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This is my article on Nike logos

Transcript of Nike Just Did

NIKE, JUST DID ITIn this article youll find out anything, from who created the logo to why they created it. Written by Kaea Tibble

There are logos from all around the world.They all have these things in common.They have a message or a story here quite simple are used for all types of media Smart design In this article youll find that theres one particular logo, The Nike logo. Sure Nike has over 5 million customers who buy their products day in and day out. However do they take much notice in the logo? I dont mean showing off to their friends saying Oh I have the new Nike shoes. Im talking about the message behind the logo.

What is the message delivered in the Swoosh (Nike logo)?THE SWOOSHNike is a Greek god who was the goddess of victory. The swoosh was a symbol of the God Nikes Wing. The main message is you wear the logo youll be victorious, and that Nike are victorious. Unfortunately the logo in my opinion doesnt look too much like the wing.This is Nike the goddess of victory Who created the logo and Who were they targeting as an audience? THE BRAIN BEHIND THE LOGOThe creators name is Carolyn Davidson. She was only a university student when she was asked to create the logo. It was 1971 and she was a graphic designer at Portland University.She was paid only $35 to create the logo for Nike!However she was given a gold swoosh ring, which had diamond in it, also stock to Nike merchandise.Who were they targeting? Based upon their design you cant really tell, however based on their merchandise most likely athletes that run and sports players like Basketball, Football and Baseball.

WHY DID NIKE CREATE THE LOGO?WHY THE LOGO?To attract buyers/athletes who play sports. For money CLEARY that worked! To compete with other companies who were selling similar products. Also with a very clear logo once you see that logo you might like the types of products with that swoosh on it and then you see the store with that logo and you may buy it. Also the logo has a great story and message.This is the famous Nike logo.

How does this logo impact the audience/viewers?The people MatterObviously the people might buy the products try the products or avoid them. But based on the logo they might have heard of the logo and have seen it so the went and checked it out or they have seen a shirt, shoeEtc. with the logo and decided they would like to purchase that item.

But why is Nike so popular? It is one of the most popular brands in the world, they have some of the smartest clothing designs, They are known to sponsor some of the worlds best athletes for example Kobe, Rodger Federer, Le Bron and Kevin Durant. The logo started at a value of $35 however later on her design was worth $643,035.

All logos have a meaning or a story behind them you just have to dig deep. Sure Nike has a cool logo but like I said if you dig deep youll find that it has a cool message.Heres some advice:Dig deep find the message behind the logs All logos have stories/messages Try find other logos messages/stories and like Nike said Just Do It

This is the slogo along with the logo.