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Nikon Perspectives

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    Create an integrated campaign that positions Nikon as the smartest option for digitial photography.


    Males/females 18+. Semi/professional photographers.


    Perspectives explores the lives of 3 very different photographers through a series of documentaries that will air exclusivly on and Perspectives aims to provide the target with insights beyond the photographs, to deeply explore the daily lives of these photographers and their influences.

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    Nikon Perspectives- Through the Lens - 30 second TV/Online

    VO: High risk

    VID- Open on a wounded soldier is rolled onto a stretcher.SFX- Music has intensi ed. Soldiers yell, helicopter blades roar in background.VID- The soldier is rushed to a waiting E-Vac helicopter. Before he is loaded, the wounded man looks up at the camera- the shutter snaps.SFX- Shutter motor. VID- Cut to black.

    VO: It doesnt matter if youre into high fashion

    VID- Open rst person POV on models entertaining the lens, posing in various positions.SFX- Cue music, striking dramatic piano chords. SFX- Shutter motor. VID- Cut to black.

    VO: ..and capture it.

    VID- Pull back from POV to reveal the photographer checking her shot. SFX- music cont.

    VO- Nikon presents Perspectives. A look into the eyes of three very different lives with one common goal....

    VID- Zoom into the LCD of the camera to reveal Perspectives logo and tag.

    VO- The perfect shot.

    VID- Zoom into LCD screen, impose logo- full screen.

    VO: Because in the mess of it all, what matters most ishow you see it...

    VID- Open on a celebrity being bombarded by the paparazzi. Continue POV. SFX- voices yell for the subjects attention, cameras snap as she gets into car. SFX- Shutter motor. VID- Cut to black.

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