean works 2307 hours a year

8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point of their lives1 out of 4 people in US suffer from chronic back pain as we speak

I stretch

I get up and walk a little

When I can remember

If I have the time

Not sure whether I am doing it right

Ninja Track

Posture TrackingExerciseAlertsFitness TrackingSocial Connect

NinjaTrack Products

ProductsFoot Sole Weight Distribution SystemBelt Motion Sensing SystemMobile App Analytics Engine

Stage of DevelopmentPrototype in Progress

Market Size

Age25-35Income$50,000+ p.a.Problem8 hours on PCAcute back problemsMotivationWork before HealthTech FriendlinessHighInfluencersFriends/DoctorExercise RegimeIrregular (once/twice a week)Target FeaturesPosture Tracking, Step Count, CalorieGo-to-Markete-Journals (Tech-in-Asia), e-Retailers (Courts)

Market Size

The Journey



BMC - Bottom

$100 - $150 per unit4mn devices potential market$50 per unitMaterial, Payroll, Marketing


StridalyzerUprightLumoReleaseApril 2015Jun 2015ReleasedPrice$75$89$100Sales$30K$ 150 K$1 MFocus- Running PostureActivity- Posture- Posture- ActivityUSPRun TrackingVibrationLower BackPosture CoachingFashionable TechGapNo Walking PostureRecommendationsAdhesiveBulkyMagnet Clasp failsHighly TargetedTechAccelerometer +Strain Gauge Accelerometer +Strain Gauge AlgosSensor (Unknown)

NinjaTrackA total-wellness solution for working professionals to improve posture and health.

Towards a better life.

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LLP Day 1

Ninja Track Hinge DesignApplications


LLP Journey

Week 1No Problem-Solution Fit

Week 2Problem Identified:Back Pain

No Problem-Solution FitWeek 5Solution Identified:Posture Tracking

No Product-Market FitWeek 7Product-Market Fit


Key Lessons